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Unidentified man with a beard.
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ABERNATHY, William Harvey family
ACUFF, Amanda Jannie Moore
ACUFF, Roy Jannie Moore
ACUFF, Cornellia Jannie Moore
BARNES, Thomas V. and Lucinda Pitts Barnes
BATCHELOR, Martha Alice Sarah Hutcherson
BERG, Sam, Sr. Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
BLACK, Mary Lou (Griggs)
BLACKWELL, Lillie Rice
BLACKWELL, Thomas Michael
BRADEN, Wiley and Emma (family)
BRADEN, William and Susan (family)
BROWN, Martha Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
BROWNING, Demetra Richard Miller
BROWNING, Demetra Richard Miller
BROWNING, James Richard Miller
BROWNING, James L. W. Richard Miller
BROWNING, Richard H.. Richard Miller
BURKS, Cecil Millard
BURKS, Cornelia B. Williams Cher Haile
BURKS, Phredonia W. "Phe" Williams Cher Haile
BURLISON, David A and Frances Webb Sarah Hutcherson
CAMPBELL, Charlie Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
CANNON, L. C. Richard Miller
CANNON, Lee Roy Richard Miller
CANNON, Rosie Bell Goad Richard Miller
CATES, Clyde and Catherine Susan Adams
CATES, Florence Ethel Abernathy
CATES, Joe and SMITH, Bobby Susan Adams
CATES, Lannette and Nina Susan Adams
CATES, Neece F. Susan Adams
CHEEK, Will Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
CHIPMAN, Albert and Bertha (Palmer) Chipman Richard Miller
CHIPMAN, El Richard Miller
CHIPMAN, Levi and Eula Richard Miller
CHIPMAN, Millie Richard Miller
CHIPMAN, William Acton Richard Miller
CHIPMAN, William Levi Richard Miller
COLLESTER,Charles and family Janet Hammond Collester
COX, Manuel David and Catherine Betty Casey
CRAIG, W. W. Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
CRIHFIELD, Bertha Cannon Richard Miller
CRIHFIELD, Bertha Cannon Richard Miller
CRUTCHFIELD family Sarah Hutcherson
DANIEL, Wiley Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
DURHAM, B. C., Jr. (Mayor) Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
FAIN, Dwain Sarah Hutcherson
FAIN Family Sarah Hutcherson
FAIN, John L. Sarah Hutcherson
FENELL, Kench & Dora Sheri Walls
FENELL, Minnie & Tennie Sheri Walls
FERGUSON, Demetra Richard Miller
FERGUSON, Ernest Lee Richard Miller
FORCE, Will L. & M. Williams Sarah Hutcherson
FORD, Lillias Gertrude Martin Cher Haile
FORSYTH, William Stanton Sterling Forsythe
GARLAND, Eustace Cathy Stevens
GRAY, John Sr. Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall ;
GRAY Family and GRIMES Family Allen Grimes
HALFACRE, Gus Sarah Hutcherson
HALFACRE, Alice Sarah Hutcherson
HAMPTON, Julia Richard Miller
HAMPTON, Sally Richard Miller
HARRIS, Mildred Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
HARRISON, Ben Richard Miller
HARRISON, Dupree Benjamin Mandi
HART Family Michael Hart
HUTCHERSON, Addie L. Sarah Hutcherson
HUTCHERSON, Samuel Odell Sarah Hutcherson
HUTCHERSON, Will Sarah Hutcherson
HUTCHERSON, Woodrow Sarah Hutcherson
KELLICK, Claude Richard Miller
KELLICK, Lillie Richard Miller
KELTNER, Frances Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
KENDALL, Rev. J. Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
KLUTTS, Irene (Hutcherson) and Henry Sarah Hutcherson
KOONCE, James and Verna Susan Adams
KOONCE, Jeff Susan Adams
KOONCE, Jeff and Susan Susan Adams
KOONCE, Lois Kathleen London Susan Adams
KOONCE, Susan and Valarie Email
LAMB, Melvin and Lela Sarah Hutcherson
LAMB, Sadie Frances Crutchfield Sarah Hutcherson
LASSITER, Reba Kathleen Blackwell
LONDON, Lois Kathleen Susan Adams
LONDON, Ludeen and Kathleen Susan Adams
LOVELL, Dewey and Leona Sarah Hutcherson
LOVELL, Jesse H. Sarah Hutcherson
LOVELL, William Cornelius "Jack" Sarah Hutcherson
MARTIN, Eli Zebulon Cher Haile
MARTIN, Ellen Louise Williams Cher Haile
MAXWELL, Lucy Jane Sarah Hutcherson
MIDYETT, Freeman Odolph Sarah Hutcherson
MIDYETT, Freeman Sarah Hutcherson
MIDYETT, Robert Lee Sarah Hutcherson
MIDYETT, William Bell and Alma DeWalt Midyett Sarah Hutcherson
MILLER, Joseph Henry Richard Miller
MILLER, Mary Rosa Belle Richard Miller
MILLER, Thomas Richard Miller
MOORE, Eliza Jane Kathy Ozment
MOORE, Pleas Andrew Kathy Ozment
MOORE, Zacariah Monroe Franklin Kathy Ozment
MORRIS, James Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
NELSON, children of William Morrison Nelson and Sarah Frances Meter Sarah Hutcherson
NELSON, Margaret May Sarah Hutcherson
NEWMAN and WRIGHT families Alvin Newman
NEWMAN, James Monroe Alvin Newman
NEWMAN, John William Alvin Newman
NEWMAN, William David Sarah Hutcherson
PENNINGTON, Thomas Marvin and Minnie Myrtle
PETERS, Vernon Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
POLK, W. C. Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall
RAY, Lindsay Charles Woods and Kattie Frances Bell Tammy Hamilton
RAY, Mary and Annie (can you identify anyone else?)
RAY, Thomas family
SAVAGE, Troy Lee and Beulah (Latham) family
SCALLIONS, Alfred, Sadie, and Malcolm Sarah Hutcherson
SELLERS, David Crawford "DC" - family
SIMPSON, Roxie Katherine Smith Patterson Tammy Hamilton
SIMPSON, Will S. Tammy Hamilton
SIMPSON, Will S. and ROXIE SMITH Tammy Hamilton
SMITH family - Birtus, Fletcher, Laura, and Lucille Susan Adams
SMITH, Mattie Mae Sarah Hutcherson
STOKES, Wesley Peterson and Ida Wilson - family Jamie Davault
"UNKNOWN" Marsha Owen
VAUGHN, William McKinley family
WALKER, Reba Crihfield Richard Miller
WALLACE, Joe Richard Miller
WELLS, Beal Richard Miller
WILLIAMS, Robert A. (Mayor) Cher Haile
WOODARD, Audie Bee Richard Miller
WOODARD Children Richard Miller
WOODARD, Jessie Richard Miller
WOODARD, Martha Richard Miller
WOODLEY, John and Jettie Richard Miller
WOODLEY, John Richard Miller
WRIGHT, Josiah Richard Miller
WRIGHT, T. B. Sarah Hutcherson and Carolyn Duvall

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