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William Roane Porter Family Bible Record

(Note: This is from a copy; the information below is the full content.)

William Roane Porter was born Sunday,August 6, 1821, Died February 24, 1865

Nancy E. Porter was born Thursday, March 1828, Died October 3, 1998

Mary E. Porter was born November 28, 1848, Died July 26, 1900

William Porter was born Friday, January 17, 1881,

Sarah P. Porter was born Sunday, January 16, 1853, Died April 16, 1854

Martha E. Porter was born Saturday, November 25, 1854, Died April 15, 1858

Henry L. Porter was born Monday, June 30, 1856

Virginia Ann Porter was born Thursday, June 17, 1858

Gerrilda? A. Porter was born Sunday, November 11, 1860, Died January 22, 1863

Jerrome D. Porter was born Friday, Sept 18, 1863


William R. Porter and Nancy E. Dickson were married October 21, 1847.

Also found on same copy were:

Grandpa Stricklin

William Cossey Stricklin

Grandmother Stricklin

Virginia Ann Porter Stricklin

(No other info for this group of names)


Marvin Franks was born July 2, 1892

Lenard Hassel Franks was born Wednesday July 22, 1913

Patricia Ann Franks was born Tuesday August 16, 193?

Hassell Franks and Elizabeth McFalls was married July 31, 193?

Patricia Ann Franks and Ralph Mitchell was married April 4, 1969?


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