History of Davidson County, Tennessee
By  Professor W.W. Clayton
Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis & Co., 1880.

~ A Public Domain Document ~

Transcription and PDF formatting by Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
This transcription coordinated by Nola Duffy

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Table of Contents
Title, Preface; Approval by the Historical Society;
Contents, Historical and Biographical

Chapters I--XXXIII
  • Chapter I. Progress of Discovery and Settlements
  • Chapter II. Hendersons Treaty
  • Chapter III. The Indians
  • Chapter IV. Permanent Settlement
  • Chapter V. Perils and Hardships of the Pioneers
  • Chapter VI. Pioneer Life and Customs
  • Chapter VII. Movements against the Indians
  • Chapter VIII. Government of the Notables
  • Chapter IX. Period of the Revolution
  • Chapter X. Organization of the County
  • Chapter XI. Physical Features
  • Chapter XII. Indian Wars
  • Chapter XIII. Treaty of Hopewell
  • Chapter XIV. The Coldwater Expedition, June, 1787
  • Chapter XV. Renewed Hostilities, 1792
  • Chapter XVI. Trouble of 1794
  • Chapter XVII. Recollections of Col. Willoughby Williams
  • Chapter XVIII. The War of 1812-14
  • Chapter XIX. Seminole Wars
  • Chapter XX. Courts
  • Chapter XXI. Bench and Bar of Davidson County
  • Chapter XXII. Bench and Bar---Continued
  • Chapter XXIII. Gen. James Robertson
  • Chapter XXIV. Col. John Donelson
  • Chapter XXV. Gen. Andrew Jackson
  • Chapter XXVI. Public life and character of Jackson
  • Chapter XXVII. James K. Polk
  • Chapter XXVIII. Gen. Sam Houston
  • Chapter XXIX. The Mexican War, 1846-47
  • Chapter XXX. The Great Civil War
  • Chapter XXXI. The Companies in the First Tennessee and other Regiments and Batteries
  • Chapter XXXII. Military Operations in Davidson in 1861-65
  • Chapter XXXIII. Military Rosters
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    City of Nashville
    Pages 193-366, (93.2 mb, PDF)

    Civil Districts
    Pages 367-376, (4.34 mb, PDF)

    Biographies, Names of Patrons, Errata
    Pages 377-498, (91.56 mb, PDF)

    Pages 499-583, (331 kb, PDF)

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