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January 7, 1910

J. S. SPENCE, Chestnut Bluff, Tenn., died in Crockett Co., Tenn., Dec. 28, 1909.

Dr. ROBERT A. HOLLAND, Episcopalian, died St. Louis, MO, Dec. 30, 1909 aged 65 years.

W. B. NASH son of H. M. and Fannie Ware Nash born near Fulton, Ark., Mar. 20, 1859; at the age of ten years moved with parents to Stanton, Tenn.; married Nannie Somervell, April 24, 1890; Presbyterian; died Jan. 17, 1909; surviving were his widow; son, W. B. Nash; dau., Jo Somervell Nash; his father, Henry Morton Nash, also survived him.

RICHARD ELKANEH HOLLADAY born Calloway Co., Ky., Feb. 14, 1847; died Weakley Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1909; married, Josephine Brevard, 1873; 7 children.

EDNA LATIMER, nee Winton, born Benton Co., Ark., Oct. 28, 1872; died Booneville, Ark., Aug. 3, 1909; married Marvin G. Latimer, Sept. 22, 1891; 6 children; daughter of J. H. Winton.

Reverend W. C. COLTER "nestor" of the North Georgia Methodist Conference was born Nov. 16, 1823; still living; "well preserved."


January 14, 1910

JOHN R. RANSOM died Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 4, 19l0 "aged not quite" 49 years old; lumberman.

J. D. PULLEN died Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1909; had moved from Nashville from Pulaski, Tenn. recently.

SAMUEL J. KEITH born Jackson Co., Tenn., 1830; died Ridgetop, Tenn., July 1909; president of Fourth National Bank, Nashville, Tenn. for years; married Elizabeth Bell Snyder, 1865. He was 6' and robust of physique.


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ELIZABETH B. LEITH wife of Rev. David Leith, presiding elder, Paris District, Memphis Methodist Conference, died Paris, Jan. 16, 1910; born at Glamis Castle, Forfar Co., Scotland, her father having been the gardener for the Earl of Strathmore.


January 28, 1910

A tribute to the memory of Miss MATTIE H. WATTS, aged 62 years, a former Methodist missionary to Brazil, who died recently; by the Woman's Board of Foreign Missions; undated.

SARAH LOUISE LENOIR TAYLOR daughter of James and Carrie Lenoir; born Monroe Co., Miss.; married James R. Taylor, Nov. 6, 1895; died Amite, La., August 4, 1909.

Mrs. A. I. LEET, Beaumont, Ga., died Greensboro, N.C., Dec. 20, 1909; wife of Dr. A. I. Leet. Children of a previous marriage: H. J. Healon, R. H. Healon, Mrs. R. L. Justice; Mrs. R. C. Berry.

WILLIAM BRUCE FRENCH DEAKINS born Oct. 6, 1902; died Nov. 4, 1909.

EDD COOK son of M. E. Cook died Jan. 9, 1910 in the 33rd year of his age; burial in Moore graveyard near Hillsville, Tennessee.


February 4, 1910

Bishop CYRUS DAVID FOSS born Ulster Co., New York, Jan. 17, 1834; son of Cyrus and Jane Campbell Foss; died Jan. 29, 19l0; graduate, Wesleyan University, Middleton, Conn., 1854; Methodist preacher; elected to the episcopacy in 1880; married (1) Mary E. Bradley (died Sept. 7, 1863), Mar. 20, 1856; (2) Amelia Robertson, May 10, 1865. "He was a genial, scholarly and devout man and an effective bishop."

MARTHA JANE EDGAR born Maury Co., Tenn., Dec. 1, 1834; died in residence of her son, J. S. Edgar, Jan. 14, 1910; married James D. Edgar, 1873; three children, J. S., C. H. and a son who died in infancy; moved to De Witt co., Texas in 1873.

Dr. W. LUTHER NOLEN born Cross Co., Ala., Sept. 14, 1865; married Sue Evie Johnson, May 16, 1893; died Salem, Va., Jan. 1, 1910; graduate, University of New York, 1891 and moved to Chattanooga, Tenn. where he practiced medicine until ill health overcame him and he moved to Fort Lewis, an old farm granted in colonial times to General Andrew Lewis, near Salem, Va. and there he died.

EMMA BARNES born Ohio Co., Ky., Feb. 19, 1865; daughter of George H. and Kitty M. Barnes, the oldest of 14 children; had taken care of her parents in their old age. She died July 16, 1909.


February 11, 1910

DAVID CAMPBELL KELLEY son of Rev. John Kelley of Irish extraction, being a son of Denis Kelley who came to the United States and served in the Revolutionary War; his mother, Lavinia Campbell Kelley, was a daughter of David Campbell of Knox County, Tennessee. He was a graduate of Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn., 1851. He held the degrees of M. D. 1853; D. D., 1868; LLD., 1896. Joined the Tennessee Methodist Conference in 1852 as an itinerant preacher and went that same year as a missionary to China; returned to the States after four years. He served in the Confederate army and reached the rank of colonel. After the war he returned to his preaching career in the Tennessee Conference; he served in several church capacities over the years. Pastored: Gallatin, 1888-1890; Springfield, 1891-1892; Elm Street, Nashville, 1892-1894; Bellbuckle, 1894-1896; Columbia,

1896-1898; presiding elder of Nashville District, 1898-1901. In a gubernatorial bid in 1890 he was defeated as a prohibitionist candidate. He died May 15, 1909.

ALSEY BAKER BRANNER daughter of Colonel John and Mattie Baker; wife of Michael T. Branner, dec., a son of Casper Branner, Dandridge, Tenn.; died Whittle Springs, Tenn., Dec. 6, 1909 aged 87 years. Children, Mrs. M. B. Johnson, Dr. John Casper Branner, vice president of Leland University; A. W.; Charles B.; W. M.


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Mrs. MARY PHILLIPS born Warren Co., Ky., Aug. 3, 1829; died Sept. 30, 1909.

Mrs. JOHN L. WEBB daughter of Judge D. C. Hibbett, Lebanon, Tenn.; born June 10, 1833; married June 30, 1856 to Webb; died Paducah, Ky., Sept. 12, 1910. Children: John; Crawford; William; Miss Anna; Mrs. Robert Phillips; Mrs. Hilton Parks.

MARY ELIZABETH MURRY daughter of Rev. Charles P. and Sallie Etter Miller, born Hawkins Co. Tenn., Feb. 18, 1833; at age of three years moved with parents to Ripley, Miss.; married Dr. John Y. Murry, Oct. 11, 1860; died Jan. 7, 1910. Children, John Young, Charles Miller, Mary Etter; Margaret Thurmond, Ann McAlpin, Julia Miller.


February 18, 1910

BESSIE KIRBY ADAMS wife of Rev. E. T. Adams, St. Louis Methodist Conference; youngest dau. of John L. Kirby; died Bonne Terre, MO. Jan. 21, 1910; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Reverend JOHN ALEXANDER BARNES JONES died Magnolia, Miss., Jan. 13, 1910; son of Rev. John G. Jones; itinerant Methodist preacher for fifty-eight years.

JOHN CORY, philanthropist, died Cardiff, Wales, February 1, 1910.

MARY E. SMYTH SHUMAKER died Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 21, 1910; native of Nashville. Tenn.; married Rev. J. H. Shumaker; they lived for years in Mississippi. [See, this publication, Mar. 18, 1910 issue, page 22.]


March 4, 1910

MIRANDA JARVIS wife of Sylvester Jarvis died Sparta, Tenn., February 24, 1910.

BLANCHE DEVINE HOSS wife of E. E. Hoss, daughter-in-law of Bishop E. E. Hoss, died Muskogee, Feb. 28, 1910; burial in Chattanooga, Tenn. [Bishop Hoss' remarks at her funeral, March 11, 1910 issue, page 13]

SARAH ROCHELL born Franklin Co., Tenn., Aug. 5, 1833; died near Centerville, Tenn., Jan. 18, 1910; married G. W. Rochell, 1857; 8 children, W. L.; G. W.; F. M.; A. F.; R. B.; Mrs. J. F. Walker; Mrs. E. B. Short; Mrs. S. D. Peery.

MAGGIE WILCOX STEIN born New York city, Feb. 7, 1849; as a child moved to Marion, Ala.; later to Selma, Ala.; died Feb. 6, 1910; married George A. Stein, New Orleans and moved to Coden, Ala. where she died.

MARTHA ALEXANDER VAN BUREN SMITH born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1826; died Feb. 13, 1910; married Dan Hugh Smith (died 1901), 1862, a Confederate veteran; no children but "gathered in" a sister's children, whom she adopted, Dan Hugh Rice and Pattie E. Hilliard, Huntingdon, Tennessee.

RUTH BARNWELL daughter of R. B. Barnwell, Centerville, Tenn., born Nov. 10, 1903; died Jan. 29, 1910.

MARY ALICE FOWLER daughter of Rev. P. A. Fowler, born Jan. 3, 1901; died Oakland, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1910.


March 11, 1910

JACOB FLAVEL FOSTER son of C. J. Foster, born Caddo Parish, La., Jan. 5, 1873; died El Paso, Texas, Jan. 18, 1910; graduate, Washington and Lee University; married Margueritte Crain (died July 22, 1900), Feb. 8, 1899; 1 son, Flavel.

JANE D. JONES, nee Carman, born Smith Co., Tenn., 1812; married Rev. Daniel H. Jones (died Aug. 19, 1863); 2 daus., 2 sons (Dr. Green Burr Jones and Dr. G. B. Jones); the daus. were Laura McKnight and Dora Edmundson. She died December 20, 1909.


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JOHN BELL HARDON born Marion Co., Tenn., May 9, 1843; died Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in the residence of his son, Rev. C. W. Hardon, Feb. 13, 19l0; at age four years moved with parents to Itawamba Co., Miss.; married Elizabeth Vinson (died May 22, 1900); Confederate veteran. Children: Mrs. Mary B. White; Jesse; Wheeler; Cotesworth W.

LAURA LEE BUCHANAN oldest daughter of John S. and Almeda Savely, born Sumner Co., Tenn., July 29, 1870; married J. A. Buchanan, Dec. 29, 1895; [death date not provided].

SAMUEL CROCKETT JORDEN born Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 9, 1880; died Sabinal, Texas, Feb. 12, 19l0; the sixth child of eight children of John W. and Frances Jorden. His maternal grandfather was a first cousin of Davy Crockett; married Dotha Cazzort, Sept. 11, 190l; 2 daus., 1 son.


March 18, 1910

RAINS K. WATKINS, one of the employees of the NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, died in Nashville Tenn., March 13, 1910 aged 36 years; widow, Cora Lowe Watkins.

MARY ELIZABETH SHUMAKER daughter of Joseph Carlton and Cynthia Waller Smyth, born Nashville Dec. 1, 1864; died Feb. 21, 1910; married Rev. J. H. Shumaker, Dec. 9, 1890.

MARY VELMA SCARBOROUGH daughter of Rev. C. A. Warterfield and Betsy Ann Fraser Warterfield, born Calloway Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1839; died in same place, Jan. 17, 1910; married John W. Scarborough, Dover, Tenn., May 5, 1859; 7 daus., 7 sons. Burial in Goshen Cemetery.

MIRIAM LOUISA BLACKMON daughter of Gabriel and Miriam Anderson, born July 17, 1820; died near Jackson, Tenn., Feb. 14, 1910; moved with parents to Madison Co., Tenn. and married James Blackmon, Jan. 6, 1843; 4 children, 2 dying in infancy and one died in 1902; had 39 living descendants.

LUCY DURHAM born Williamson Co., Tenn., July 31, 1820; daughter of John and Elizabeth Holmes; moved with parents to Wayne Co., Tenn. and when 15 years old to Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; married Lindsay Durham in 1839.

ASBURY STAMPER REESE born Shelby Co., Ky., Dec. 16, 1829; died Todd Co., Ky., Mar. 1, 19l0; son of Thomas G. and Savanna DEmaree Reese, one of seven children; his siblings: William, Samuel F., Mary Catharine, Thomas Morris, Mrs. Susie Willis, Mrs. D. M. Armstrong. He married Sallie B. Pitts daughter of Rev. Fountain Pitts, Dec. 28, 1865. Children, Pitts D., Mrs. Mattie Potter, Mrs. Juliet McTyeire Webber, Mrs. Fountain Gooch, Samuel Thomas Reese.


March 25, 1910

Captain J. T. JOHN died near Laurinburg, N.C., March 7, 1910 aged 84 years.

SUE SUTTON wife of Rev. R. L. Sutton, born April 22, 1870; died McEwen, Tenn., Feb. 10, 1910; husband had been principal of the high school in McEwen since 1908; daughter of Thomas B. and Sarah E. Tivilla.

ELIZABETH J. ORGAIN widow of Rev. Thomas J. Orgain; daughter of Isham R. and Sarah Trotter, born Dec. 31, 1822; died Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 16, 1910; she and husband had lived in Fayette Co., Tenn. and Stanton, Tenn., wife and mother.

EPHRAIM BUCHANAN WORSHAM son of John C. and Martha Worsham, born May 2, 1837; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1872; married (1) Harriet Briggs (children: John Bell, Annie, Willie and Mattie); (2) Martha Blow (children, Miles S., Rebecca, E. M., Sallie, E. Randal, Charlottie, Jesse Mays); died Nov. 11, 1909; burial at Mt. Pisgah.


April 1, 1910

Reverend BENJAMIN JORDAN GASTON, retired Methodist preacher, Tennessee Methodist Conference died Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 24, 1910 aged 68 years; admitted to the said conference in 1867 and retired in 1885.

Mrs. HUGH FALLS HUDSON wife of William P. Hudson, died Pontotoc, Miss., Feb. 23, 19l0 aged 45 years and 8 days old. Children, Kathleen, Falls and Sue Reaves.


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JOHN M. SCOTT born April 20 1815; married Parthinia Norsworthy, April 13, 1835; died Feb. 28, 1910. Children: Mrs. Mary Beaty, Hampton, Tenn. and John W. Scott, Russellville, Kentucky.

MARGARET ELIZABETH McCANLESS born Nov. 27, 1847; daughter of Dr. Michael and Sarah Ann Carriger; at nine years of age moved with her parents to Morristown, Tenn.; died Jan 24, 1910. Son, M. C. McCanless. Daughters, Mary and Mabel McCanless; a stepson Rev. S. A. McCanless.


April 8, 1910

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          In 1852 there came to my father's home, at Brothersville, in Richmond County, Ga., a little boy nine years of age, and doubly orphaned. His father, Charles Clark, son of Charles Clark, Sr., of Westfield, N.J., migrated to Georgia in the opening years of the nineteenth century, locating for a time in Savannah, where he married Eleanor Carswell, granddaughter of Alexander Carswell, who came to Georgia from Ireland about 1770, and who was a lineal descendant of Robert Bruce, Duncan, and other old-time Scottish kings. After a short residence in Savannah, Charles Clark moved to Burke County; and after the death of his first wife, who had borne him nine children, he married Sarah Murphey, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Murphey, a pioneer of Methodism in this section and a grandson of the original Nicholas, who came to Georgia with Oglethorpe on his second trip in 1735. Sixteen children were born of this marriage, the subject of this sketch being the thirteenth installment and the twenty-second child of his father. His mother died when he was seven years of age and his father two years later. He was an inmate of my father's home for eight years, during which time he was a pupil at the Brothersville Academy for four years. Always a model boy as to morals, he entered the communion of the Methodist Church in early life, and on the closing night of the annual service at the Richmond Camp Ground, in September, 1859, was happily converted.
          At the age of eighteen he began, teaching in order to secure funds with which to complete his preparation for a college course. He had been engaged in this work but a little while before the war drums were beating and the folds of a new-born flag were waving in the Southern air. Enlisting in Company G, Thirty-Eighth Georgia Regiment, he served for six months on the the coast, when his regiment was transferred to Stonewall Jackson's command only a little while before the opening of the seven days', battles around Richmond. From this date until disabled by a wound May 12, 1864, he rendered brave and faithful service in every engagement of the Army of Northern Virginia, save two that occurred during his enforced absence from his command through illness. While volunteering to bring in a wounded comrade exposed to Federal fire at Spottsylvania, he was struck by the fragment of a shell and his ankle was broken. Confined to the hospital for six months, he came out with wasted form and amputated limb, to serve on the battle line no more. In this connection it is perhaps not amiss to say that his father furnished seven sons and eleven grandsons to Confederate service, seven of whom succumbed to wounds or disease, and three of whom were maimed for life.
          When the war had ended, he secured such work as he could get to aid him in completing his education, and in 1870 graduated from Emory College. For four and a half years he engaged in teaching and repaid from his salary the funds he had borrowed for college expenses. In November, 1874, be was licensed to preach, and in December was admitted on trial into the South Georgia Conference. Advising Bishop Pierce, who was presiding, that he was ready to respond to any call in any field, he was transferred to the Denver Conference and stationed at West Las Animas. It cost him sixty dollars to reach his charge, and he received from that year's work fifty dollars from the Mission Board and twenty dollars from those he served. After four years' work at West Las Animas and Colorado Springs, he became convinced that the Southern Church had no mission in that field, and he located with the view of returning to Georgia; but at the request of the bishop he agreed to supply an unpastored work, and in November of that year (1879) was married to Miss Mary C. Roberts. Dissolving his connection with the Denver Conference, he taught school in Georgia for a year, and was then readmitted into the South Georgia Conference, serving as pastor at Davisboro for three years. In September, 1883, under an appeal from Bishop Pierce, he consented to a transfer to the Indian Mission Conference; and for twenty-six years, despite the handicap of his amputated limb, he has toiled ably, faithfully, patiently, year in and year out, for the salvation of' the Indians. During these years he secured the translation of our Discipline into the Creek and Cherokee languages and organized the first self-supporting charges among the full-blood Indians. Serving for fifteen years as pastor and eleven years as presiding elder, his salary for the labor given and hardships suffered has ranged from $282 to $700.


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April 15, 1910

Dr. BORDEN PARKER, professor of philosophy in Barton University died April 1, 1910 aged 63 years.

W. K. RAMSEY, Camden, Ark., died March 18, 1910; active Methodist layman.

MARTHA REESE, nee Montgomery, born Gibson Co., Indiana, Oct. 28, 1843; died Austin Co., Texas, Mar. 2, 1910; married Kinion W. Reese, Dec. 14, 1870; 5 children, all living except for Kinion who died March 3, 1900.

EMILY PIER, nee Cochran, born Washington Co., Texas, Sept. 27, 1846; died March 4, 1910 near her birthplace. Her parents were natives of New Hampshire but had moved to Washington Co., Texas in 1835 but shortly went on to Austin County; married S. B. Pier, Dec. 16, 1868; 7 children.


April 22, 1910

A full-length photograph of Reverend JAMES E. CRUTCHFIELD, presiding elder, Phoenix, Arizona District, page 24.


April 29, 1910

JULIA PEET BATE widow of Senator William B. Bate, Tennessee, died Grand View, Tenn., April 13, 1910; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.


May 6, 1910

HARRIET M. FARRISS, nee Cunnyngham born near Sweetwater, Tenn., Oct. 2, 1832; daughter of Rev. Jesse Cunnyngham; married William Farriss and spent all her married life in Asheville, North Carolina (had been a widow 27 years); 1 dau., Mrs. J. H. Burhop, Little Rock; 3 sons, all deceased. She suffered a paralyzing stroke Feb. 20, 1910 and died March 5, thereafter.

FRANCES WEAVER DOSS daughter of W. H. Doss; died Winters, Texas, April 5, 1910; sisters, Lena and Louise.

SUSAN BOND born Mount Joy, Pa., Sept. 13, 1839; married Robert Bond, 1858; daughter of Abram and Charity Hartman; 6 children, two living, Thompson and Mrs. Jennie Poteet; died Jan. 17, 1910.

SAMUEL J. DICKEY born Dec. 15, 1826; died Jan. 19, 1910. Spent her youth in Marshall Co., Miss.; after Civil War moved to Lewisburg, Miss. and in two years moved to Olive Branch, Miss.; had been a Methodist forty-two years; husband and father.

MYRA McFERRIN SOWELL dau of Dr. J. B. and Almira Probate McFerrin, wife of Rev. P. A. Sowell; born May 8, 1854; died Brentwood, Tenn., April 1, 1910; married Sept. 20, 1877; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.


May 13, 1910

Dr. NOAH K. DAVIS died May 4, 1910 near the University of Virginia where he had been professor of moral philosophy for thirty-three years before his retirement; influential with students and "to him were due" the YMCA that had been established adjoining the university.

Rev. JOHN C. LOWE son of Henry and Mary Lowe, born Queen Anne Co., Maryland, Mar. 28, 1834; married Mary A. Hinton, Nov. 21, 1872 near Forrest City, Ark.; 2 daus.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, Oct. 19, 1860 (Memphis Conference); transferred to No. Miss. Conference in 1870 and in 1879 to the Holston Conference and in 1886 back to No. Miss. Conference; an itinerant preacher for decades; died Monteagle, Tenn., Feb. 27, 1910 a few years after his retirement.

WILLIAM KING RAMSEY born Wilcox Co., Alabama, June 18, 1843; educated at University of Alabama; Confederate veteran; after the war moved to Camden, Ark.; active Methodist layman; [death date not provided, but death notice in April 15, 1910 issue, gave it as Mar. 18, 1910].

JULIA PEETE BATE born Huntsville, Ala., 1834; married William B. Bate, major-general in Confederate army; twice governor of Tennessee, 18 years a U. S. Senator; died in residence of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas F. Martin, Grandview, Texas, April 13, 1910 in the 75th year of her age.


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J. T. ELLIS only child of Thomas and Nancy Ellis born Wilson Co., Tenn., Feb. 25, 1845; died Feb. 5, 1910; married L. P. Johnston daughter of Rev. M. E. Johnston, who at age 87 years still living; 4 daus., 2 sons; one sister, Mary, outlived him.


May 20, 1910

MARY WEAVER HARRIS, a member of Arlington Methodist Church, near Nashville, Tenn., drowned in the wreck on the steamboat "City of Saltillo" on the Mississippi River, May 11, 1910; wife of Dr. Joseph Harris and daughter of Dempsey Weaver.

RICHARD WATSON WEAKLEY born in 1840, Williamson Co., Tenn.; son of Dr. Benjamin Franklin and Mary Elizabeth Porter Weakley; in 1849 the family moved to east Nashville, Tenn.; his mother died in 1891. Graduate, Wesleyan University, Florence, Ala., 1860; after the Civil War he served as superintendent of public education in Davidson Co., Tenn. for 8 years or more; Confederate veteran [death date not provided].

Reverend W. M. LEATHERWOOD born near Iuka, Miss., Jan. 2, 1847; died Corpus Christi, Texas, April 9, 1910; served in 11th Alabama Cavalry, CSA; licensed as a Methodist preacher in April 1869 (Memphis Conference); married Sallie Morrison, Oct. 1872; ordained deacon, 1873; ordained elder, 1877; admitted to the North Texas Methodist Conference in 1886 and served in numerous appointments; 2 sons (Walker, Jesse); 2 daus. (Mrs. Walter Williams and Mrs. Gainn Williams).

MARY MURPHY born Mansfield, Tenn. about 35 years ago; daughter of Ben Thompson of Paris, Tenn. granddaughter of Rev. Dr. Peeples; wife of Harry Murphy; [death date not provided].

HARRIET NEWEL ALEXANDER born Hempstead Co., Ark., Nov. 25, 1820; died Ozan, Ark., Feb. 27, 1910; married Jerome A. Campbell, July 2, 1843; 11 children (Joel G., Francis A., Susan J., Henry B., John B., Rhoda E., Jerome A., Harriet L., Lemuel R., Evander McNair; an infant).

NEILL S. BROWN born Davidson Co., Tenn., Jan. 2, 1855; died Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 18, 1910; married Lavinia Hill daughter of Dr. John B. Hill, July 18, 1877; many years an employee of the Western Union Telegraph Company.

Miss IDA SLAWTER born near Conway, Ark., Oct. 15, 1892; died Horatio, Ark. in residence of her uncle, Terry Scarbrough, March 19, 1910.

Reverend W. L. C. HUNNICUTT, DD, Miss. Methodist Conference, died Jackson, Miss., May 10, 1910. [For more elaborate sketch about him, see this publication, September 2, 1910, pages 25-26]

MARY OLA BRYAN daughter of Rev. J. E. Walker born Clarksville, Texas, Aug. 24, 1878; died Hico, Texas, Mar. 2, 1910; married J. S. Bryan, June 26, 1901; 1 daughter.

SALLIE TAYLOR wife of Lafayette Taylor died near Delina, Marshall Co., Tenn., recently, in the 60th year of her age; 6 children.

HORTIE DUNBAR SUMMERS daughter of Berry H. and Medora Dunbar born Dec. 9, 1881; died April 13, 1910; married James Summers, January 1901; 1 dau., 1 son.

RAINS KELLEY son of John W. and Lucinda Spain Kelley born Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 28, 1873; died Mar. 13, 1910; married Cora Lowe, 1902; 1 son, 6 years old.


May 27, 1910

Dr. THOMAS N. IVEY, DD, was the new editor of the NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, for a term of four years; a son of Rev. G. W. Ivey, he was born in Marion, S.C., May 22, 1860; graduate, Trinity College, 1879; a master's degree from there later and in 1898, the honorary degree, Doctor of Divinity. A school man, 1882-1886; entered N.C. Conference as Methodist preacher in 1886 (his family had moved to N.C. in 1861); subsequently served as editor of the NORTH CAROLINA CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE and the RALEIGH CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE; married Lenora Dowd, 1883; 4 children. His photograph is on page one.


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June 3, 1910

Dr. JAMES E. DICKEY was the newly-appointed secretary of education for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. He was born in Jeffersonville, Ga., May 11, 1864; son of Rev. James M. and Ann Elizabeth Thomas Dickey; graduate, Emory College, B. A., 1891 (member of North Ga. Methodist Conference since 1891); photograph of him on page 13.

An effusive tribute to the memory of Mrs. J. H. DODD, written by Dr. O. E. Brown, noting that she had written down among her effects, "1910, 75 years old." A devout member of Tulip Street Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn., who died recently.

HARRIET VIRGINIA BOWMAN wife of Robert D. Bowman born Franklin, Tenn., May 20, 1853; died Nebo, May 10, 1910.

GEORGE D. GLASSCOCK born April 25, 1836; son of William and Frances Glasscock; married Mary J. Hayse at the age of 27 years; 7 children; died April 12, 1910.


June 10, 1910

Reverend J. A. STUBBLEFIELD, AM, DD, born Hamblen Co., Tenn., June 11, 1850; fourth of eight children born to Wyatt and Ada Stubblefield; graduate, Emory-Henry College, 1876; Methodist preacher for many years; died of Bright's disease, May 19, 1910; burial in Cleveland, Tenn.

Dr. HUGH ALEXANDER UTLEY son of W. L. and Caroline Bransford Utley, born June 15, 1854; married Callie Mathes, Dec. 24, 1883; graduate, Vanderbilt medical school; practiced medicine for a while but returned to his farm near Goodlettsville, Tenn. where he died Mar. 11, 1910; married but had no children.


June 17, 1910

A portrait of Bishop O. P. FITZGERALD had been presented to and hung in the Blakemore Methodist Church, Nashville, June 5, 1910.

JOSEPH HARRY and JOHN RUSSELL sons of B. L. and Maggie CLEMENTS born Tipton Co., Tenn., Oct 7, 1889 and Dec. 13, 1894 had died there, May 16 and April 10, 1910. Burial in Poplar Grove Cemetery.

GEORGE K. SCOTT born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., April 7, 1848; died McLean Co., Ky., Jan. 25, 1910; married Ann Morgan, Nov. 4, 1868. A son of James and Virginia Scott. His wife died Oct. 30, 1887; they had six children.


June 24, 1910

Reverend R. A. WILLIS, retired Methodist preacher, North Carolina Methodist Conference, died Littleton, N.C., June 12, 1910.

CHARLOTTE GANSWELL TAYLOR born Marlborough District, S.C., May 20, 1828; died Courtland, Ala., June 10, 1910; married Dr. Charles Taylor, 1846; he was a missionary to China; 1 dau., Mrs. Jack Shackelford; 1 son, H. P. Taylor, Tyler, Texas. [Additional tribute to her memory, July 1, 1910 issue, page 27]

JAMES DOUGLASS WALKUP born Rockbridge Co., Va., Oct. 29, 1834; died June 7, 1910; the family name was originally spelled WAUSHOPE; his mother was a Houston; he married Bettie Pegram, 1860; 5 children; living were Samuel and Lizzie Ford; Confederate veteran.

PARIZADE MERIWETHER TAYLOR born Jackson Co., Ga., Feb. 2, 1823; daughter of Francis Meriwether who had moved from Georgia to Madison Co., Tenn. when she was a child; married Dr. Edmond Allan Taylor, Mar. 28, 1843 and ever afterwards lived near Brownsville, Tenn.; died in residence of her son-in-law, W. A. Taylor, April 2, 1910. Burial in Tabernacle Cemetery [near Brownsville, Tenn.]


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