1910 Monroe Co., Tn. Census Index

Transcribed by Emily Stelly and Brenda Thomas

and proofed by Joy Locke

Please read the following directions first!

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1910 Census Index:   A - G


27 May 2002


1910 Census Index:  H - M


27 May 2002


1910 Census Index:  N - Z


27 May 2002

The above are text files of the index to be used for research only.   It is not to be sold or used in any way "other than research" without permission of the submitters.  Click the "file name" you want to view. These text files are dark blue at the top left in the table.  They have been split into three parts for easier loading.

It is indexed by head of household and includes surnames of "others" living within a household.

We are not to be held accountable for mistakes on the names as many are difficult to read and many were misspelled.  If you can correct the names please contact:joy.fred.locke@gmail.com-copy & paste to your email request


This is an index only.  For the census information on "one or two families at a time", contact Joy: Copy and paste: joy.fred.locke@gmail.com to your email request.

When you e-mail me, please type in the subject heading: "look-up".  We get so much mail and many are suspect as viruses.   That goes for any look-up, otherwise it could be deleted.  Thanks.

We will not look up a child who might be living in any given household of a surname such as Jones or Smith, there are simply too many to look up!

The information to be obtained from the 1910 census is: head of household, spouse if there is one, children and others living within that household.  For each name given, there is an age, number of times married, years of present marriage, single, widowed or divorced.  The first state is that person's birthplace, the second state is that of the father of that person, and the third is the mother of that person-always that order.

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