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Wood Pioneers of Hardin Co., TN.


The Wood brothers, Charles, William and Daniel Green came to Hardin Co., TN in early 1820's from Orance Co. NC., They were the sons of William Wood and Nancy Cate of Orange Co. NC. Charles and William married the Williams girls, Nancy and Mary, daughters of Sam and Nancy Williams of Hardin Co. William married 3 times to Clynthia Brooks, Rebecca Hatley and Barbara Clanton. On the death of Charles wife, Nancy he married Mary Ann Barnett. All of these marriages occured in Hardin Co. TN. Charles and william received land from the State of TN. Daniel Green, was only 16 or younger when they came to Hardin Co., and lived for a time with Charles family. There are today, 2 Wood cemeteries, the William Wood cemetery on the "bluff" and Charles Wood cemetery in the "flat" in roughly the Pyburn area as known today. They were prosperous farmers at least owning land, and Charles Wood gave some of his land to start a Baptist Church. The battle of Shiloh took place across the river from the Charles Wood land and descendants tell of hearing the battle raging and going there afterward and picking up "mini" balls that were used in the rifles.

The Roberts families of Hardin County

The Roberts family, Stephen Roberts and families of his sisters the Robertson's and Garretts, came to Hardin Co., TN in 1828. They were children of Thomas Roberts and Johannah Hatchell of Mecklenburg Co. VA.

They settled in what is now known as the Pickwick area, "across the river" in what was known at the 9th district. Stephen Roberts and Martha Gregory had 6 children all born in Mecklenburg Co., VA and all married in Hardin Co., TN. Their youngest son David Alexander, was a State Rep in Nashville for Dist 9 for a time and subsequently lost his life in the battle of Shiloh, which took place practically in their "backyard" There is a Roberts cemetery, now practically abandoned in the now Counce area, and on land that was originally owned by Stephen Roberts.

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