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The names appearing after those of bride and groom are those of the bondsmen. Source information is listed when given.

Aldridge, Jonathan to Sarah Harvey Aug 10 1802, Lemuel Harvey sec.

Allen, David B. to Miss Norfleet, dau. of Esq. James Norfleet of Robertson Co., Tn Apr 17 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (20 Apr. 1821)

Allen, James of Mont. Co., TN to Mary Harris, dau. of Michael Harris of Robertson Co., Tn Jan 6 1820 Clarksville Gazette. (15 Jan 1820 p.2)

Anderson, Jonathan to Joselliah Taylor Jan 29 1820

Bagget, Micasah [Micajah] to Ally Parker Dec 1 1808

Barnett, Rev. William to Elizabeth Shelby Aug 17 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (19 Aug 1820 p. 3)

Bayliss, Cullen of Dover, TN , to Arabella Clements, dau. of the late Esq. William Clements of Montgomery County, TN. on Oct 31 1823. Tennessee Watchman (31 Oct 1823 p.3)

Black, Joseph to Tindoy Watt Jan 20 1808

Boatwright, Annias to Rebecca Baker Mar 8 1808

Bogard, William to Ader Chisem May 11 1802, Issac Ross sec.

Brantly, William to Mary Smith, dau. of Samuel Smith, of Montgomery County, TN on Jan 16 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (20 Jan 1821 p.3)

Brodie, Lodowick to Matilda A.G. Anthony, dau. of William Banks Anthony of Sumner Co., Tn on Dec 21 1821. Tennessee Watchman . (14 Dec 1821 p.3)

Bryan, James H. to Margaret Bailey, of Montgomery County, TN on May 8 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (11 May 1821)

Bryant, Henry to Milly Taylor June 13 1799

Bunch, Bryan to Jane Smith, dau. of Esq. Joseph Smith of Stewart Co., Tn Feb 10 1823. Tennessee Watchman. (01 Mar 1823)

Caldwell, James P. to Martha Dabney, dau. of Dr. Samuel Dabney, of Montgomery County, TN on June 21 1820. Clarksville Gazette. ( 08 Jul 1820 p. 3).

Carter, William to Nancy Knight Sep 15 1808

Cato, Charles to Ester Husk Jan 12 1814 Leonard Hays sec. by (X)

Catron, John to Matilda Childress Jan 25 1821. Tennessee Watchman . (02 Feb 1821).

Clements, Dr. C.C. of Dover, Tn. to Elizabeth Wall of Montgomery Co., TN on Apr. 12, 1821 by Teb. Reuben Ross. Tennessee Watchman. (13 Apr 1821)

Clerk, John to Lucy Elliott Feb 27, 1799

Cocke, Hartwell to Elizabeth Saunderson Sep. 12 1808 James M. Cocke sec.

Cocke, James Whitehead to Lucy C. Hargrove Sep 14 1802 John Cocke sec.

Cocke, John to Hester Corlew, both of Montgomery County, TN on Dec 20 1820. Clarksville Gazette. ( 23 Dec 1820 p. 3)

Cocks, Richard to Elizabeth Coff(ey) Feb 25 1799 John Coffee sec.

Cockran, James to Mary Phillips Aug 3 1799

Coleman, Turner to Eliza Jones, both of Montgomery Co., TN on Sep 25 1834. Clarksville Gazette. (04 Oct 1834 p.3)

Coleman, Winston of Sumner Co., Tn to ________ Coleman dau. of Robert S.Coleman Nov 7 1823

Coley, Eaton to Betsey Funk Dec 18 1817

Collier, William to Elizabeth Crockett Dec 24 1836 Upton Orgain sec.

Corban, Charnal to Emily Whitledge on ____, ___ 1818

Corban, James to Mary W. Smith Oct 20 1836 James Reason, J.P.

Criffe, George to Srah Roscoo on Dec 25 1808

Dabney, Dr. John T. to Eliza B. Blount dau. of Esq. Willie Blount, of Montgomery Co., TN on Apr 18 1821 by Rev. Reuben Ross. Tennessee Watchman . (13 Apr 1821)

Daves, David to Betsey Allen Jan 20 1808

Dennis, Zebedee to Patsy O'Neal May 31 1808 Timothy Drake sec.

Dicks, Esq. William to Sallie Smith, both of Montgomery County, TN on Aug 1, 1822. Tennessee Watchman. (02 Aug 1822)

Dougherty, Matthew to Frances Shepherd, both of Montgomery County, TN on May 11 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (27 May 1820)

Doughton, William to Nancy Johnson Aug 15 1814 David Peebles sec.

Drake, Robert to Polly Ross Nov 16 1802 James Ross sec

Duke, John to Catherine B. Duff Nov 19 1817

Duke, Robert to Charlotte Duke May 25 1802 Josiah Green Duke sec.

Dunbar, William to Elizabeth Hale Nov 30 1799

Edwards, James to Elizabeth Sparks Feb 4 1802 William Lyons sec.

Ellis, John to Masson Thompson May 26 1802 David Belle sec.

Ellis, George and Sarah Felton: April 3, 1802- Micajah Johnson.

Ennis, Vincent to Mary Owings: Sep 14 1802 Jesse Russell sec.

Epps, Daniel to Betsy Allen Jan 20 1808 Wm. Corlen sec.

Gaiser, Benjamin to Rebeccah Rabmen Nov 4 1802 John Gaiser sec.

Gibson, Henry to Hariett French -- -- 1799 John J.(?)Robbins sec.

Good, William to Nancy Rook Jan 29 1808 Thos. Smith sec.

Grant, Moses to Obedience Moore Jul 19 1813 Ethelbert Hargrove sec.

Grayson, William to Susannah Tinner on Sep 8 1802 Lawrence Tennon sec.

Green, Henry to Luendy Reasons Jan 27 1808

Hambleton, Berry H. to Sally Potts Sep 19 1817

Hamer, Rev. W.R. of Montgomery Co., TN to Miss O.M. DeLoach, dau of Esq. William Deloach of Robertson Co., TN on Apr 15 1823. Tennessee Watchman . (19 Apr 1823 p.3)

Hamilton, Thomas to Rachel McGrace Aug 3 1799

Hardikinon, Joseph to Jennett Watt May 17 1808

Harris, Dorrell to Harriott Peeples, both of Montgomery County, TN on Nov 25 1819. Clarksville Gazette. (27 Nov 1819 p.2)

Hawkersmith, Conrad to Rachel Groves Nov 9 1808

Hayde, William B. of Hopkinsville, KY to Miss Elizabeth ?rett [hard to read], of Montgomery County, TN on Dec 13 1821. Tennessee Watchman (21 Dec 1821 p. 3)

Heckerdson, Richard to Jinny Mallory Mar 11 1808

Henry, Esq. Patrick of Hopkinsville, KY to Bettsie D. Taylor dau of Col. Edmund Taylor, of  Tennessee Watchman. (19 Apr 1823 p. 3)

Herrod, James to Elizabeth McCarty June 15 1802 John McCarthy sec.

Hibbs, Jonah to Lucy Miller Jan 4 1799

Hogan, Col. James to Nancy Gibson of Stewart Co., Tn. (married lately). Tennessee Watchman. (Nov 7 1823 p. 3)

Holt, Simon to Mary Mills June 4 1808

Howel, Archibald to Rebeccah Williams Aug 1 1808 Joseph Williams sec.

Hubbard, David to Mildred Query Sep 1 1814 Sterling Neblett sec.

Hubbard, William to Sarah Sims Jan 14 1808 John H. Poston sec.

Hubbard, William to Sally Blanton June 15 1808

Hunt, John to Dixey Emmerson July 11 1808

Huse, Nathaniel to Isbel McGarrity Aug 3 1802 Issac Ross sec.

Hust, William to Elizabeth Harris dau. of Rev. Abner Harris on Feb 9 1821 by Rev. Reuben Ross. Tenenssee Watchman. (30 Jan 1821)

Hyde, John H. to Polly Gray Aug 13 1808

Ingram, Mosses to Polly Darnell Oct 4 1808

Ingram, Sterling to Betsey Gordon Jan 23 1808

Jacob, John to Nancy Bridges Nov 29 1808

Johnson, Dr. James to Mrs. Louisa Harmon Aug 17 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (19 Aug 1820 p.3)

Johnson, John to Lavena Coley June 22 1813 Absolam Tribble sec.

Johnston, Wyatt P. to Sarah Exum Feb 12 1814 Uriah Tison sec.

Jones, Richard M. of Clarksville, TN to Mrs. Jordon of Dickson Co., TN (married last Sunday evening) ca. Mar 2 1823. Tennessee Watchman (07 Mch 1823 p. 3)

Jones, Thomas to Rebecca Husk May 30 1799 Samuel Allen sec.

Karr, John to Timby Gardner Aug 6 1799

Kilbuck, Robert to Patience Norman Aug 24 1808

King, Lewis W. of Montgomery County, TN to Sallie E. Cook dau. of Joseph Cook of Davidson County, TN on Dec 17, 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (21 Dec 1821 p.3)

Kizer, John to Polly Cook June 23 1802 John Parchment sec.

Laid, David to Ferbey Norman on Nov 22 1808

Langford, John M. to Peggy O'Neal Feb 11 1802 - Peter O'Neal.

Lee, John to Sarah Morgan Mar 3 1808 Selman Edwards sec.

Lee, Stephen to Mary Weakley Sep 11 1836

Lewis, Elijah to Miss Tempy Baker of Montgomery County, TN on Aug 20 1820. Clarksville Gazette. ( 26 Aug 1820 p. 3)

Marr, Mr. C.H.P., of Clarksville, TN to Eliza White, of Montgomery County, TN on June 27 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (01 Jul 1820 p.3)

Martin, John to Mary Neblett Sep 6 1808 Sterling Neblett sec.

Mason, Benjamin to Mary Reeves Sep 19 1802 William Hutcherson sec.

McClure, Alexander, a merchant of Reynoldsburg to Miss Isabella Murry, dau of Maj. Wm. Murry of Humphreys Co., TN on Jan 6 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (08 Jan 1820 p. 3)

McClure, James, a merchant of Clarksville, TN to Mary Overton dau. of Esq. Richard Overton, of Montgomery County, TN on Oct. 10 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (14 Oct 1820 p.3)

McElbrath, Thomas H. to Rebeccah Tomkins Dec 12 1808

McFall, Henry to Zanzy Nolen Apr 19 1814 Robert Nolen by (X) sec.

McFall, Maj. Samuel, of Montgomery County, TN to Miss Susannah Smith dau. of Esq. John Smith on Aug 3 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (26 Aug 1820 p.3)

McFall, Malcom of Hopkinsville, KY to Martha Rivers dau. of Cpt. Thomas Rivers, of Montgomery County, TN on Oct 12 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (14 Oct 1820 p.3)

McGee Elisha to Rachel Saterfield Aug 9 1808 Benjamin Damon and James Pearce sec.

McGinnis, John S. to Martha Matthews May 11 1836

McGraw, Cornelius to Betsy Allen Aug ___ 1799

McIntosh, Daniel to Franky Beard Apr 26 1802 John Ellis and David Bell sec.

Medlock, John to Betsy N. Epps Sep 23 1813 William Mathis sec.

Mills, Griffin to Jane Batson Dec 27 1814 Griffin Mills by (X) sec. Wm. Peay wit.

Mitchell, Jesse to Judith Pearce Aug 2 1808

Montgomery, William to Farrny Miller Nov 23 1802 Robert Sprigg sec.

Moore, William to Betsy Morgan Apr 20 1813 W.C.Jamison C.M.C. sec. Executed Apr 21 1813 by John McCauley, J.P.

Morgan, Cornelius E. to Martha W. Walker Oct 6 1836 James L. Watts sec.

Morgan, Joseph to Rebecca Harvey Nov 18 1813 Matthew Morgan sec.

Morgan, William to Barbara Asque May 19 1813 John Shelby and Robert Prince sec.

Neblett, Esq. John Jr. to Miss Rebecca Roberts, both of Montgomery County, TN about Sep 7 1820. [hard to read] Clarksville Gazette. (09 Sep 1820 p. 3)

Neely, John to Peggy Patten Dec 22 1802 Samuel Berry sec.

Nelson, William to Mary G. Branch Apr 30 1822 at the home of Lewis B. Allen in Montgomery County, TN. Tennessee Watchman. (03 May 1822)

Neville, Joseph B. to Elizabeth ------ : Oct --1802 - Berkley Wm. Pollock sec. (A Pollock will names a daughter as Elizabeth Neville)

Nixon, George of South Carolina to Mrs. Priscella Shelby dau of the late Mr. Shelby on July 22 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (08 Jul 1820 p. 3)

Noble, William to Lorath Baker no date given

Norfleet, Cordel to Polly Pennington Dec 20 1799

Northington, David to Charlotte Carney dau of General Richard Carney, of Montgomery County, TN on Mar 28 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (07 Apr 1821)

O'Neal, Peter to Frances Cocke Apr 4 1814 Thomas H. O'Neal sec. Married by Barney Duff, J.P.

Osborn, Noble to Elizabeth Killebrew dau of Buckner Killebrew, of Montgomery County, TN on Mar 1 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (02 Mch 1821)

Parker, William to Winny Powers Nov 3 1808 James Powers sec.

Patterson, Alexander to Rebeccah Bird Oct 4 1802 (To any minister of the gospel)- W.C. Jamison and John Weldon sec.

Pennington, Edward M. to Sarah Q. Prince Sept 8 1813 Henry Small sec.

Pennington, Francis to Martha Williams dau of Esq. Henry Williams, all of Montgomery County, TN on Mar 28 1821. Tennessee Watchman. (07 Apr 1821)

Perdue, Owein to Agnis Young Feb 15 1808

Perry, Joseph to Drusilla Martin Sep 26 1817

Piatt, Ebenezer to Abigail Lindzy Jan 3 1802 Anthony Crutcher sec.

Pope, Elias F., of Montgomery County, TN to Eliza Jane Smith of Robertson Co., TN on Dec 20 1821 by Rev. Reuben Ross. Tennessee Watchman. (21 Dec 1821)

Poston, John H. to Nancy L. Nelson Mar 12 1808

Potts, Oswell to Rachel Cannon Aug 25 1808

Ray, Benjamin to Irene Henry Jul 13 1802 Lewis Brock sec.

Read, James to Martha Epps on Aug 30 1808 James Holt sec.

Reaves, Joseph to Rodah Miller Sep 10 1808

Revel, Robert to Peggy Cuny Oct 13 1808

Rice, John B., of Clarksville,TN to Elizabeth Orgain, dau of Benjamin Orgain, of Montgomery County, TN on May 10 1822 by Rev. Reuben Ross. (Failed to record date of paper.)

Rinehart, John to Elizabeth Washer on Jul 10 1813 Absalom Heflin sec.

Roach, William to Alcey Man Sept 20 1808

Rogh, Robert to Nancy Varnes July 3 1802 Lewis Reling sec.

Rook, John C. to Nancy Proctor May 28 1841

Ross, Charles to Polly Rosss Dec 14 1799

Ross, Daniel to Nancy Weakley Aug 30 1814

Rybourn, Mathew to Polly Drake Oct 25 1802 Andrew Stuart sec.

Samsters, William to Phebee Bunling Feb 13 1808

Saterfield, Issac to Susannah Wheterford June 20 1808 David Brigham sec.

Scott, Dr. David T. to Charity Ann Slatter, of Winchester, TN on Sep 11 1834. Clarksville Chronicle. (11 Sep 1834)

Scott, John to Polly Dodd: Aug 28 1799 Cornelius Anderson and Daniel Anderson sec.

Scruggs, John H. to Nancy Smith, all of Montgomery County, TN on Mar 8 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (11 Mar 1820 p. 3)

Seal (Tiel?) Charles to Christianna Miller Nov 9 1802 William Ward sec.

Seats, John to Polly Tyler Mar 27 1808

Simmons, Cpt. Matthew D. to Lucy Whitfield, both of Montgomery County, TN on Sept 5 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (09 Sep 1820 p. 3)

Smith, James to Nancy Allen dau of Esq. Valentine Allen, all of Montgomery County, TN on Dec 4 1823. Tennessee Watchman. (05 Dec 1823 p.3)

Stanford, Hugh to Rachel Clerk May 14 1808

Stewart, James to Saona Stewart Jan 17 1808

Taylor, James to Silvy Maten Nov 15 1808

Terry, Stephen to Demarius Moore June 22 1813 Daniel Collier sec.

Thompkins, Harrison to Susannah Cross Aug 11 1813

Thornton, Yency to Amelia Thornton Dec 19 1802 Ye Thornton and W.C. Jamison sec.

Tiel, Charles and Christianna Miller: Nov. 9, 1802- William Ward.

Tinnen, Laurence to Elizabeth Allen Nov 3 1802- Andrew Allen sec.

Tinney, Thomas and Nancy Allen: Nov. 7, 1799- Andrew Allen.

Toler, Nedum to Patsy Killebrew Mar 1 1808 Buckner Killebrew sec.

Trawick, Goodman to Nancy Tribble Jan 12 1808 Thos. Smith sec.

Trice, Leigh to Sarah Broomfield dau of Obediah Broomfield in 1821

Trousdale, Alexander to Jean Nelson Jan 23 1799

Tubb, James to Peggy Stanford Mar 16 1808 John Stanford, sec.

Tyard, James to Susanah McCarty May 7 1799

Vaughn, Dr. George W. to Felicia L. Norfleet Nov 18 1821 in Halifax Co., NC. Tennessee Watchman. (21 Dec 1821)

Walker, Andrew to Lucy Minor Oct 27 1814 John Minor sec.

Walker, Gideon to Betsy Johnson Jan 30 1799 Simon Walker and John Rice sec.

Wall, John to Elizabeth Weakley Feb 9 1837

Wall, William B. to Susan Williamson dau of Esq Burrell Williamson, of Montgomery County, TN on Oct 12 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (14 Oct 1820 p. 3)

Watson, Samuel to Catherine Edmonston Mar 6 1799

Weaks, Henry to Anny Smith Dec 2 1808

Weaver, Hartwell to Betsy Dickson July 17 (or 27), 1808 Jesse Dickson sec.

Wells, Heydon E. to Jency Peebles ____1813

Wheeles, Herbert to Penelopy Norris (Morris?) Sep 12 1808

White, William S. to Lucy Shermon, both of Montgomery County, TN on Oct 5 1820. Clarksville Gazette. (14 Oct 1820 p. 3)

Williams, James to Patsy Marshall Sims Apr 21, 1808 James Hambleton sec.

Williams, John to Elizabeth Smith June 26 1802 Caleb Williams sec.

Williams, Meridith to Terissa Woolfolk dau of Esq. Joseph Woolfolk, of Montgomery County, TN on Nov. 23 1819. Clarksville Gazette. (27 Nov 1819 p. 2)

WInston, Coleman, of Sumner County, TN to Miss _____ Coleman, dau of Robert S. Coleman, of Stewart County, TN. Tennessee Watchman. (Nov 7 1823 p. 3)

Woodfork, Joseph to Zeburch Penning Jan ___ 1799

Yarbrough, George to Rhoda Suiter Dec 31 1813 James Easley sec.

Submitted by Tammy Riggins and Jill Hastings-Johnson

Fambrough, Edward Moseley to Elmira J. Smith December 31, 1846

Submitted by Barbara Mitchell

William W. Winn (Wynn) m. Martha P. Brake 1-18-1839 Montgomery County, TN

Submitted by Dee Godkin

[Additional Information furnished by Jill Hastings-Johnson County Archivist
License 18 Jan 1839, David Grant, bondsman
Married 18 Jan 1839, Jos[eph] Pollard, JP
Reference Book 1, page 9. Entry does not include Martha's middle initial.]

Archibald M. (McCochran) Anderson m. Virginia Apperson 9-29-1838 Montgomery County , TN

[Additional Information furnished by Jill Hastings-Johnson County Archivist:
License issued 29 Sep 1838, Wiley Sawyer, bondsman
Married 30 Sep 1838, M[oses] Oldham, JP
Reference Book 1, page 6. Entry does not show Archibald's middle name, only initial M.]

Archibald M.[McCochran] Anderson m. Amelia L. [L'anise] Senseny 11-24-1840 Montgomery County, TN

[Additional Information furnished by Jill Hastings-Johnson County Archivist
License 24 Nov 1840, John F. Kennedy, bondsman
no return
Reference Book 1, page 30. Entry does not show Amelia's middle initial; no doubt this couple was married, but the license was never returned and there is no entry in the marriage book, the only date is the license.]

Middle names submitted by James Anderson

Fambrough Marriages, 1838 through 1900
Marriage books of Montgomery County, Tennessee
Montgomery County, TN Archives

Edward Frambrough [sic] and Lucy Thackston
license 12 Feb 1840, Sam'l Swarr, bondsman
married 5 Mar 1840, J. Williams, JP
Reference Book 1, page 21.

Johnathan [sic] Fambrough and Sarah E. Miles
license 20 Dec 1853, John Perdue [sic]
married 20 Dec 1853, John Perdue [sic], JP
Reference Book 2, page 234.

N. B. Fambrough and Miss Clementine J. Mackleroy
license 14 Feb 1868, John T. (X) Fambrough
married 16 Feb 1868, W. B. Stewart, JP
Reference Book 4, page 86.

Wiliam H. Stokes and Tennessee S. Fambrough
license 25 Dec 1871, E. P. Bowling
married 26 Dec 1871, D. R. Lockert, MG
Reference Book 4, page 372.

J. W. (X) Fambrough and Mary E. Wadkins
license 04 Jan 1876, A. R. Pardue
married 04 Jan 1876, W. B. Stewart, MG
Reference Book 6, page 426.

J. H. (X) Fambrough and Miss Rachel Smith
license 23 Dec 1890, M. B. (X) Fambrough
married 26 Dec 1890, B. W. Neil, MG
Reference Book 15, page 461.

J. W. Fambrough and Miss Fannie Cumpery [sic; Compery]
license 11 Aug 1891, N. B. (X) Fambrough
married 14 Aug 1891, M. N. Bryan, JP
Reference Book 16, page 115.

B. (X) Hammond[s] and Miss Julie Fambough [sic]
license 17 Dec 1891, W. T. (X) Griggs
married 17 Dec 1891, M. N. Bryan, JP
Reference Book 16, page 263.

William Edward Fambrough and Miss Minnie Tippins
license 01 Jan 1898, M. [?] B. (X) Fambrough
married 01 Jan 1898 [marriage book]; 03 Jan 1898 [loose papers, signed by officiant], Jas. E. Fogartie
Reference Book 21, page 20.

W. Y. Hiter and Miss Cora Fambrough
license 25 Oct 1898, W. R. Attaway
married 25 Oct 1898, E. G. Dunlavy, JP
Reference Book 21, page 339.

J. L. Fambrough and Miss Emma Brawner
license 01 Jan 1900, W. M. M[--?--]y
married 01 Jan 1900, G. W. Armstrong [JP]
Reference Book 22, page 370.

George Eleazer, Jr. and Miss Ermine Fambrough
license 02 Mch 1900, W. B. Cray
married 29 Mar 1900, G. W. Armstrong, JP
Reference Book 22, page 474.

Submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson

George Wesley Alsbrooks to Mary Jane Hunt in Clarksville, September 25, 1845.

Submitted by Janet Arnold

ARCHIBALD M. ( A.M.) ANDERSON to AMELIA L. SENSNEY Nov.24 1840. He was 43 and she was 23. The bondsman or wittness was John F. Kennedy. He was a saddlemaker by trade and lived 7 miles s e of Clarksville and north of the Fredonia community.

Taken from records in the Montgomery County Clerks Office and the genealogical section of Clarksville library in 1993.

Submitted by James Anderson

Abernathy Marriages, 1838 through 1900
Marriage books of Montgomery County, Tennessee
Montgomery County, TN Archives

1838 Abernathy, Gilbert T. to Louisa Baxter reference 1/7
1853 Abernathy, Gilbert T. to Emily Tally reference 2/230
1860 Abernathy, Andrew to Sarah E. Talley reference 3/93
1861 Talley, George F. to Mary Abernathy reference 3/109
1865 Abernathy, Cary (c) to Molly McCurdy reference 3/150
1866 Abernathy, George (c) to Mariah Gueran reference 3/188
1869 Abernathy, Gabriel (c) to Silvia Marshall reference 4/204
1873 Trinkle, W. H. to E. P. Abernathy reference 5/29
1873 Gilbert, A. J. to Rebecca S. Abernathy reference 5/138
1874 Vanleer, Coleman to Jane Abernathy reference 5/456
1882 Abernathy, A. H. to A. Leftwick reference 10/321
1883 Pruitte, William (c) to E. S. Abernathy reference 10/550
1883 Abernathy, Hnery (c) to Lizzie Bowman reference 11/78
1889 Abernathy, George S. to Sue E. McCurdy reference 15/72
1890 Abernathy, A. J. to L. J. Harvey reference 15/444
1893 Adams, Wm. M. to Hattie N. Abernathy reference 18/3
1894 Abernathy, Henry (c) to Sarah Yancey reference 18/326
1899 Abernathy, Henry (c) to Elsie Rogers reference 22/234

Submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson

Lewis, James Knox Polk Lewis b 1842 Tn married Nancy J Vaughn on 30 June 1866 in Montgomery Co. Tn
Record from Lewis family bible.

Submitted by S. L. Bargatze

Mat Brannigan married Lovie Reese on 4 Oct 1896, Montgomery, Tennessee.
Recorded from LDS records.

Submitted by Paula M. Judd

Levi L. Chester to Lennie Davie, 26 Jul 1842, Montg.
Mary Chester to J. H. Johnson, 3 Nov 1855, Montg.
Susan Chester to Thomas F. Dailey, 24 Nov 1852, Montg.
Elizabeth Frances Chester to Richard Ingram, 15 Apr 1854, Montg.
William Jackson Chester to Josephine C. Gilbert, 11 Jan 1876, Montg.
John Alonzo Chester to Sarah Jane Roberts, 12 Jan 1871, Montg.(my ggrandfather.)
Johnathan Thweatt to Martha Ann Chester, 22 Dec 1870, Montg.

Submitted by Pat McAlpine

Charles Elliott Ransdell m Stella Augusta Parker Aug. 28, 1921 in Montgomery
Co., TN.  Frank Hawkins, MG

Walter Roger Ransdell m Lena Rivers Yates, Nov. 20, 1890 in Montgomery Co., TN

William F. Young m Catherine Augusta Caudle, Dec. 20, 1859 in Montgomery Co.,

Stanford L. Garrard m Mary Jane Young, Dec. 12, 1843, in Montgomery Co., TN

Joseph Henry Pollard, Jr. m Eliza Margaret Booth, Sept. 19, 1855 in Montgomery Co., TN

George Milton Pollard m Martha E. Young, Dec. 23, 1840 in Montgomery Co., TN

Daniel Webster Ransdell m Sept. 29, 1865, Cordelia Ann Pollard, in Montgomery Co., TN

William Benjamin Young m Mary Norman Coleman , Oct. 21, 1884 in Montgomery Co., TN

  Submitted by Margaret R Winders

Marriages from the Young-Kidd Family Bible

George E. Young m Sarah E. Harris July 16, 1835 in Montgomery Co., TN

William F. Young m Mary Pricilla Shelby Dec. 1, 1858 in Montgomery Co., TN.
[This is his first marriage.  He was Col. Co. G, 49th Tn Inf. CSA  and lost is right arm at Atlanta. His son William Benjamin Young ,  was Mayor of  Clarksville,  1900-1901.]

Isaac Peterson Howard m. Martha Ann Cooley July 4, 1865 in Montgomery Co., TN.
[He was 1st Lt. Co G, 14th Inf CSA.]

Thomas Braxton Walthal and Elizabeth Coleman Pollard were m Dec. 24th 1840 in
Montgomery Co., TN.

William Henry Kidd m Elvira Roberts May 10, 1843 in Montgomery Co., TN.
[He was a physician and they later lived and died in McCracken Co., KY. Her father was the first tobacco inspector in Montgomery CO.]

John Beverly Apperson m Susan A. Pollard Mar. 12, 1846 in Montgomery Co., TN.

Wesley D. Booth m Mary T. (Pollard) Cooley Oct. 2, 1852, in Montgomery Co.,

Lycurgus Garland Winders m Mary Ellen Manion Mar. 5, 1890 in Montgomery Co.,  TN.

Submitted by Margaret R Winders

Batie, "Eddie" R married Lula Williams on 15 January 1888 in Montgomery Co., by D(avid) R. Lockert, minister.  Eddie's security was James Williams.  Lula Williams was from Mongomery Co.

Battie, E R married Edith Hester on 5 December 1906 in Clarksville, TN by W(iley) J. Smith, justice of the peace.  E R Battie's security was Will Cross.  E R Battie and Edith Hester were divorced 27 December 1927.

Batie, Edward R married Margie Williams on 28 May 1923 in Mongomery Co by W. B. Corlis (?), justice of the peace.  Edward's security was Robert W. Batie

 Submitted by Amy Thomas

Harry Hammack - Nannie Vass Sept. 17,1911

Matthew Vass- Agnes Rutland July 29,1923

R.W.Walker- Maude Vass Aug.18,1923

A.H.Vass- Eddie M.Bilyen June 30,1924

Obadiah Broomfield- Mary E. Hancock Jan.31,1840

George J. Harris- Sarah C. Hancock Jan. 27,1875

P.D. Martin- Margaret Vass May 31,1850

D.L. Hancock R. H.Ballard March 18, 1880

J. O. Hancock Mary Sanders Dec. 1, 1880

L.W. Hancock Maud H. Buck Nov. 2,1881

J.T. Hancock Anna B. Scott Nov. 8,1881

Henry B. Hancock Lucy C.Saunders Dec.25,1882

Joseph C. Hancock Lizzie Ida Drake Oct. 29,1884

B.F.Vass Mattie C. Hancock June 30, 1887

B.F. Vass E. T. Ewing June 15,1902

Leslie Vass CarrieJolly Aug.28,1905

Leslie Sargent - Florence Vass April 5, 1906

Submitted by Dan Vass 

James Thurston Chapman married Lee Ella McCarter on 12 Feb 1885 in Clarksville, Montgomery, TN.

Submitted by Kathy

Mr. Horace Daniel married Miss Martha Northington in Montgomery County Tennessee in 1829.

Submitted by Richard Northington

List of approximately 300 marriages from Montgomery County Records.

List of Grooms

List of Brides

Submitted by Julie Gibbs
Jean Clark

Elias Jackson Davis married Sallie Ann Underwood March 22, 1890

Calvin Underwood married Amanda Baggett August 13, 1864

Submitted by  Cathy Hollister

Dorothy Lee Beechum to Phillip Huron Gupton  on Sept 19, 1946

Geneva Carol Gupton to Thomas Edward Clement  on June 27, 1964

submitted by  Dot Gupton


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