1921 – 1954

Abstracted by:  Joy Locke

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These are abstracted marriage records of Monroe Co., Tn.  These records span 1921-1954 found in Books S – Z and AA-GG located in the Monroe Co. Courthouse and on microfilm in the Madisonville Public Library.   Book X changed its format to include the addresses of the bride and groom and their ages.  It sometimes included the name of a parent or guardian.  I included the relationship when it was shown.  Some marriages had “no return” meaning they might have married but the license wasn’t returned to give the actual marriage date.  On those, the issue date of the license is given.  Where I have “void” in the notes means just that, they were struck through and no marriage took place.

I have abbreviated the place names of their addresses.  If they lived in another state, those states are given which means the others are towns within Tennessee.  Although there was a three day waiting period and the age of 21 for consent, the waiting period was apparently waived in many cases because many married the same day of license issue and many were under age.

Many Monroe Co. couples went to Georgia to marry in the 1940s probably because of the waiting period and blood test requirement.


Abbreviations for place names:


Bellt. – Belltown

Cald. – Calderwood

CC – Coker Creek

Chatt. – Chattanooga

Chilh. – Chilhowee

Chris. – Christianburg

Cit. – Citico

Clark. – Clarksville

Clv. – Cleveland

Copph. – Copperhill

Cumb.Cty – Cumberland City

Eliz. – Elizabethton

Engw. – Englewood

Epp. – Epperson

Eto. – Etowah

Frndv. – Friendsville

Ftn.C. – Fountain City

Greenv. – Greenville

Grnb. – Greenback

Harr. – Harriman

Hppy Val. -  Happy Valley

Iron. – Ironsburg

Kings. – Kingston




fa. – father

pts.- parents

gdn. – guardian

sis – sister

bro. - brother


Knx. – Knoxville

LC – Lenoir City

Lo. – Loudon

Louisv., Ky – Louisville, Ky

Louv. – Louisville

Mad. Madisonville

McG. – McGhee

Mt.V. – Mt. Vernon

Myv. – Maryville

Nashv. – Nashville

Phil. – Philadelphia

Rel. – Reliance

Robb., NC – Robbinsville, NC

Sev. – Sevierville

Spg.C. – Spring City

St. Pl. – Strawberry Plains

Swt. – Sweetwater

Towns. – Townsend

TP – Tellico Plains

Turtle T. – Turtle Town

Von. – Vonore

Wells. – Wellsville



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