Will of Daniel B. Beasley

Submitted by Robert L. Beasley

State of Tennessee - Hardin County - January 12th , 1849

In the name of God Amen

I Daniel B. Beasley, being on my Bed of Affliction But of Sound mind and memory and Knowing that its allotted to man once to die And being desirous to dispose of my property Both Real and personal as doth seem wright to me Make this my Last Will and Testament to take Effect after my discease to wit.

1st I want my just debts paid first out of my property.

2nd I want my funeral expenses paid out of the same.

3rd I will and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth ten cents To my Daughter Maryann Ten cents To my Daughter Sallyann Ten cents To my Daughter Martha Ten cents My daughter Miriam Ten cents To my son Marion Ten cents and my daughter Susannah Ten cents in money to each to be paid to them by my Exectutor out of the proceeds of my personal property as soon as real land after after discharging my Two first Requests and 4th and Lastly I Bequeath and give all the balance of my property Both personal and Real to my son Jasper Beasley and my Daughter Juliann Beasley to be equally divided between them when they Both become twenty one years old or Eligable in Law to manage for them selves in the mean time I want my Exectutor to Rent out my farm on which I Reside annually and apply the proceeds or so much thereof as may be necessary to give my son Jasper and daughter Juliann a Reasonable English Education and for the purpose of carrying foregowing Bequeaths into Effect I hereby appoint Stanley M. Hargrove and Thomas A. Polk my Exectutors of this my Last Will and Testament Given under my hand and seal this day and year first above written.

Daniel B. Beasley

Test Josiah Alexander
Jesse S. Bugg