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Families of Lincoln County

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    Progenitor: the first individual who immigrated to Lincoln County for each of your family surnames.
    Spouse: list all spouses with marriage dates. An asterisk next to the name indicates that the spouse also has a separate listing in the table.
    Born/Died: birth/deathdate of individual. Location of birth may be listed.
    Origin/Destination: prior residence before LCT. Due to space considerations, this will be very brief. Same for residence after LCT
    Residence: the time period of LCT residence,and one primary location within LCT if known.
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    --Born/Died-- Origin
    in LCT
    -----, Elizabeth 
    (William Beavers*)
    27 Feb 1816
    NC? ????-1816 Rena Anderson Pittman
    -----, Catherine "Katy" 
    (Andrew Wilson Scott)
    1780 VA
    Marshall Co
    1845-1870 Sherry Finchum
    -----, Kezia 
    (Samuel Yeager*)
    17??-1831+ ? 1810-1831+ George Waller
    -----, Mary
    (William THOMPSON*)
    c1785-1856 ? ?-1856 Joe Carter
    -----, Mourning B.
    (Crawford CARTER*)
    25 Aug 1804 NC
    11 Apr 1863 LCT
    NC>LCT 1825-1863 Joe Carter
    -----, Nancy Ann 
    (Daniel Warren*)
    179?-1859 NC 181?-1859 George Waller
    -----, Polly
    (Willis B. LIVELY*)
    1810-26 Jan 1862 VA ?-1830 Sharon I. Dickson
    Abels, Eveline Bell 
    (Solomon Scott Long*)
    1804-1839 ? ?-1820 Lisa Merz
    Anderson, Allen L. 1821 TN
    1896 TX
    TN LCT TX ?-1896 Grady Anderson
    Anderson, Robert R.  1843 LCT
    after 1891 TX
    LCT>TX 1843-1891 Grady Anderson
    (Solomon STREET*)
    1802 GA
    aft 1850
    GA <1820->1850 R.E. Speese
    ARNOLD, Zachariah
    (Mary BEASLEY)
    (Charlotte TARVER)
    1 Jan 1762 VA
    11 Oct 1834 LCT
    GA>LCT c1810-1834 Bobbie Jackson
    Ashby, Alexander  
    (Lavinia Groce*)
    9 May 1800
    Surry Co., NC
    c29 Dec 1840 LCT
    Surry Co NC c1822-1840
    Jim Zielinski
    Noveda Ashby Metzger
    David Mills
    Bandy, Elizabeth 
    (William Calvin? "Billy" Faulkner*)
    21 August 1821
    poss. LCT
    27 August 1877
    near Booneville LCT
    LCT 1821-1877
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Barnes, Jordan
    (Eunice Oliver)
    Rowan Co NC
    Marshall Co TN
    Rowan Co NC>LCT
    Marshall Co TN
    bef. 1839-?
    Linda Wood Parrish
    Beavers, William 
    (Elizabeth -----*)
    ????-1816 NC? ????-1816 Rena Anderson Pittman 
    Bedford, William Thomas 
    (Mayzie Dance)
    26 May 1796 VA
    21 Dec 1873 MS
    Powhatan Co VA
    Granville Co NC
    Putnam Co GA
    Itawamba Co MS
    Lee Co MS
    c1825-1843 George Waller
    Bell, James 
    (Margaret Smith)
    1775-1860 Lincoln Co NC
    Grundy Co TN
    ?-? Oliver Milam
    Bobo, Elizabeth Lucinda 
    (John Douthit III*)
    17 Mar 1859
    SC c1815-1859 Audrey Massey
    Bonner, Jesse
    (Elizabeth "Betsy" Hester
    Granville Co NC
    Granville Co NC ? - ? Ken Moore
    BOWLING, Alexander 1781 VA/NC
    1843 Lawrence Co AL
    Madison Co AL
    1810 - <1818 Larry D. Bowling
    Boyd, Catherine 
    (Lewis Campbell*)
    1788 ?NC/VA
    aft1838 MO
    Ripley Co MO
    182?-c1838 Janice Walker Gilmore
    Boyles, Barnabas 1755 VA
    c1832 LCT
    VA>LCT <1820-c1832 Debora Paradise-Whitt
    Bradley, Sarah "Sally"
    (John Marr*)
    12 March 1802
    Wake Co. NC
    26 Nov 1897
    Petersburg LCT?
    Wake Co NC
    Bedford Co TN
    c1840-1897 Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Josiah BRANDON
    (Rachel BROWN)
    1761 NC
    1842 LCT
    NC 1817-1842 Pat Geary
    Brents, Thomas W. 
    (Jane McWhorter)
    ?-? KY 1838-1850 Sherry Finchum
    BROWN 1687 Ireland 1800s Donnie Porter
    Brown, Rachel 
    (Samuel Jones*)
    23 Feb 1787 NC
    29 Aug 1877 LCT
    NC>GA 1809-1877
    George Waller
    Brown, William 
    (Sarah Taylor)
    c1800-? ? ?-1850 Judy Henley Phillips
    Buchanan, Samuel
    (Rachel Greenfield)
    1778-1852 VA 1807-1852 Unknown
    Buntley, John Christian 1791-1865 Ger. ?-1865 Kaylene Nielsen
    Caldwell, John B.
    (Rebecca Bonner)
    1799 Ireland
    Ireland b1820-a1860
    Ken Moore
    Campbell, Lewis
    Catherine Boyd,*)
    1777 ?NC/VA
    aft1838 MO
    Ripley Co MO
    182?-c1838 Janice Walker Gilmore
    CARTER File 1
    CARTER File 2
    - - Jane W. Waller (1990)
    Carter, Crawford
    (Mourning B.*)
    7 Aug 1797 NC
    aft 1870 LCT
    NC>LCT 1825-aft1870 Joe Carter
    Carter, Leah 
    (John Jones*)
    1788 VA
    1 Feb 1870 LCT
    VA 1809-1870
    George Waller
    Caruthers, Margaret Melissa 
    (Ziza Morrison)
    1806-1859 ? ?-? Frances Morrison
    CASEY, Elizabeth
    (Benjamin PORTER*)
    1778 Prince Edward Co. VA
    1857 TX
    VA-LCT-TX 1809-1853 Donnie F. Porter
    Childress, Reps Osborn c1750
    31 Aug 1825
    NC ?-1825

    Bill Trott

    CLARK, John T.
    Rebecca BERRY
    1805-1865 LCT>Red River Territory TX 1805-1839

    Ruth Coward Cunningham

    Cole, John William
    (Nancy Graves*)
    1795-1844 NC
    Norris Creek

    LaVonne Gould Remai

    Couch, Eli 1792-1850+ SC 1830?-1848 Bill Couch
    Cowley, James
    (Hannah Thompson*)
    1760-c1850 NC 1808-1850

    R.S. Duggan

    Crawford, Anthony
    (Elizabeth Moss)
    30 Apr 1857 LCT
    VA>LCT by 1820-1857 Ola Horton Cates
    Criner, John Anderson Sr. 1768
    6 Oct 1838
    Hawkins Co TN>LCT c1809-c1823 Mandy W. Queen
    Crouch, Isaac
    (Elizabeth J. Lovelace)
    June 1874
    TN 1865-?

    Sharon Dale

    Curlee, Calvin (Doc) David 
    (Mourning Rebecca Turner)
    1852-1900 TN 1876-1900 Jim Cunningham
    Cunningham, John 
    (Mary "Polly" Groce)
    1800-1869 NC 1821-1869 Jim Cunningham
    Davis, Absolom
    (Jeanie McClellan)
    1787-1854 NC 1820?-1850? Unknown
    Douthit, John III 
    (Elizabeth Lucinda Bobo)
    10 Feb 1768 
    NC c1815-c1869 Audrey Massey
    DRENNAN, Robert 
    (Martha H. Wiley*)
    1799-1883 SC 1827-1883 George Waller
    Ellis, Elizabeth 
    (Joshua W. Massey
    1785-? NC c1810-? Audrey Massey
    Ellis, James 
    (Sarah Riggs)
    ?-? ? c1811-? Jim Neece
    Enoch, Gabriel
    19 Jun 1741
    Rowan Co NC
    22 Aug 1821 LCT
    Rowan Co NC ?-1821 Ken Moore
    Ervin/Erwin, Hezekiah 
    (Mary "Polly" Simmons)
    1760-a1830 Chatham Co NC 1807-a1830 Greg Simmons
    Farrar, John
    (Elizabeth Abernathy)
    (Elizabeth Williams)
    1750? VA
    bef. 8 Oct 1830 LCT
    VA>NC>KY>NC>LCT by 1815-1830 Virginia Tschanz
    Faulkner, William Calvin? "Billy" 
    (Elizabeth Bandy*)
    (Martha Adaline McGee)
    4 July 1816
    co Derry? Ire
    13 September 1892
    Norris Creek LCT
    Charleston, SC
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Foster, Sarah
    (James Mitchell*) 1826
    Caswell Co NC
    Moore Co TN
    Caswell Co NC> LCT c1830-c1890
    became Moore Co
    Phil Mitchell
    Freeman, Abner Isaac 
    (Drucilla Glidewell)
    1835 NC
    1856 LCT
    NC 1842-1856 Sherry Finchum
    Fullerton, John  1785 SC
    1864 LCT
    SC 1810-1864 Grady Anderson
    GAINES, Henry Mayo (Methodist minister)
    1 Jul 1797 (Susannah Featherstone)
    Culpepper Co VA
    1833 LCT
    VA>SC&Madison Co AL&GA&LCT 1797?-1833 (misc) John Gaines
    Gammon, J.W. (John William) 
    (Mattie Minick*)
    1857-1940 ? ?-1940 William Gammon
    GARRETT, Mariah Ann
    (William COOPER)
    1818 Va - ? VA>LCT>Saline Co AR 1829?-1839? Debby Black
    GARRETT, Spillsbury
    (Elizabeth SMITH)
    1830 TN - ? LCT>Saline Co AR 1829?-1839? Debby Black
    Gilbert, John (Rev.) 
    (Sallie Grace Bourland)
    1774 NC
    1841 LCT
    NC 1833-1841 Sherry Finchum
    Glidewell, Thomas H. 
    (Susan Allen)
    1797 VA
    1861 LCT
    VA>NC 1820-1861 Sherry Finchum
    Graves, Nancy
    (John William Cole*)
    9 Sep 1796
    24 Apr 1870
    SC ?-1870
    Norris Creek

    LaVonne Gould Remai

    Greer, Martha
    (John Hamilton*)
    c1780-1872 Pendleton District SC ?-1872
    Swan Creek

    Nancy Sicotte

    Groce, Lavinia
    (Alexander Ashby*)
    28 July 1805
    Rowan? Co NC
    8 October 1873 LCT
    Surry Co NC c1822-1873
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Groce/Gross, Mary Magdalena
    (Henry H. Renegar*)
    1774-1859 NC c1815-1859 R.S. Duggan
    Guess, Nancy 
    (John Whitaker*)
    ?-? ? 1809-? 
    Tiffany Gideon Bils
    Gunter, William
    1. (?)
    2. 1808 (Phoebe HODGES RUTH)
    c1766 NC
    1840 LCT
    NC c1810-1840 Alice Bruce
    Hall, Ambrose Jr.  c1778-b1847 VA? b1814-b1847 Patrick Gudaitis
    Hamilton, Jacob 4 Oct 1785
    26 Jan 1852
    LA? ?-?
    Huntland area
    Rosa Balish
    Hamilton, John
    (Martha Greer*)
    c1770-1812 Pendleton District SC ?-1812 
    Swan Creek area
    Nancy Sicotte
    Hampton, Preston 
    (Sally Beavers) 
    (Rachel Malier*)
    13 Sep 1859
    TN? ????-1859 
    Rena Anderson Pittman
    Hanvy, Thomas
    (Susanna Pitts)
    Jul 1792?
    Abbeville Dist SC 1816->1880
    Mulberry, Mimosa Dist.
    Kevin Lamar Hanvy
    Hardin, Aaron 
    (Nancy Smith)
    Rutherford? Co NC
    1881 Gallation Co IL
    NC c1832-c1851 Cheryl Cummings
    Hart, Samuel/Lemuel 
    (Mary Beauford)
    NC 1820-1850 Barb Johnson
    Hill, Orin Parker 
    (Mary "Polly" Brents)
    1813 CT-? CT>Marshall Co 1842-? Sherry Finchum
    Hobbs, Martha Ann 
    (Silas Michael*)
    10 Jun 1828
    TN or NC
    10 Aug 1890 TX
    NC?>LCT>TX 1845-1860 Betty Helf
    HOLLEY, David
    1791 TN
    >1860 LCT
    TN>LCT ?->1860 Doris Pyle Haynes
    HOLLICK, Mary
    (Thomas SULLENGER*)
    1814-1866 ? ?-? Joe Carter
    Holman, Daniel Pearson
    (Mary Anderson)
    11 Jan 1821
    19 Dec 1896
    NC b1842-1896 Linda Holman Swansson
    HOWELL, David
    (Mary ------)
    ? NC
    10 Apr 1815 LCT
    NC? 1813-1815 Bobby J. Wadsworth
    Hunter, Nancy Jane 1862-1916 TN 186?-1916 George Waller
    Jean, David Sr 1794-1878 NC 1819-1878 Glenn Jean
    Jones, Daniel
    (Mary Toney)
    22 Mar 1784 NC
    23 Feb 1876 LCT
    NC 1820-1876 Bertie Weigart Brittain
    JONES, Daniel
    (Mary Toney)
    1784 NC
    1876 LCT
    NC 1811-1876
    Norris Creek area
    Pat Geary
    Jones, John 
    (Leah Carter*)
    Wales or DE
    23 Dec 1831 LCT
    DE>VA 1807-1831
    Rev. Soldier
    George Waller
    Jones, Samuel 
    (Rachel Brown*)
    11 Mar 1777 NC
    21 Apr 1877 LCT
    NC>GA 1809-1877
    George Waller
    KERBO, Jeremiah Middleton Marr
    (Susanah SULLENGER)
    1833 ? - 1919 OK ?>LCT>OK 1855-1865 Joe Carter
    King, Ebenezer B. 
    (Martha Brewer)
    1810-a1870 SC/NC a1810-1845 Jo Hughes
    King, Joshua Benton
    (Elizabeth White)
    1783 MD
    1863 LCT
    LCT>Marshall Co 1838-1863 Sherry Finchum
    KING, William Hinton
    (Nancy WOODRUFF*)
    m. 15 Dec 1831
    13 Dec 1805
    Sumner Co TN
    26 Aug 1840 LCT
    Sumner Co TN>LCT 1827-1840
    Terry Croasdale
    LITTLE, Samuel
    (Elizabeth BOONE)
    ?-? NC 1811-? Pat Geary
    Latham, John
    (Matilda Reed)
    (Sarah Sweeney)
    1787?-1855? SC>LCT 1812?-1855? Laura Ingram
    LIVELY, Willis B.
    1803-29 Jul 1859 VA>LCT ?-1830 Sharon I. Dickson
    Long, Solomon Scott 
    (Eveline Bell Abels*)
    1801-1890 ? ?-1820 Lisa Merz
    McAdams, Joseph 
    (Margaret Whitsett)
    1761 NC
    1823 LCT
    PA>NC 180?-1823 Sherry Finchum
    McAlister, Samuel M. 
    (Malinda Walker)
    1834-1898 TN 1834-1898 Jim Cunningham
    McCown, Francis 
    (Nancy Swinney)
    c1773 VA 1809-1819 Leonard J. McCown
    McCracken, David
    (Elizabeth Wilson*)
    c1750 MD
    1812 LCT
    MD>Rowan Co NC>Burke Co NC>Wofford's Station (GA)>LCT c1808-1810
    Bradshaw's Community
    Cole Owen
    McDaniel, Henry  c1785-b1840 NC or VA b1810-? Carmen McDaniel Forbes
    McGee, Jesse 
    (Stacy (Meriweather?))
    1787-1871 VA
    Madison Co AL
    1835-1871 Jan McGee
    McGee, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" 
    (Joseph Sydney Sugg*)
    c1853 LCT?
    a3 Feb 1884
    LCT c1853-a1884 Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    McGuire, Cornelius  1 Jan 1801 TN
    28 Sep 1859
    Millville LCT
    Giles Co TN b1823-1859 Gary D. Owens
    McKenzie, Kenneth 
    (Matilda (Williams?*)
    1798-1871 GA
    Green Co MO
    182?-185? Betty McKenzie
    McMillen, John 
    (Mary Amelia Dicus)
    19 May 1813 LCT
    30 Apr 1881 MO
    McDonald Co MO
    1813-b1848 Edna Mcmillen
    Maddox, William c1775 ? c1814-b1820 Denise Maddox
    Malier, Rachel 
    (Preston Hampton*)
    30 Aug 1807 
    30 Jun 1848
    LCT 1807-1848 
    Rena Anderson Pittman
    Mansfield, Garnett Sr. 
    ( Lydia Sullivan*)
    23 April 1801
    Albemarle? Co VA 
    b17 March 1886
    Belleville? LCT
    Albemarle Co VA
    Wilson Co TN
    Belleville area 
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Marr, John 
    (Sarah (Sally) Bradley*)
    12 August 1800
    Raleigh, Wake Co., NC 
    12 September 1890
    near Mount Olivet Church LCT
    Raleigh NC
    Bedford Co TN
    Marshall Co 
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Mason, Rebecca 
    (Benjamin Oliver*)
    178?-184? VA 1831-184? George Waller
    Massey, Joshua W. 
    (Elizabeth Ellis)
    1780-a1830 NC c1810-1830+ Audrey Massey
    Melson, Peter c1770-a1840 NC 1816-a1830 Steve Carson
    Michael, Silas
    (Martha Ann Hobbs*)
    9 Oct 1823
    Clinton Co? OH
    Frannin Co TX
    OH>LCT>TX 1845-1860 Betty Helf
    Milner, William D. 1777-a1836 VA 1819-c1836 Judy C. Woodruff
    Mills, John Hewitt
    (Louisa Buntley)
    1814-1889 TN b1839-1889 Kaylene Nielsen
    Mills, John Hewitt
    (Temperance Daniel "Tempy" Mansfield)
    (Louisa B. Buntley)
    c1814 LCT?
    22 Jul 1889
    Belleville? LCT
    LCT c1814-1889 Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Milstead, George 
    ( Ruth Rutledge)
    ( Sarah "Sally" Faulkner)
    25 Jan 1818
    Surry Co NC 
    24 Feb 1892
    Gimlet Creek, near
    Booneville LCT
    Surry Co NC c1840-1892
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Minick, Mattie 
    (J.W. (John William) Gammon*)
    1867-1958 ? ?-1958 William Gammon
    Morrison, Ziza 
    (Margaret Melissa Caruthers)
    1800-1866 NC ?-? Frances Morrison
    Mitchell, James
    (Sarah Foster*)
    Caswell Co NC
    1843 LCT
    Caswell Co NC>LCT c1830-1843 Phil Mitchell
    Moores, Henry (Lt.) 
    (Jean Brown Ross) 
    7 Oct 1744 NJ
    1 Feb 1814
    Mulberry LCT
    NJ>Rowan Co NC>Fairfield Dist SC>Madison Co KY>Smith Co TN>LCT ?-1814 Ken Moore
    Morton, Mary 
    (John Paul*) 
    27 Aug 1843
    Washington Co IL
    c1811-1835 Charlene Deutsch
    Moyers, Henry 
    (Feriby Phelps)
    ?-1833 ? ?-1833 Wayne Moyers
    Neece, John ?-1861 ? c1811-? Jim Neece
    NOLES, Benjamin W.
    c1765-1845 NC>LCT ?-1845 Joe Carter
    Norris, Ezekiel
    (Mary "Polly" Maxwell)
    17 Aug 1828
    ? c1806
    Joe W. Swift
    Oliver, Benjamin 
    (Rebecca Mason*)
    1788-1855 VA 1831-1855 George Waller
    Paradise, Parker
    (Rachel Boyles)
    c1795 VA
    Accomack Co VA
    Halifax Co NC
    Davidson Co TN
    <1820-? Debora Paradise-Whitt
    Parker, William L. 
    (Martha Sullivan)
    1823- TN 1823- Jim Cunningham
    Parker, Wm. A.
    (Martha A. Sullivan*)
    1822-? TN b1849-? Kaylene Nielsen
    Parr, John c1760-b1826 NC 1814-b1826 Helen Young
    Patterson, Archibald
    m c1831 Lisha (Melissa Thomas*?)
    1802 NC
    11 Oct 1861 LCT
    NC>LCT ?-1861 Myra Piland
    Patterson, Robert (Jr)  1812 TN
    1889 LCT
    TN c1850-1889 Grady Anderson
    Paul, John 
    (Mary Morton*) 
    27 Nov 1841
    Chester Co SC
    Washington Co IL
    c1811-1835 Charlene Deutsch
    Phelps, Feriby 
    (Henry Moyers)
    1804-1837? ? ?-1837 Wayne Moyers
    Pilcher, Elizabeth "Betsy" 
    (Robert Warden*)
    Surry Co NC 
    18 Apr 1861
    Mimosa LCT
    Surry Co NC>Brown? Co IL c1833-1861
    Mimosa area
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Poarch, John
    1. ( unknown)
    2. 9 Mar 1828
    (Nancy Maddox)
    3. 4 May 1849
    (Caldonia Elizabeth Caudle)
    1786? VA?
    Poarch Hollow
    Marshall Co TN
    VA?>LCT (now Marshall Co TN) b1820-1872
    Poarch Hollow
    Virginia Porch
    PORTER, Benjamin
    (Elizabeth CASEY*)
    1763 Boston MA
    Dec 1828 LCT
    MA>Rev War>GA>LCT 1809-1828 Donnie F. Porter
    PRATT, Cordelia A. 1832-? LCT 1832-? Ricky West
    Queen, John bef.1775-aft.1820 Maury Co TN>LCT
    >Franklin Co TN
    c1816-c1819 Mandy W. Queen
    RAMSEY, Samuel
    c1775-? NC>LCT c1820-? Joe Carter
    Ready, Mary Ann
    ( James Rutledge*)
    c1820-1848 TN b1838-c1848 Kaylene Nielsen
    Reavis, Lucy
    (Abraham Haynes)
    c1790-c1865 NC 1830-1865 Barbara Lucas
    Redd, John Franklin 
    (Susan Ann Collier)
    ???? VA
    1855 LCT
    ? 1852-1855 Sherry Finchum
    REESE, George W. 1824-? LCT 1824-? Ricky West
    Reese, Wilkerson W. 
    (Mary Jane Smith)
    1807 VA
    1899 LCT
    VA 1840-1899 Sherry Finchum
    Renegar, Henry H. 
    (Mary Magdalena Groce/Gross)
    1760-1838 PA>NC c1815-1838 R.S. Duggan
    Riggs, Jesse
    m c1820 Melinda
    m? c1830 Rebecca
    c1802 TN/AL-? ? c1811-? Peggy Riggs Kopp
    Riggs, Sarah 
    (James Ellis)
    ?-? ? c1811-? Jim Neece
    Roberts, John Sr. 
    (Sara Smith)
    1765 VA
    1861 LCT
    VA>GA>SC 1833-1861 Sherry Finchum
    Robertson, David 
    (Nancy Walker)
    1793 VA
    1863 LCT
    VA c1822-1863 Joel Robertson
    Roland, Robert 
    (Susannah ------)
    ?-1829 ? ?-1829 Bertie Weigart Brittain
    Ro(w)e, Joseph E. 
    (Susannah Waggoner)
    1816-1913 TN 1816-1913 Jim Cunningham
    Rutledge, James
    (Mary Ann Ready*)
    1819-1877 NC b1838-1877 Kaylene Nielsen
    RUTLEDGE, Joel
    (Mary STEELMAN)
    1774-1865 Surry Co NC c1825-1865 Joe Carter
    Rutledge, Ruth 
    ( George Milstead*)
    20 May 1819
    Surry Co NC 
    2 May 1861 LCT
    Surry Co NC c1825?-1861 Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Ryalls, John
    (Mary "Polly" Conwell)
    ????-1845 ? 1840-1845 Sherry Finchum
    Sanders, Mitchell 1834-1905 TN 1834?-1905 Patrick Gudaitis
    Shelton, Drury c1790- VA 1815-1823 Jonelle Aaron
    SHELTON, Jesse
    (Elizabeth SHAW)
    20 Feb 1840
    1804 KY
    bef 1870
    KY 1830-1860 Linda Wood Parrish
    SIMMONS, James
    (Katherine Millinder)
    1760-1828 Chatham Co NC 1807-1828
    Cane Creek
    Greg Simmons Joann Simmons Frye
    SIMS, Cordelia 1845-1915 GA>LCT ?-? Ricky West
    Sirles, F. William
    (Mary Macky)
    ?-? TN? 18??-1862+ Carl Sirles
    Smith, David 
    (spouse unknown)
    1802-1889? ? ?-1889 Wayne Moyers
    Smith, Isaac 1756-1831 VA/SC 1819-1831 George Waller
    Smith, James Rufus "Ralph" 1770?
    VA or NC
    VA or NC 1830-1860 Bertie Weigart Brittain
    Smith, Jeremiah
    (Margaret Caldwell)
    1751-1823 Lincoln Co NC ?-1823
    Oliver Milam
    Smith, Joshua
    ?-ca Mar 1844 ? c1810?-c1844 Cheryl Cummings
    Smith, Martha P. 
    (James E. Moyers)
    1863-1930 TN 1863-1883 Wayne Moyers
    Smith, Mary (Pollie) 
    (Peter W. Moyers)
    1824-1909 TN 1824-1909 Wayne Moyers
    Smith, Solomon 
    c1775 VA
    1846 IL
    SC 1819-1829 Nancy Johns
    Sorrells, Thomas
    (Elizabeth Russell)
    1793 NC
    1870 LCT
    Obion Co TN 1836-1870 Sherry Finchum
    Speck, Daniel J. 1803-1875 NC b1830-a1850 
    to Pope Co IL
    Carlos Speck
    Steed, Frederic
    (Mary Ellen Tucker*)
    1828-1899 TN b1858-1899 Kaylene Nielsen
    STROUD, Andrew Warren
    12 Jan 1843(Sarah Rhodes)
    20 Jun 1821 SC
    1 Apr 1898 Limestone Co AL
    SC>LCT>AL 1840-1850? Patsy Spradley Davis
    STREET, Solomon
    (Mary ARMSTRONG*)
    b 1788 NC-d aft 1850 NC <1820->1850 R.E. Speese
    Stuart, Peggy (widow)  1788-1850+ VA/MS 1828-1835? 
    Randy Stewart
    Sugg, Joseph Sydney 
    ( Mary Elizabeth "Betty" McGee*)
    (Margaret A. Coulter)
    Sep 1847
    Raleigh Wake Co NC 
    22 Jun 1910
    Lincoln LCT
    Raleigh>Lenoir Co NC c1870-1910
    Civil War Vet
    Lincoln area
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    SULLENGER, Thomas
    (Mary HOLLICK*)
    1796-<1850 LCT NC>LCT c1820-1850 Joe Carter
    Sullivan, Berry  
    ( Cynthia Emeline Marr)
    1 Jan 1824 LCT 
    23 Oct 1911
    Petersburg? LCT
    LCT 1824-1911
    Civil War Vet
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Sullivan, Lydia 
    ( Garnett Mansfield Sr*)
    10 Jun 1792 NC 
    NC>Wilson Co TN c1823-b1880
    Belleville area?
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Sullivan, Martha A.
    (Wm A. Parker*)
    c1825-1883 LCT c1825-1883 Kaylene Nielsen
    Swinford, Andrew 1815-1892 SC ?-? Ricky West
    Swinford, William
    (Eliza Swinford)
    1816 SC
    LCT/McNair Co TN
    or MS
    Newberry Co SC 1835-1860 Jo Graf
    Taylor, Edmund III
    (Millicent SHELTON)
    1779 VA -? VA>LCT ?-? Joe Carter
    Taylor, Edmund 
    (Jane D. Poston) 
    c1786 VA
    Sept 1859
    Iredell Co. NC ?-? Dora Whisenant
    Taylor, James B. 
    (Jane Ann Shelton) 
    (Jinsey Crutchfield) 
    1782 VA
    Iredell Co. NC ?-? Judy Henley Phillips
    Dora Whisenant
    Taylor, John Young 
    (Sarah C. Poston) 
    c1789 VA
    Iredell Co. NC ?-? Dora Whisenant
    Taylor, William 
    (Priscilla Alexander) 
    c1793 VA
    Iredell Co. NC ?-? Dora Whisenant
    THOMAS?, Melissa (Lisha)
    (m c1831 Archibald PATTERSON*)
    1808 VA
    27 Nov 1858 LCT
    VA>LCT ?-1858 Myra Piland
    Thompson, Hannah 
    (James Cowley*) 
    1784-c1860 NC 1808-1860 R.S. Duggan
    THOMPSON, William
    1782-1848 NC>LCT <1807-1848 Joe Carter
    Tiller, James Beckwith
    (Sarah Warren Ramsey)
    20 Jul 1811 VA
    aft 1872 TX?
    VA-TN-TX ?-? Melody Davis
    Tucker, Mary Ellen
    (Frederick F. Steed*)
    1839-? TN ?-? Kaylene Nielsen
    Vance, John A.
    (Agnes Gilmour)
    c1817 SC
    b1870 LCT
    SC 1850-1870 Vicki Shaffer
    Vines, Thomas
    (Nancy Head)
    1778-? Sullivan Co. TN 1815?-1820? Greg Young
    Wagster, John, Jr.
    (Tabitha Gallagher)
    1814 NC
    1860 LCT
    NC>Bedford Co TN 1831-1860 Sherry Finchum
    Warden, Robert  
    ( Elizabeth "Betsy" Pilcher)
    Surry Co NC 
    6 Aug 1862
    Mimosa LCT
    Surry Co NC>Brown? Co IL c1833-1862
    Mimosa area
    Jim Zielinski
    David Mills
    Warren, Daniel 
    (Nancy Ann -----*)
    6 Mar 1791 NC
    6 Jan 1876
    Moore Co TN
    Nash Co NC
    Sumner Co TN
    1812-1876 George Waller
    Weigart, John 
    (Milberry Jones)
    (Mary B. Jones)
    1801-? KY 1828-1880 Bertie Weigart Brittain
    West, James 1771-1850 Wales>NC>LCT ?-? Ricky West
    Whitaker, John 
    (Nancy Guess)
    13 Jun 1837
    Tiffany Gideon Bils
    Wiley, Martha H. 
    (Robert Drennan*)
    1800-1878 SC 1827-1878 George Waller
    Williams?, Matilda 
    (Kenneth McKenzie*)
    1803-1861 GA
    Green Co MO
    182?-185? Betty McKenzie
    Wilson, Elizabeth
    (David McCracken*)
    c1750 Rowan Co NC
    1821 LCT
    MD>Rowan Co NC>Burke Co NC>Wofford's Station (GA)>LCT c1808-1821
    Bradshaw's Community
    Cole Owen
    WILSON, Littleton
    m 17 May 1831 NC(Cinthia)
    10 Jun 1811
    Rowan Co NC
    Rowan Co NC>LCT c1832-aft1850 Belinda Rodgers
    Jim Wilson
    Walt Wilson
    WILSON, William
    m 18 Apr 1824 NC(Elizabeth Macay)
    Rowan Co NC
    Rowan Co NC>LCT c1824-aft1850 Belinda Rodgers
    Jim Wilson
    Walt Wilson
    Woodruff, Benjamin c1759-c1835 VA 1810-1835 Rebecca Hitzman
    WOODRUFF, Nancy
    (William Hinton KING*)
    m. 15 Dec 1831
    12 May 1797 NC?
    3 Aug 1857 LCT
    NC?>LCT dau. of Jesse and Esther (BUCHANAN) 1816-1857
    Terry Croasdale
    Wyatt, Richard  1769 VA
    1860 LCT
    Caroline Co VA 1804-1860 Grady Anderson
    Yarbrough, Amanda 
    (John Yates)
    c1836-? TN ?-1856 Judy Henley Phillips
    Yeager, Samuel file 1
    Yeager, Samuel file 2 
    17??-1831 VA>Laurens Co SC 1812?-1831 George Waller

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