Volunteer Lookups
The following volunteers will lookup information from the materials they own. Please adhere to the criteria the volunteer has specified. Requests that do not specify the information requested by the volunteer will be disregarded.
Lauderdale County, Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900

your volunteer requests the following:
To insure a quicker response, type "Marriage Lookup - Lauderdale Co." in the SUBJECT BOX.

Not all the marriages that took place between 1851 and 1900 in Lauderdale Co., are included on this CD ROM, but there are a great many. With any luck, yours will be there. Give me as much of the name as you can, a possible time frame, and if the lady has been married before. (You won't believe how many times I have found the lady, by a previous marriage name.) I will try every combination possible and will look to the bordering counties also. (Marriages were normally performed in the county of the brides residence, even if they were to live in another. Not always, but usually.) HELP ME, TO HELP YOU!!!"

1920 Federal Census, Lauderdale County, Tennessee

your volunteer requests the following:

To insure a quicker response, type "1920 Fed Census Lauderdale Co." in the SUBJECT BOX.

I have the 1920 Lauderdale County Federal Census on CD ROM. This does not include an index. If you want a lookup, you must know the page number and the ED number. I cannot take the hours of my time that is needed to search page by page for what you are wanting. I sincerely wish it were otherwise, but without an INDEX, I have no idea of where to look for your loved ones. There are well over 480 pages, making it almost impossible to find the people. In some cases, I am still searching for my own.

Lauderdale County, Tennessee Marriage Register 1857-1860

your volunteer requests the following:
Please put "Lauderdale Lookup" in the subject line.
Please include the name of the Bride or Groom.

US Census Lookup Message Board

When posting a message on the US-Census Lookup Board, be sure to give ample information to help the volunteers who try to reply to the messages. Include the State, County, Census Year, full names, and approximate birthyears. Posting there does not guarantee a reply, but including as much information as possible will help those who might have the information to find it so they can reply.

If you have Lauderdale County materials, and would like to be a look-up volunteer, please contact me.

Thank you to all of our volunteers

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