Union Civil War Soldiers

Buried In

Lawrence County, Tennessee


This was project for the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Major Belle Reynolds

Tennessee Tent #4 (Detached)

To find, identify and place markers and flags for Union Civil War Soldiers buried in 

Lawrence County, Tennessee


Baker Cemetery

Thorn, James T.;   Pvt. Co. “E”  6th Il. Cavalry  12-17-1861  12-1-1864

Blair Cemetery

Weaver, J. J.;   Pvt. Co. “H” 6th Tennessee Cavalry   1-1862  1-1865

  Bumpass Cemetery

Teas, Francis M.;   Co. “I” 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry

  Calvary Cemetery

Runabaum, Henry;   Pvt. Co. “A” 58th Ohio Infantry  1-28-1862  1-6-1865

Schade, John;   Pvt. Co. “E” 58th Ohio Infantry 2-23-1865  9-16-1865

  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Brewer, George M.;  Co. “E” 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry  

Clanton Beeler Cemetery

Gobble,  William A.;  2nd  Tennessee Mounted Infantry   ClaytonBeelerWmAGobble.jpg (227848 bytes)

  Dunn Family Cemetery

Dunn, Thomas;   Pvt. Co. “A” 5th Kentucky Infantry 11-1-1861  11-4-1864

  Ethridge (Old) Cemetery

Brown, P. W.;  Co. “K” 3rd Michigan Cavalry brownet.JPG (841795 bytes)

Gallimore, Timothy;  Co. “A” 71st Ohio Infantry gillimoreet.JPG (925121 bytes)

Griffin, Jasper B.;  Pvt. Co. “E” 3rd Wisconsin Infantry 4-18-1861  7-6-1865 griffinet.JPG (922729 bytes)

Lindsey, James;   Co “A” 73rd Ohio Infantry lindseyet.JPG (897946 bytes)

Lewis, Harvey;  Co. “F” 4th Michigan Infantry lewiset.JPG (1005127 bytes)

North, Ira Jr.;  Sqt. Co. “A” 10th Tennessee MTD Infantry 10-6-63  10-14-64 northet.JPG (1027447 bytes)

Toole, R.E.;  Pvt. Co. “I” 73rd OH Infantry tooleet.JPG (1109699 bytes)

  Fall River Cemetery

Nolley, Henry;  Co. “F” 4th TN MTD Inf.

  Fishtrapp Cemetery

McLane, Benjamin;    2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry

  Freeman Cemetery

Daughtry, J.W.;  Pvt. Co. 45th Illinois Infantry 9-25-1864  12-8-1865 daughtryfre.JPG (1015347 bytes) John+W+Daughtry.jpg (235310 bytes)

  Fuller Chapel Cemetery

Liles, John B.;  Co. “G” 10th Tennessee Infantry lilesfc.JPG (1349245 bytes)

Lutts, Joseph M.;  Pvt. Co. “D” 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry 10-6-63  10-14-64  

Mabry, James P.;  Cpl.. Co. "I", 1st Alabama CAV  8-23-1837  6-13-1926 mabryfc.JPG (1099812 bytes)

Mabry, Little Thomas,; Pvt. Co. "I", 1st Alabama  1-10-1845  8-5-1882 mabryflc.JPG (874656 bytes)

Wilhite, J. W.;   Co. “I” 1st Alabama Cavalry  whilhitefc.JPG (1676976 bytes)

  Gibbons Cemetery

Martin, Lewis;  Pvt. Co. “D” 1st Alabama Cavalry  martingib.jpg (281402 bytes)

  Houser Cemetery

Clifton, Nathaniel;  Pvt. Co. “F” 6th Tennessee Cavalry

Crews, William R.;  Pvt. 29th Illinois Infantry

  Hughes Cemetery

Moore, William Rudy;  2nd Lt. Co. “A” 46th Illinois Infantry  dot.jpg (1344691 bytes) Two grand-daughters marking grave.

  Kidd Cemetery

Pyles, Ithmar;   Pvt. Co “E” 92th Ohio Infantry 11-1863  5-18-1865

  Loretto Cemetery

Cleveland, William A.;  Musician Co. “H” 57th Ohio Infantry

  Loretto Scared Heart Cemetery

Dierolf, Michael;   Co “E” 54th New York Infantry

  Macedonia Cemetery

Garland, Joseph;  Co. “E” US Vol. Infantry

  Mimosa Cemetery

Finny, Matthew M.;  Pvt. Co. “I” 85th Ohio Infantry 6-9-62  9-23-62

McKinn, George W.;  Sgt. Co. “A” 172th Ohio Inf. 4-16-61  8-18-61

Richter, Oliver;  Pvt. Co.”E”  17th Ohio Infantry 4-61  8-61

Starr, John W.;  Lt.  Co. “C” 48th US Col. Inf. 8-22-62  1-4-65

  Mt. Zion Cemetery

Berry, James Franklin; Sgt.Co. "G" 10th Tennessee Infantry 3-2-185-35  1-22-1891

Powell, M.M.;  Pvt. Co. “E” 2th Tennessee Infantry 11-63  5-18-65 powellmtz.jpg (323850 bytes)

  Nelson Cemetery

Potter, Francis M.;  Pvt. Co. “H” 15th Indiana Inf. 5-8-61   7-8-61

  Old Henryville Cemetery

Crum, Peter;   Cpl. Co “B” 32th Indiana Infantry crumph.jpg (259802 bytes)

Viets, Elijah;  Pvt. Co. “I” 152th Ohio Infantry  (Natioanl Guards) 7-7-63  12-15-64 vietsph.jpg (80878 bytes)

  Pleasant Garden Cemetery

Madison, Harrison O.;  Co. “H” 10th Michigan Infantry madisonpg.JPG (1020885 bytes)

Porter, Cyrus;  Pvt. 53rd Indiana Infantry portpg.jpg (1126763 bytes)

Shephard, Alfred R.;  Cpl. Co. “E” 14th Michigan Infantry shephardpg.jpg (1063027 bytes)

  Pleasant Grove Cemetery

McNally, John;  Co. “F” 146th Indiana Infantry

Miller, Isaac;   Co. “D” 176th Ohio Infantry

Tinsley, Joseph S.;  Pvt. Co. “C” 154th Indiana Inf. 3-21-65  8-4-65

Lutts, Joseph W. Pvt. Co.;  “H” 2nd Tennessee MTD Inf. 1-13-1864 to 4-17-1865

  Pleasant Point Cemetery

Brown, James B.;   6th Ohio Cavalry  brownpp.JPG (1359629 bytes)

Shannon, Ruel O.;   6th Ohio Cavalry  shannonpp.JPG (984710 bytes)

  Second Creek Cemetery

Guttery, Robert Franklin ; Co. "L" 1st Alabama Cavalry  guttery.jpg (58893 bytes)

Williams, Lytleton P.;  Co. “I” 2nd Tennessee Infantry

  Shiloh Cemetery

Mackey, Charles;  Cpl. Co. “A” 2nd  Tennessee  MTD Infantry

McKey, James H.;  Co. “H” 6th Tennessee Cavalry

Quillen, William M.;  Pvt. Co. “D” 3rd US  10-15-64  11-25-65

  Simms Ridge Cemetery

Shaffer, George W.;  Pvt. Co. “H” 14th Iowa Inf. 3-23-63  6-1865

  Smith Cemetery

Franks, Green;  Co. “I” 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry

  Spann Cemetery

Bruton, George W.; Pvt. Co. "F" 5th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment USA brutongeow.jpg (67577 bytes)

Redford, Joseph;  1st Lt. Co. “I” 8th Kentucky

  Summertown Cemetery

Brooks, Daniel D.;  Pvt. Co. “F” 18th Ohio Inf. 2-23-64   5-16-65 brooksst.jpg (1097896 bytes)

Cady, John R.;  6th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery cadyst.jpg (1046372 bytes)

Crawford, George W.;  Pvt. Co. “G” 18th Michigan Inf. 8-5-62 to 7-11-65 crawfordst.jpg (1095084 bytes)

Fleming, Adam A.;  Co. “C” 6th West Virginia Infantry flrmingst.jpg (1075482 bytes)

Gibbs, Alfred A.;  10th Michigan Cavalry gibbsst.jpg (934970 bytes)

Hammond, Gilbert;  Co. “A” 31th Wisconsin Infantry hammondet.jpg (1179268 bytes)

Mason, F. C.;  7th Michigan Infantry masonst.jpg (1322631 bytes)

Nason, T.G.;  Co. “K” 7th Minnesota Infantry nasonst.jpg (979800 bytes)

Smith, J.C. Co. “F” 5th Independent Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery smithst.jpg (743141 bytes)

Sweetland, Orvis B.;  Pvt. Co.”G” 6th Michigan Infantry 8-20-61 to 8-20-1865 sweetlandst.jpg (994663 bytes)

Tunnicliff, William W.;  Co. “C”13th New York tunnicliffst.jpg (1032745 bytes)

Washburn, Wagoner James;  Co. “H” 21th Michigan washburnst.jpg (1083874 bytes)

Wharton, James  P.;  Co. “I” 8th California Cavalry whartonst.jpg (1149579 bytes)

  Wolf Creek Cemetery

Cross, Joel J.;  Pvt. Co. “A” 2nd Tennessee Infantry  

  If you know of or have a photo of a Union Civil War soldier buried in Lawrence County, Tennessee and like to submit for this page. You can e-mail it to Reita Jones Burress.

  Names and information came from theTennessee 1890 Veterans Census,  Lawrence County “At Rest” Cemetery books, Civil War Data,, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors, Tennessee Civil War TNGENWEB and personal information.

Created by: Reita Jones Burress

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