Hardin County, Tennessee County Court Minutes (Book F. page 124)

Monday December 1st 1851

And be it further remembered that this case came out for further hearing upon 
the Petition Introductory Order & Report of the Clerk Which Report is in the 
words & figures following to wit.

John F. Garner, Robert McMahan 
Sally Brown, Leah Eades, Harriet 
Garner, daughter of Peggy Garner deceased


David Garner, Gabriel D. Garner
Polly Decker formerly Garner, Nancy
Garner, daughter of Peggy Garner deceased
Henry G. Garner in his own right and
As guardian of Joshua & James Garner

Petition to sell land I W. H. Duckworth the clerk to whom this cause was 
referred by leave to report that upon the testimony before me given under oath 
that the parties to the said petition are correctly named the children & 
Representation of Henry Garner Deceased and that it would be altogether 
practicable to sell the said land mentioned in the petition of the petitioners 
and to divide the proceeds since the tract contains only 55 acres and there are 
nine heirs to divide it among which would be wholly impracticable and that it 
be sold upon a credit of one, two & three years time this 18th day of December 
1851.  Which report being in all things unexcepted(?) to is confirmed.  It is 
therefore ordered adjudged & decided by this court that W. H. Duckworth the 
clerk of this court after giving forty days notice then proceed to sell on the 
premises there of the said land to the highest bidder and that he take the 
notes of the purchase due at one, two & three years with approval security and 
retaining a lein on said land until the purchase money shall be paid all other 
things being assessed to the coming in of said report of sale for a final 
decree in the premises.

Additional Comments:
John F. Garner, Robert McMahan, Sally Brown, Leah Eades, Harriet Garner, David 
Garner, Gabriel D. Garner, Polly Decker, Nancy Garner, Henry G. Garner, Joshua 
Garner and James Garner.

Leah (Garner) Eades moved to Arkansas(my great-g-grandmother).

Transcribed and contributed by Donnie Pickard.

Hardin County, Tennessee Will Book B, page 47

Savannah February 1837

We the Commissioners appointed by court to lay off the Dowry of the Widow of Henry
Garner Deceased Do say that the dwelling house where on we thought was vacant land
is in the bounds of the 25 acre tract we allowed Heirs of said Henry Garner in lieu
of her share of the mill We now take both the consideration that she shall have the
Mansion house with one acre of land out of said 25 acre tract as for the agreement
we made before we considered it to be good and valid & want this above addition 
placed to the aforesaid Noah Wade John Hannah dowry given under our hands 15th of
Decr. 1836 
(this Dowry is allowed by order of the county Court C. C. Gibbs Clerk

Transcribed and contributed by Donnie Pickard.