Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee

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20-1-1803    Petitions of citizens of Montgomery County for formation of a new county the western part of Montgomery.  [Stewart was created in 1803.] Signed by:

Jacob McCarty
Wm Crouse
Benj James
Nath Denson
Jacob Phillips
George Marten Jr
Joohn Seals
Len/Lew A Legat
James Smyth
John Harvey
John Arrington
Philip Hornberger
Daviel McAlester
David Peeples
Enoch James
Lues Brock
Charles Cottingham
Willem Hornberger
Peter Buchan/Beachan
Enoch Mashburn
Edmund Brawn
Samuel Lewis
John McCarty
James Massengill
Wm May
Tho's Massengill
Rob't Lankister
Jos/Jas Greer
Phillip Hall/Hale
Sam'l Thornton
Willem Haggrd
James KarrKain
Russel Felkner
C B Wilcox
Jesse Houston?
Walter Stewart?
James Edmoston
Lewis Elliott
Falkner Elliott Sr
Falkner Elliott Jr
Rheubin Elliott
James Dolton
Tho  X  [his mark] Williams
William Rogers
John  X [his mark]  Brownen
Jehu Williams
Beng'n Martin
John Landers
Joseph Dovis/Davis
James Fentress
F Tompkins [struck through]
John Hubbard
Fountain Price
Thomas Deen
Tho's K McElrath
Thomas Simmons
Elisha  X [his mark] Ellis
George G [G his mark] Martin Sr
William  X [his mark]  Martin
R Martin
John Hughes
Wm Green
Jacob Robinson
John French
George Petty
[torn] Murray
Elijah Lancaster
Gideon French
-------  Smith
------n Smith
----mes Gatlin
----iam Gatlin
----hard Gatlin
----ne Williams
-------  Vaught
---rris Wiggins
Isaac Nusom
Mason Wiggins
Nedom  X [his mark]  Willis
----msy  X  [his mark]  Willis
------ves Smyth
-annel X [his mark] Russel
R Martin
David Rowland
John Hughes Jr
Daniel Coen
George Boyd
William Rogers
William Lewis
William Massey
William  X [his mark]  Umfrey
Isaac Jones
Joshua Williams
Tho's Williams
Isaac Barfield
Daner Barfield
Joshua Williams
Joel Williams
Asa Williams
Ruchard Williams
Edward Williams
Wm Curl
J B E Wilcox
W W Wilcox
Reuben Elliott Sr
Stephen Elliott
Lewis Davis
Henry Williams
John Johnson
Isaac Smith
Lewis Avin
Joshua Williams Jr
James Watkins
Lewis Allen
Gause Brinson
John May
Simeon Bethea
James Wyatt
Lev's/Lw's Realing
Th's Allmond
Jonathan May
Ja's  X [his mark]  May
James Lewis
William Lewis
Jesse Denson
Daniel Lewis
John Cottingham
James Herod Sr ?
James Hogan
Mallickiah Lewis
John Graham
Daniel Casehan ?
David Kizer
Andrew Irwim
James McCooke?
Joseph McCarty
John Kizer
John  X [his mark]  Barham
Levy  X [his mark] Barham
James Tagert
Amos Rochel
David Ross
John Harman
Adam Harmon
John Reaves
William B Ross
Thomas B Tomkins
David Wells
William T? Ombe
Adam Hanman/Harman
Robert Nolen
Enoch Meals Skeen  [struck through]
John Borchman
Martin Wells
Stephen Handler
Morgan Brown
Arch'l Cooke
Wm Weathersbee
David Kizer
Dardan Brown
Berryman Baker
Paley?  X  [his mark]  Phillips
Elisha Mashborn?
Absolime Fentrys
James Rochel
Mosed Fox
John Bell
James Piner
James Craig
Jesse Cain
John Cain
Briant Oneal
Jo's/Mo's Smith
Laurnece Saterfield
Samuel French
Thomas French
Arthur Durley
Zachariah Oneal
Moses Larasy
James McCulloch
Arthur Oneal
Jesse Rasco
Henry Skinner
Phillip Tramill
Jo's/Ja's Hobes ?
Demsy  X [his mark]  Hobs
Issac McCullock
Joseph Johnson
Gause Brinson [sic]
Richard Lewis
Lot  X [his mark] Bender
Andrew Boyd
Robvert Wyatt
William Cottingham
John Boid
Wm Boid
Isaac Marten
Demcey Skinner
Mason Binnett [struck through]
Morriss  X [his mark]  Green
James  X [his mark]  Wiggins
Morres Wigans
Nedam Williams
Ja's/Jo's Ryley
Rob't Boyd
Phillip Tramell
Jesse Gatlin
Jarrett Tramell
David Tramell
William Pryer
Isaac Fortiner
Benjamin Douns
William Baldwin
John Durley
David Carter
Eli Jones Stokely
Asia ? Durly
Robert Gilliland
Jehu Durley
Demcy Gatlin
Durly Acis?
David  X [his mark] Pryer
John May Jr/
Jesse Rogers
Joel Boye/Baye
Henry  X [his mark]  Wyatt
Vince  X [his mark]  Wyatt
Ely  X [his mark] Burcham
Enoch  X [his mark] Russel
Ja's  X [his mark] Green
Isaac Green
Nathan Morres
William Dunbar
John Fra [torn]
John Fragus/Frazier?
Tho's Clinton
Mason Bennett
Wm Bennett
James Dorter/Dorten
Caleb Williams
John Williams
Rowland Peterson
Daniel Jobes
Faulkner Elliott Sr.
John Gutridge
Benjamin Linzey
M/W Pearce
James Fletcher
John Fletcher
John McClean
Wm Nelson
James Williams
William Williams
Alxander Trousdail
Rob't Smith
James Mallary
Alexander Williams
J. Matthes
John  [faded] [ Lewis?]
Mordacie Lewis
William Cottingham Jr
Peter ---omes?
Tho's -----loch

"To Thomas Clinton, Esq/ Welses creek?"

[Note: Names are spelled as appeared in article.]

Transcribed from "Petitions to General Assembly of Tennessee, 1803". "Ansearchin' " News, Fall, 1994 pages 127-128. 

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