Marriages, Lauderdale County TN 1851-1875
for surnames starting with "A"
Each marriage is listed twice to get each bride and groom listed alphabetically.
ABERNATHY, Robert M. married RHAY, Parthena A. on 12-Mar-1874
ABLES, C. married NIXON, Martha Ann on 8-Jul-1860
ABLES, Sarah married COATS, Hillary on 16-Feb-1858
ABLES, William married TEMPLEY, Mary Ann on 10-Feb-1869
ACUFF, Elizabeth married MILLER, Robert on 27-Jun-1875
ACUFF, Isaac married GOLDING, Mary E. on 17-Nov-1854
ACUFF, Isaac M. married BLACK, Mary Jane on 17-Jul-1870
ACUFF, Isaac M. married GOLDING, Mary E. on 22-Jun-1856
ACUFF, James C. married NORRISS, Sarah C. on 24-Jun-1853
ACUFF, Leander married RAY, Sarah on 12-Jul-1875
ACUFF, Lucinda Jane married CHEANEY, Ezra on 29-Oct-1859
ACUFF, Malinda A. married CHEEK, Christopher on 31-May-1874
ACUFF, Mary A. E. married EDWARDS, James M. on 21-Mar-1872
ACUFF, Nancy C. married LEDBETTER, William R. on 11-Dec-1855
ACUFF, W. R. married RAY, Sarah on 12-Jul-1875
ACUFF, William Roberts married SANDERS, Lucinda on 3-Dec-1859
ADAMS, Elizabeth J. married CHAMBERS, R. F. on 15-Jan-1867
ADAMS, John W. married BARFIELD, Deborah L. on 26-Sep-1865
ADAMS, Mary A. married PUGH, S. A. on 29-Mar-1869
ADAMS, Mollie married MITCHELL, T. J. on 22-Dec-1875
ADAMS, Slatyra J. married OSBORN, J. on 13-Dec-1865
ADAMS, William married HOOPER, Mary on 16-Dec-1858
ADAMS, William married McDEARMON, Ellen on 28-Dec-1871
ADAMS, William married RICHARDSON, America on 29-Nov-1868
ADAMS, William married CARNELL, Doretha E. on 5-Aug-1857
ADCOCK, Charlana married GITCHELL, Ezra on 10-Jul-1870
ADDISON, Hanna married SEXTON, W. T. on 26-Nov-1872
ADDISON, Margret A. married PASCHAL, Velarious J. on 12-Dec-1869
ADISON, Emily married THOMAS, Henry on 6-Feb-1867
ADKISON, William married LITTLETON, Martha on 26-Jun-1859
AKIN, H. B. married STEWARD, R. O. on 20-Jan-1875
ALCEBROOK, Thomas C. married STONE, Frances P. on 22-Dec-1857
ALDRIDGE, George married FURGERSON, Martha on 28-Jun-1870
ALEXANDER, J. B. married MORRIS, M. J. on 4-Feb-1872
ALEXANDER, Jasper married FISHER, Eley on 19-Jan-1872
ALEXANDER, Laura married WYLY, John H. on 15-Mar-1871
ALEXANDER, Mary C. married MOORE, N. S. on 28-Nov-1866
ALEXANDER, Sarah A. married GAINES, John T. on 24-Oct-1865
ALEXANDER, Thomas B. married EVANS, Jerusha L. on 8-Apr-1869
ALEXANDER, Wiley married HENDERSON, Gracy on 29-Dec-1871
ALEXANDER, Wright married FITZPATRICK, Catherine on 25-Sep-1869
ALFORD, Burtis married NOBLES, Mary E. on 11-Oct-1870
ALFORD, Burtis Jr. married NOBLES, Margaret E. on 4-Aug-1852
ALFORD, Green married CALLIHAN, Patsey G. on 18-Jun-1855
ALFORD, John married NOBLES, Lucinda on 28-Jun-1857
ALFORD, Lewis married NOBLES, Louisa on 5-Aug-1852
ALFORD, Lewis G. married MANLEY, Sarah on 29-Nov-1860
ALFORD, Louisa married STONE, John H. on 15-Feb-1874
ALFORD, Mary E. married LANGLEY, B. F. on 30-May-1871
ALFORD, Sarah Ann married GLASS, William M. on 13-Aug-1863
ALFORD, William married BONEY, Martha on 16-Jan-1851
ALFORD, Wilson W. married STUCKEY, Cora C. on 23-Jun-1854
ALLEN, Arnold married PIERSON, Emma on 12-Nov-1868
ALLEN, B. W. married OWEN, Levonia F. on 16-Dec-1868
ALLEN, Emma married CRITTENDON, A. J. on 14-Oct-1875
ALLEN, Enos A. married LEETE, Mariah J. E. on 11-May-1855
ALLEN, Hattie W. married GAUSE, John P. on 22-May-1867
ALLEN, J. D. married HICKS, Mollie T. on 17-Dec-1874
ALLEN, Mathew D. married LITTON, Rebecca J. on 23-Dec-1868
ALLEN, Venia married JERRELL, Melvin on 30-Dec-1875
ALLEN, Zach married GAUSE, Pat on 19-Jan-1871
ALLFORD, Lucinda married MITCHELL, J. T. on 3-Jul-1862
ALLISON, Joseph married RICHARDSON, Lizzie on 4-Jul-1872
ALLISON, Lou married GOODMAN, William on 28-Jul-1872
ALLISON, M. A. married REZINS, N. B. on 28-Oct-1875
ALLISON, Robert married HENNING, Eliza on 21-Mar-1873
ALLISON, Thomas married JOHNSON, Flora on 3-Aug-1871
ALMON, Charles W. married FORD, Rebecca on 26-May-1859
ALSBROOK, P. F. married GAINS, S. L. on 14-Nov-1865
ALSOBROOK, Simmons D. married SOWARD, Susan C. on 2-Feb-1859
ALSOBROOKS, Henrietta married WRIGHT, Henry on 10-Jul-1874
ALSTON, Alexander married McDERMAIN, Judia on 6-Feb-1869
ALSTON, Aquilla married LAKE, Ned on 13-Mar-1868
ALSTON, Eliza Jane married WOOD, Sabert on 29-Oct-1856
ALSTON, Elizabeth married BROWN, Henry on 24-Feb-1872
ALSTON, Godey A. married PARKER, Anthony on 25-Jan-1868
ALSTON, John J. married LLOYD, Mary F. on 3-May-1859
ALSTON, John L. married CONNER, Emily V. on 11-Jan-1870
ALSTON, Margaret J. married McGAUGHEY, William L. on 21-Sep-1869
ALSTON, Mary Ann married WOOD, Handy on 12-Dec-1860
ALSTON, Sallie A. married WOOD, T. P. on 24-Dec-1873
ALSTON, Samuel married LLOYD, Jesbella on 8-Mar-1874
ALSTON, Soloman G. married CURRIE, Joanah C. on 12-Dec-1865
ALSTON, Susana F. married WOOD, J. S. on 12-Dec-1866
ALSTON, Thomas married BARNES, Elizabeth on 6-Nov-1858
ALSTON, Thomas E. married BARNES, Nancy C. on 16-Sep-1852
ALSTON, Thomas P. married LUCKETT, C. M. (Mrs) on 15-Dec-1872
ALSTON, Thomas P. married CROOK, Sarah J. on 3-Oct-1860
ALSTON, Thomas P. married BRYANT, Elizabeth J. on 6-Nov-1858
ALSTON, Volney S. married RUSSELL, Mary Jane on 1-Sep-1860
ALSTON, Willie E. married THUM, Sallie A. on 19-Feb-1861
AMIX, E. married SEARCEY, Angeline on 8-Nov-1874
AMOS, William married PIERCE, Lucritia on 23-May-1875
ANDERSON, David B. married WHITTAMORE, Martha on 23-Nov-1853
ANDERSON, Eli married OLDHAM, Sarah Ann on 20-Dec-1868
ANDERSON, Elizabeth married SAWYER, Noah on 24-Dec-1867
ANDERSON, Fannie married STEVENS, Alfred on 1-Oct-1863
ANDERSON, G. M. married PYLAND, Mary E. on 15-Dec-1872
ANDERSON, George married PERYEAR, Julia on 9-Jan-1873
ANDERSON, Henry married EMBRY, Margaret on 2-May-1867
ANDERSON, Henry Clay married HUNTER, Elisabeth on 17-Nov-1870
ANDERSON, J. M. married GRIFFITH, C. C. on 5-Dec-1866
ANDERSON, Jacob married MILLS, Felicia on 14-Nov-1872
ANDERSON, James C. married MATHIS, Margaret L. on 4-Aug-1872
ANDERSON, John T. married McLEOD, Eliza Ann on 21-Dec-1857
ANDERSON, Lovie E. N. married PYLAND, Abner F. on 6-Oct-1869
ANDERSON, Mary E. married FORD, Powell on 13-Mar-1854
ANDERSON, Mary Ella married ASHTON, Emannuel on 18-Mar-1873
ANDERSON, Mattie married McGARRITY, James on 3-Nov-1874
ANDERSON, Norman married CROCKETT, Barthena on 16-Dec-1869
ANDERSON, Rebecca Jane married CAMPBELL, William E. on 4-Jun-1863
ANDERSON, Sophia married PAIN, Richard on 4-Jul-1872
ANDERSON, Sue married SUGG, Wiley P. on 12-Feb-1868
ANDERSON, T. S. married GARRETT, Mary E. on 22-Dec-1871
ANDREWS, Ann married HOLOMAN, William J. on 27-Nov-1869
ANDREWS, David B. married WHITTAMORE, Martha on 23-Nov-1853
ANDREWS, Elizabeth married LANGLEY, William A. on 16-Mar-1865
ANDREWS, Nancy Jane married FISHER, Thomas E. on 18-May-1862
ANTHONY, Allen married CARNALL, Elizabeth V. on 14-Jun-1866
ANTHONY, Elizabeth married RAINEY, James A. on 19-May-1858
ANTHONY, Fannie married GREGORY, B. G. on 19-Dec-1861
ANTHONY, Felicia married PORTER, Robert S. on 10-Oct-1861
ANTHONY, Francis married DEMOSS, Claborn on 5-Feb-1871
ANTHONY, Harriet married ELLIS, Jonas on 8-Aug-1867
ANTHONY, John married GIVEN, Charlotte Green on 18-Apr-1871
ANTHONY, Louise married MOORER, L. C. on 23-Sep-1874
ANTHONY, Mariah E. married YOUNG, George W. Jr. on 28-Jun-1871
ANTHONY, Samuel A. married SUMEROW, Ema T. on 2-Nov-1874
ANTHONY, Thomas A. married RICE, Susan M. on 22-Jun-1853
ANTHONY, William J. married BRIMM, Margaret Ann on 8-Aug-1859
ARNOLD, Caroline M. married BOWIE, John T. on 28-Oct-1874
ARNOLD, Caroline Matild married BOWIE, John T. on 28-Oct-1874
ARNOLD, Cyntha C. married ELLIS, Alga on 19-Nov-1873
ARNOLD, Ellen married GREEN, J. A. on 23-Feb-1873
ARNOLD, George W. married ARNOLD, Marth A. E. on 29-Sep-1873
ARNOLD, Marth A. E. married ARNOLD, George W. on 29-Sep-1873
ARNOLD, Milly married HIETT, N. B. on 20-Oct-1869
ARNOLD, W. B. married BOWIE, M. C. on 24-Aug-1875
ARNOLD, William married WRIGHT, Drucilla on 11-Nov-1870
ARTHUR, James P. married MULLIN, Lucy Ann on 17-Feb-1867
ARTHUR, Philip married BARNETT, Mary on 13-Dec-1857
ARTRUP, Joseph F. married McKINEY, Martha Ann on 10-Mar-1869
ARWOOD, Cornelias M. married JOHNSON, Frances E. on 17-Jan-1866
ARWOOD, M. S. married DENNIE, Thomas on 5-Mar-1873
ARWOOD, Mahala Jane married CHILDRESS, J. W. on 10-Feb-1873
ARWOOD, Mary C. married RICE, John on 22-Sep-1869
ASCUE, James married CROOK, Mary L. on 16-Nov-1855
ASHMIRE, Jennie married CLEMONTINE, Fredrick on 22-Jan-1873
ASHMORE, E. P. married GOINS, Rutha Jane on 10-Sep-1873
ASHMORE, Ella married DOYLE, Robert E. on 3-Aug-1873
ASHMORE, T. L. married SISTRUNK, Rejoiner on 12-Jan-1869
ASHOW, Mariah married JOHNSON, James on 30-Dec-1870
ASHTON, Emannuel married ANDERSON, Mary Ella on 18-Mar-1873
ASKEW, Sarah married COATS, James on 26-Feb-1858
ASKIN, Sarah married COATS, James on 26-Feb-1858
AUSTEN, S. W. married KELTNER, Sarah E. on 1-Jan-1863
AUSTIN, Hezekiah married HAMILL, Nancy on 8-Jun-1854
AUSTIN, John R. married CASTILAW, Luisa S. on 9-Aug-1863
AUSTIN, Martha Ann married OSTEEN, James R. on 19-Dec-1859
AUSTIN, Mary E. married RAY, William C. on 28-Nov-1855
AUSTIN, Sarah E. married STROUSE, Richard on 1-Jan-1868
AUSTON, Sam married HOWARD, Jennie on 5-Sep-1870
AUTRY, C. married STYERS, Ann E. on 16-Jan-1873
AXLY, Sophronia married McCORD, R. H. on 16-Nov-1865
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