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Submitted by Rovena (Lee) Hillsman,

Alfred C. Lee (1826-1875)

Mary Jane (Douglas) Lee (1832-1888)

1865 - Hardin County

The Bible was brought to Hardin County in 1819 from Giles County by Simpson and Fanny Hooks Lee. It remained in Hardin until 1866. After the death of their son Alfred C. Lee in Hayward, Missouri in 1875, the Bible returned to Tennessee in 1878 in the possession of Alfred's son, William Edward Lee of Lake County.

Family Record (as entries appear in Bible)

Page one:                                                                                                                 

Hilary Hooks was born May the 18th 1756                                 

Hilary Hooks departed this life the 7th Nov 1792

Elizabeth Hooks his wife was born the 3rd  March 1757

Canneth Hooks departed this life the 5th of June 1788

Isaac Hooks was born the 9th of Dec 1777

John Hillary Hooks Son of Curtis & Catherine Kenan Hooks departed this life October 8th 1808

Catherine Kenan Hooks departed this life October 21st 1821.

Curtis Hooks was born the 30th Nov 1778                                   

Canneth Hooks was born the 11th July 1781

David Hooks was born the 8th Feby 1784

Fanney Hooks was born the 9th Nov 1786


Page two:

Betsey Hooks was born the 19th April 1789                                 

Simpson Lee departed this life the 10th of March 1833

James Hooks was born the 15th Jany 1792

Fanney Lee departed this life the  26th of August 1848

William C. Lee was born the 3rd Aug 1815

William C. Lee departed this life March 6th 1843

Betsy P. Lee was born the 5th May 1821

Felix G. Lee was born the 18th Oct 1822

Emily C. Matthews died Dec 3rd 1871

Alfred C. Lee was born the 23rd Sept 1826                            

Alfred C. Lee died Dec 27th 1875

Emily C. Lee was born the 3rd Dec 1828

John Hillary Hooks son of Curtis & Catharine Kenan

Hooks was born March 4th 1808.

Page three:

Romelia Cannon Hooks daughter of Curtis & Nancy Hooks was born September 15th 1830.

Orleana Butler Hooks daughter of above, born January 10th 1833.

Willie Matthews Son of James & Emily Matthews was born February 28th 1856.

Fannie Matthews daughter of above was born Decr 17th 1857

John Matthews Son of above was born June 20th  1860

James Matthews was born May 22nd 1806.

Page Four:

Hilary Hooks & Elizabeth Cannon was married February 20th 1777

Felix G. Lee was married to Ann E. Jones November 28th 1850

Isaac Hooks was married to Sarah Douglas

Curtis Hooks was married to CatharineKenan Love April 9th 1805     

James Matthews was married to Emily Lee Dec 24th 1854

Curtis Hooks was married to Nancy Deats January 8th 1829


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