62'ND TN. REGT., CO. D., CSA

Colonel Joseph Divine's ("Fightin' Joe Divine from Big Creek, Monroe CO, TN)
and Capt. Enoch Voyles' CO G in that regiment.

39th Regiment, Tenn. Mtd. Inf (W.M. Bradford's) also 31st Inf., CSA

4th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry (Branner's)., CSA

9th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, USA

62nd Tennessee Infantry Reg., Cos. C, D, G, H, and K, CSA

59th Tennessee Infantry Reg., Cos. B, E., and G, CSA

12th Tennessee Cavalry Reg. Co. K, USA

3rd (Vaughn's) Tennessee Infantry Reg, Cos. B, F, H, and 2nd K, CSA



Tennessee and the Civil War

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4th (Branner's) Tenn. Cavalry Battalion, Co. "B", became "G", 2nd (Ashby's) Regt.

3rd (Vaughn's) Tenn. Inf. Regt., Companies "B", "F", "H", and 2nd "K".

39th (W.M. Bradford's) Tenn. Inf. Regt., Co. "K".

59th Tenn. Inf. Regt., Companies "B", "E", and "G".

62nd Tenn. Inf. Regt., Companies "C", "D", "G", "H", and "K".



9th Tenn. Cav. Regt., Company "L".

12th Tenn. Cav. Regt., Company "K".

3rd Tenn. Mtd. Inf. Regt., Companies "C", "D", "G", and "H". (click on link just below)

3'rd Tn. Mtd. Inf. Regt. USA, Co.'s A -H

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Also called 3rd Confederate Infantry; 3rd Tenn. Cavalry Regt.; 3rd Tenn. Mtd. Inf. Regt. 

    Records filed as 3rd (Lillard's) Tenn. Mtd. Inf. Regt.   Organized at Knoxville, Tenn., May 29, 1861; mustered into Confederate Service June 6, 1861; reorganized May 14, 1862; surrendered at Washington, Ga., May 9, 1865.   Field Officers: Colonels: John C. Vaughn, Newton J. Lillard. Captains: William Parker, Albert G. Stephens, John Edgar McElrath, William Mason.  Men from Monroe Co. Tn.

Barnett, Anderson M
Bird, George
Brooks, Thaddeus H.
Burris, Jacob T.
Burris, Gideon M.
Byrum, Peter
Chamlias, James K.
Cunningham, John C.
Curtis, Henry W.
Denton, Charles
Denton, John
Donahue, Robert
Douglas, Alexander M.
Douthit, Samuel
Eakin, Thomas
French, Anderson I.
Friend, Henry B.
Galloway, Michael H.
Hartsell, Wm. H.
Henry, George W.
Henry, Fieldo F.
Hicks, Caswell
Hicks, Joseph
Hudson, Samuel C.
Hudson, Wm. D.
Humphreys, Willis
Isbell, Wm., Sr.
Isbell, Wm., Jr.
Isbill, Pendleton M.
Isbill, Nelson
Johnson, James
Kirkland, John
Kirkland, Riley
Kirkland, Charles S.
Kirkland, Wm.
Kirkland, Rufus
Knight, Thomas B.
Knight, Everett
Lane, John

Lee, John
Lemmons, Elijah
Mason, Wm.
Mason, James
McAfee, John T.
McAfee, James H.
McCall, Samuel
McDaniel, Commodore D.
McKinzie, John R.
Millsaps, Jesse
Millsaps, Marvin V.
Millsaps, Ransom
Millsaps, Calvin
Millsaps, Adam
Millsaps, James
Mize, Peter B.
Morgan, Onley L.
Murphy, Archy
Murr, Louis A.
Nichols, Park B.
Nott, Charles R.
Parker, Wm. C.
Parten, Henry
Pattison, George W.
Pinkerton, John B.
Pittman, Francis M.
Roberts, General I.
Shipley, Edward T.
Singleton, Hul.
Smith, James  M.
Smith, Wm.
Spicer, Thomas L.
Stephens, Robert G.
Tate, Wm.
Thomas, George W.
Vaughn, David
Ward, James
Waters, Wm.
Yarberry, Wm. R.

This information and page was provided by Joy Locke

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Also called 1st (Eakin's) Tenn. Battalion: Cooke's Regt.: 59 th Tenn. Mtd. Inf. Regt.

    Organized May, 1862, captured Vicksburg July, 1863; served in Vaughn's Brigade in East Tenn. and Western Va. thereafter.  Field Officers:   Colonels: James B. Cooke and William L. Eakin.  Captains: Josiah I. Wright and John W. Stratton.  Mustered in at Madisonville, Monroe Co., Tn. Feb. 12, 1862.

Barker, John L. 20
Barker, Cornelius, B. 19
Bishop, Sylvester 18
Carey, Jefferson 23
Carr, Samuel 24
Carson, Isaac 40
Carson, John C. 18
Chesnut, Hugh 40
Clemmer, Wm. H. 25
Cox, Wm. N. 43
Cunningham, John C. 19
*Cunningham, Christopher C. 20
Davis, Nathan 19
Davis, Wm. S. 27
Davis, Britt 26
Edmond, Andrew R. 26
Edwards, Wm. H. 21
Fry, Hugh L. 28
Garren, Leander J. 44
Gaston, David 41
Gregory, James F. 18
Grubb, John 29
Hall, John 38
Hampton, James C. 27
Handgren, Lorenzo 18
Harrerson, Riley 46
Hartsel, Abner L. 19
Hawkins, Wm. 43
Hudson, Samuel C. 32
Hughes, Andrew J. 24
Hughes, Aron P. 21
Hughs, James 22
Isbill, John M. 40
Isbill, Wm. 18
Kiser, Jacob 26
Knight, Lewis C. 24
Lane, Isaac 24
Leadbetter, Matthew 44
Magill, Robt. died Vicksburg
*McDaniel, Charles 33
McGuire, Wm. 24
McGuire, Jeremiah 26
*McKiney, Andrew T. 21
Millsaps, Andrew 32
*Millsaps, Riley 34
Morris, James C. 43 died 10 Aug 1862
Mosier, Francis 48
Mosier, John F. subst. for F. Mosier
Mosier, Wm. 19
Newton, Daniel 22
Nichol, Thomas 23 died 14 Aug 1862
Nichols, George W. 28 died 23 Nov 1862
Patterson, Wm. H. 28
Payne, Geo. W. 18 deserted
Pearce, Marshal 24 died Vicksburg
Philips, George A. 40 died 1 Apr. 1862
Presley, Geo. W. 34 died 8 Sep. 1862
Rader, Henry L. 25 deserted
Ratledge, James F. 22
Reagan, Nathan 47
Repell, Peter 18
Rhea, Ozias
Scarborough, Robert W.26
*Scarborough, Andrew 19
Shaffer, Isaac 27
Simpson, Geo. F. 31
Stratton, John W. 33
Stratton, Robert D. 40
Stuart, Samuel 37
Sumit, Peter 28
Teter, Wm. J. 36
*Thompson, Harvey A. 19
Thompson, Wesley R. 22
Vernon, John C. 22
Vinsant, George W. 40
Vinsant, Hiram J. 22
Wall, Jacob B. 32
Wallace, Wade 19
Ward, Lewis 20 died 6 May 1862
Weare, Thomas 18
White, Charles F. 36
Wright, Josiah T. 38
Young, Geo. W. 40

* These men drowned Feb. 18, 1863 at Chunky Bridge, Miss.  and were buried near Hickory Station, Miss.  There were about 60 men who died on the Southern Railroad that day.  Marion D. Roden of Monroe Co. was in the same Regt. but in Co. B.  He also died that day along with Robert S. Slaughter of 3rd Tenn. (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf. Co. G who enlisted in Calhoun, McMinn Co. Tn.  This information is from their service records, however, I didn't look through all of them.  These were some of the known men who drowned.

This information and page was provided by Joy Locke

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62nd TENN. REGT., CO. D, CSA

Also called 80th Tenn. Inf. Regt.; Rowan's Tenn. Inf. Regt.; 62nd Tenn. Mtd. Inf. Regt.

    Organized Oct. 8, 1862; mustered into Confederate service Nov. 11, 1862 surrendered at Vicksburg July, 1863; served remainder of war as mounted infantry in Brigadier Gen. John C. Vaughn's Brigade in East Tenn. and Western Va.   Field Officers: Colonel John A. Rowan. Captain Robert C. Rowan.  Enrolled Sep. 25.  Men from Monroe Co., Tn.  Reports from Companies "C" and "D" show one killed, three wounded, and 15 captured from the two companies.

List from memory of Gus A. Walker.

Alexander, Mims
Axley, E. Lige
Axley, James
Axley, S. Douth
Ball, Wm.
Bellamy, Andrew
Blankenship, John
Borden, Tom
Borden, Will
Boyd, Winford
Brakebill, Henry
Browder, J.J.
Browder, Davie
Browder, Darius
Cannon, Charles
Carter, Doke
Casteel, ___
Claborne, Bruce
Corhorn, Robt. S.
Crockett, _____
Cunningham, Joe
Dean, J.
Dreak, Willis
Duncan, Joe
Fletcher, Key
Forshee, Eakin
Forshee, E.L.
Franks, Tol.
Garner, Dr. J.C.
Gilbreath, J.A.
Gillespie, Robt.
Grubb, Newton
Grubb, Robert
Gunn, Joseph
Hanney, Jack
Hanney, Rowdy
Haun, Lafayette
Henderson, G. Lawrence
Henderson, Will
Henderson, William
Hightower, Tom
Hill, Ira
Hill, John
Hudgens, Jake
Ingram, Ike
Johnson, ____
Johnson, Mat
Johnston, Dr. Harvey
Key, J.F.
Kile, G.W.
Kimbrough, Joe
Kimbrough, Wm
Kinser, Jake
Lane, John M.
Ledford, John
Ledford, Noah
Lotspeich, Charles
Lotspeich, John
Lowry, Hugh K.
Manus, John
Martin, Wm. E.
Martin, James
McBride, M.W.
McBride, ? W.
McCaslin, Isaac
McCroskey, Henry M.
McDaniel, Will
McDaniel, Rote
McGuire, Nick
Moser, Peter
Moser, Jack
Moser, Miller
Moser, Daniel M.
Neil, Joe
Nichols, John
Nichols, Jim
Orr, J. Frank
Plemmons, Wm.
Randolph, Jack
Rowan, J.K.
Rowan, Robt. C.
Rowan, R.C.
Rowan, Joe
Rowan, Frank
Russell, Wm. H.
Russell, Joe R.
Sample, James
Sharp, Will
Shaw, Lewis
Sheets, John
Sheets, Marion
Stephens, John D.
Stepp, Reuben
Summitt, Joseph
Triplett, John
Trotter, Tom
Tulk, Jabe
Upton, Wm.
Walker, Gus A.
Weathers, Wm.
Webb, Martin
Wilkins, John
Williams, Hix 

This information and page was provided by Joy Locke

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