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These are notes extracted from "THE SAVANNAH COURIER" microfilm, mostly concerning the Haynes families from Hardin County.  They were donated by Roseanne Cain, of Ohio. We welcome contributions like this related to genealogy and history in Hardin County.  Roseanne Cain

***Unidentified newspaper article found in scrapbook of Mrs. C. L. Haynes Annie Lou Shearon)  gave  following information in obituary: Mrs. Louisa Adeline  Haynes,  82, widow of J. H. Haynes (Jesse Hopkins), died Waterloo, West Lauderdale County, Ala, at home of her daughter, Mrs. Joe McCorkle. Sons: L. O. Haynes of Florence, AL;  W. E. Haynes of Birmingham, AL; James F. Haynes of Savannah, TN.  Buried  Waterloo Cemetery.
COUNTY COURTHOUSE, SAVANNAH TN. (Abstracted by Roseanne Cain, 1988).

Last will & testament, Henry James Haynes, dated July 25, 1879...all my substance including 200 wife and 5 children ... Witness:Henry James Haynes, A.D.Haynes, Archable (sic) Lamb.
Selected newspaper items from the SAVANNAH COURIER, 1902-1907, TN State Archives Microfilm Roll No. 194. (submitted by Roseanne Cain)

Nixon™ - W.  P. (T.?) Haynes is very low with consumption and pneumonia - Jan 24, 1902 issue.

Pyburns™ - Lee McCorkle and Mat Qualls took cattle to Alabama this week - Jan 24, 1902 issue.

Republican  Primary voting place:  at  J.  D.  Haynes,   T.  F.  Austin, officer; J. D. Haynes, clerk; J. A. Barrier, judge - March 14, 1902 issue.

Nixon™ - Will Haynes' baby died on the 14th and was buried at Mt. Zion - June 20, 1902 issue.

W.  T.  Haynes  died on the 20th and was buried at Mt.   Zion - July 25, 1902 issue.

John  R.  Haynes,  who  has been in the asylum   for  three  years,  has
returned home apparently a sound man - July 25, 1902 issue.
NEWS ITEMS IN The Savannah Courier, microfilmed copy, and abstracted by Roseanne Cain.

12  Feb  1915:(Hollands Creek column) Miss Vicie Laird of Bumpass Creek has
been visiting Mrs. Lillie Austin.
The young people enjoyed a party at Henry Lamb's Thursday night.

12 Feb 1915:(Haynes School column) Grandma Dearen from Waterloo, Ala., is
visiting her daughter Mrs. Robin Cossey.

19 Feb 1915:(Wesleys Chapel column) Aunt Polly Ann Haynes fell and hurt her hip recently.

5 Mar 1915:(Haynes School House column) Web Haynes, William Cossey, Bob Garner made a business trip to Savannah recently.

26 Mar 1915:(Haynes School column) Bulah Haynes and Lora Haynes visited the Misses McCluskey Sunday.
Robin Cossey and wife visited George Cossey Sunday.

16 Apr 1915:(Hollands Creek column) Mrs. Lendy Lard of Bumpass Creek   spent Tuesday night at Henry Lamb's.

16 Apr 1915:(Haynes School column) Della Cossey and Beulah Haynes went to Waterloo this week.

30 Apr 1915:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs. Walter Haynes returned to Paden, Miss., Sunday.

7  May 1915:Jim Haynes and Temple Shelby of Waterloo visited at the home  of I. C. and Mrs. Mattie Walker recently. (Cross Roads column)

21 May 1915:HAYNES-WALKER (heading). A quiet home wedding was solemnized Wednesday afternoon when Miss Lucille Walker was married to Mr. Jas. F. Haynes. The ceremony took place at the country home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Walker, in the presence of a crowd of  relatives and friends, the Reb. N. B. Tucker officiating.
The home had been lavishly decorated for the event, which was preceded by a short musical program. Mr. F. B. Hughes sang a solo and Miss Nannie Campbell Hughes presided at the piano as accompanist and for the wedding
The groom is a young man of Waterloo, Ala.,  and the  bride  is  the daughter of Mr.  and Mrs.  I.  C.  Walker of near Savannah.  They will make their home at Waterloo.

28 May 1915:Mrs. Hodges and daughter visited Mrs. Haynes Wednesday. Mrs. Haynes visited Mrs. May Gean Thursday.
Mrs. Lela Haynes and Cordia Barnes visited Albert Steey Tuesday.
William Cossey, Web Haynes and Charley Freshour visited Robt Geans Sunday.
Miss Beula Haynes visited Mrs. Robt. Geans recently.(Haynes School column)

28 May 1915:Levin Benson spent Saturday night with A. D. Haynes at Waterloo. (Cherrys Chapel column)

4 June 1915:D. E. Scott and wife attended preaching here last Sunday. Mrs. Bettie Haynes has returned to her home in Paden, Miss. (Nixon column)

18 June 1915:Mrs. Walter Haynes has returned to her home in Paden, Miss. George Haynes visited Ed Bennett Saturday night (Wesleys Chapel column)

16 July 1915:Ollie Haynes and wife and Henry Young and family spent Saturday night at Henry Godwin's. (Old Town column)

16 July 1915:Beulah Haynes spent Sunday with Della and Etta Cossey. Mrs. O. G. Duncan and Mrs. Cossey spent Wednesday with Mrs. Haynes. (Gillis Mills column)

23 July 1915:(Personals column) J. D. Haynes, J. A. Vanhoose and Dick Hardin were here Thursday from the fifth (i.e. district)

23 July 1915:(Cherry's Chapel column) Robert Benson visited A.  D. Haynes at Waterloo recently.

6  Aug 1915:(RULES GOVERNING REPUBLICAN PRIMARY,  heading) Appointed to hold election at Hollands Creek - Henry Lamb, S. L. McDaniel, B. N. Barrier.

20 Aug 1915:(Haynes School column) Misses Beulah Haynes,  Lora Hodges, Della and Etta Cossey, and Mrs. McClusky and family visited in Alabama recently.
Mrs. Nancy Dearen spent Friday with Mrs. Haynes.
Mrs. Shelton Haynes attended the rally in Alabama.

27 Aug 1915:(Personal column) Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Haynes of Waterloo, Ala., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Walker near town.

27 Aug 1915:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs. Elva Haynes and children have returned to their home in Paden, Miss.

10 Sep 1915:(Nixon column) Mrs. Bettie Haynes of Paden, Miss., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pipes.

10 Sep 1915:(Haynes School column) Robin Cossey, wife and daughter, Della, attended the burial of little Marvin Murphy at Cross Roads, Ala., on Sunday, Sept. 13.
Mrs. Visie Cossey is visiting Mrs. Haynes.
Enoch Austin spent last Friday night with Webb Haynes.

17 Sep 1915:(Personals column) Mrs. I. C. Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Haynes were at town first of the week.

24 Sep 1915:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs. J. D. Haynes and Mrs. Brewington visited Mrs. W. M. Lutts Tuesday.

8 Oct 1915:(Nixon column) Mrs. Elvia Haynes of Paden, Miss. is visiting her father, J. W. Bennett.

8 Oct 1915:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs.  Henry Lamb and daughter Eulah  of Hollands Creek visited George Johnson last week.

15 Oct 1915:(Personals column) Mr. and Mrs. James Haynes were at town part of the week.

15 Oct 1915:(PROGRAM FOR FIFTH SUNDAY MEETING, heading) Friday, 7  P.M. - Sermon by W. J. Barnett; Saturday, 9.a.m. - Devotional by J. W. Haynes.

29  Oct  1915:(Hinkle column) Aunt Nancy Scott of Adamsville is visiting relatives here.

19 Nov 1915:(Hollands Creek Column) Henry Lamb visited Jno. Sheppard Sunday. Aunt Rachel Qualls spent last Monday at Uncle Henry Lamb's.

7  Jan  1916:(Nixon column) Arch Lamb and Clarga Harmon of Tyronza, Ark., spent Christmas here.

21 Jan 1916:(Haynes column) William Cossey visited O. G. Duncan Sunday.
Mrs. Mat Cossey visited Mrs. Sarah Haynes Friday.
Web and Beulah Haynes spent Sunday on Hollands Creek.

28 Jan 1916:(Nixon column) Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynes of Paden, Miss. brought the remains of their infant son back for burial at Wesley Chapel

4 Feb 1916:(Nixon column) J. D. Haynes and D. Fraley went to Paden, Miss. recently.

4  Feb 1916:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs. Offie Austin, Walter Haynes' two children, and Grandma Haynes are on the sick list.

4  Feb  1916:(Haynes  column) Luther Weston and family visited Mrs. Sarah Haynes Saturday night.
Mr. Howard and wife visited Mrs. Ollen Haynes Sunday.
Hinkle Haynes gave an old fashioned working last Tuesday.
Robt Cossey visited Robt. Geans last Sunday.
Aunt Vicie Cossey is reported very sick. She is away from home.

28  Feb  1916:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs. Ramer Haynes of Paden, Miss., visited Mrs. Wm. Tacker last week.

17  Mar  1916:(Haynes  column) The young folks enjoyed  a   singing  at  Clem Haynes' Saturday night. Robin Cossey and wife visited Mrs. Sadie Haynes recently.

31 Mar 1916:(Wesleys Chapel column) Grandma Haynes and Mrs. Owen Qualls are on the sick list.

21 Apr 1916:(Nixon column) Mrs. Walter Haynes of Paden, Miss. is visiting J. W. Bennett and wife.

28 Apr 1916:(Cross Roads column) Jess Haynes and wife of Waterloo visited at the home of I. C. Walker recently.

12 May 1916:(Nixon column) Mrs. Polly Ann Haynes is visiting at Waterloo, Ala.

19 May 1916:(Delinquent Tax Payers notice) to be offered for sale:J. T. Haynes, Dist. 2, 220 acres.

16  Jun  1916:List of officers, Judges and Clerks, appointed to hold the Railroad Bond Election...Nixon - J. H. M. Crocker, officer; J. D. Haynes, R. R. Cooper, C. M. Brown, W. J. Jones, G. W. Harbert, clerks.

7 Jul 1916:(Personals column) D. E. Scott, N. G. Baker, J. D. Haynes, Offie Austin and E. A. Stansell were here from the fifth district first of the week.

21 Jul 1916:(Haynes column) Mrs. Rose Hosea visited Mrs. Hinkle Haynes recently.

21  Jul 1916:(Personals column) J. H. Haynes of Waterloo was here first of the week.

25 Aug 1916:(Cross Roads column) Mr. and Mrs. Jess Haynes and Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCorkle of Waterloo were recent guests at the home of I. C. Walker.

5  Jan 1917:(SCOTT HONORED,  heading) The state general  assembly   organized Monday  by electing Crabtree speaker of the Senate and Shropshire speaker of the House. Lon A. Scott of Hardin was made minority leader in the house...

5  Jan 1917:(Wesleys Chapel column) Mrs. Ramer and Walter Haynes of  Paden, Miss are visiting here.

5  Jan 1917:(Haynes column) Andy Scott of Oklahoma City spent the holidays here.

2  Feb  1917:(Wesleys  Chapel column) Mrs.  J.  P.  Pipes   is  visiting  her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Haynes at Paden, Miss.

16  Mar  1917:(Walnut Grove column) On last Friday morning the  death   angel visited the home of Mrs. F. M. Hatley and claimed for its victim her dear mother, Mrs. Harvey Lakey...

23  May  1917:(Walnut Grove column) John Scott and family are visiting   Mrs. Michael.

27 Apr 1917:(Nixon column) J. D. Haynes of Paden, Mississippi is here for a few days.

13 Jul 1917:(List of Hardin Co, Registration Names and Numbers, World War I)

1084 Herman Olie Haynes
808 James Floyd Haynes - hon. disch.; did not pass physical
888 Sidney Haynes
644 Lewis Haynes
Selected newspaper items from the SAVANNAH COURIER, 1919-1924, TN State Archives Microfilm Roll No. 18. (submitted by Roseanne Cain)

3 Jan 1919: Leo Haynes was a recent visitor here.

10 Jan 1919:Mrs. Arthur Haynes of Paden, Miss. is visiting her parents, John Pipes and wife (Wesleys Chapel column).

24 Jan 1919:Mrs. James Haynes visited Mrs. Kenneth Welch recently. (Cross Roads column)

31 Jan 1919:Mrs. J. P. Pipes was called to the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Haynes at Booneville, Miss., who has pneumonia. (Nixon column)

14  Feb  1919:Sidney  Haynes  of near Old Town visited  his   father  Sunday. (Wesleys Chapel column)

21  Feb  1919:McKinley Haynes of Right had business here  Tuesday   (Savannah Personals column)

7 Mar 1919:Sidney Haynes and family of near Old Town were week end guests of J. T. Haynes and Frank Arnold (Pumpkin Center column)

20 Mar 1919:Uncle Henry Lamb is on the sick list. (Hollands Creek column)

11  Apr 1919:D.  B.  Walker and family visited Jim Haynes and family   Sunday (Cross Roads column)

2 May 1919:Mrs.  J. L. Haynes of Florence and Mrs. J. T. McCorkle and little daughter of Waterloo visited Jim Haynes this week. (Cross Roads column)

20  June  1919:  "Marriage  Licenses" column  - Marshall  Haynes  to  Bessie Virginia Burnes. NOTE: Marshall, gr-son of Henry & Polly (Gross) Haynes.

20 June 1919:  "Real Estate Transfers" column - C. W. Haynes to Ira Hughes, 62 acres in 8th District, $1500.

20 Jun 1919: County seat 1822 - 50 acres of land on Turkey Creek to be known as   Hardinsville  (now known as Old Town).  Remained County seat until   1830 when it was removed to Savannah.

27  Jun 1919:Haynes-Morris (column heading).  News reached here Sunday   that Miss Hattie Morris and Mr.  J. D. Haynes were married at Florence, Ala. The bride is the daughter of Dr.  and Mrs.  G.  C. Morris of this place. She is well  and  favorably  known and has many  friends  here.   She  is  amiable, industrious, domestically inclined, a fine-spirited Christian lady,  and her many  relatives and friends here extend best wishes in  her  wedded life. The groom is in the produce business at Corinth, Miss. He was a former resident here. He is to be congratulated on his selection of a wife.

4 Jul 1919:Jim Haynes and family are visiting at  Waterloo  and  Florence. (Cross Roads column)

11  July  1919:Horace Irvin and sister attended the funeral of  Mrs.   J. D. Haynes at Nixon Friday. (Duncans Landing column)

11 July 1919:George Johnson and family,  Robin Haynes and family and  Wayman Haynes and family of Paden Miss.,  attended the burial of Mrs.  J. D. Haynes at Wesley Chapel last Friday.  Mrs.  Haynes lived at Boonville,  Miss., and was  brought here for burial.  Rev.  W.  H.  Pollard of Boyds conducted the service. (Nixon column) NOTE: Paden is in Tishomingo County, MS.

1  Aug 1919:Born to Wheeler Haynes and wife on the 19th,  a  girl.   (Wesleys Chapel column)

8  Aug  1919:Mrs.  Edgar Haynes and children  of  Tyronza,   Ark.,  are  here visiting relatives. (Wesleys Chapel column)

8 Aug 1919:Mrs. (James Darling) Haynes of Corinth is here, the guest of her parents Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Morris. (Personals column)

15 Aug 1919:D.  B. Walker and family and I. C. Walker and family visited Jim Haynes Sunday (Cross Roads column)

Duncan's Chapel - Miss Beulah Haynes visited... Glen Haynes and wife... - July 15, 1924 issue.

Jim Haynes served on trial jury - July 25, 1924 issue.

John Qualls and wife visited at E. M. Austin's Sunday. Sept 26, 1924 issue.

Cross Roads - Jas.  F.  Haynes and family and I. C. Walker, Jr. are visiting at Waterloo and Florence - Oct 10, 1924 issue.

C. W. Haynes of Right listed among subscribers to newspaper - Nov 18 1924 issue.

Cross  Roads  - Ellie Haynes and family of Florence visited at James   Haynes Sunday - Nov 28 1924 issue.

Wards - Mrs. Marshall Haynes and children spend Saturday night at H. Jones.
- Nov 28 1924 issue.

Pyburns - Mrs John Vanhoose spent Sunday with Mrs.  J. T. McCorkle - Dec 12, 1924 issue.

3  Apr 1925:Mrs. J. D. Haynes and little daughter of Corinth are here the
guests of Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Morris (her parents) and family (personals column)

12 Apr 1925:Mr. and Mrs. Lee Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Ellie Haynes of Florence
and Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCorkle of Waterloo visited at Jim Haynes' last Sunday (Walders column) NOTE:these are the children of Jesse H. Haynes of Florence.

19   Apr  1925:Mr. Olin  Haynes' mother  died...leaves a son and 11
grandchildren. (Duncan Chapel column)

26  Jul  1929:(Wesley Chapel) Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynes and Mrs. Nancy Bennett were the guests of Mrs. J. F. Garrett Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Haynes and children were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pipes Sunday.
Misses Ruby Haynes and Delsie Pipes visited Mrs. E. L. Franks Friday night.
Miss Thelma Haynes spent Sun. night with Mrs. W. L. Franks.

19  Jul  1929:(Olive Hill column) Kenneth Haynes, reported improving from fever.

19 Jul 1929:(Pyburns column) Ed Adams and Lewis Haynes were in Corinth Sat. and Sunday.

29 Nov 1929:(Walkers column) Quite a crowd enjoyed a singing at J. F. Haynes Sat. night.

25  Oct 1929:(Morris Chapel column) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haynes and  daughter were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Kennedy Sat. night.

25 Oct 1929:(Duncan Chapel column) Mr. and Mrs. Millard White visited Mrs. Zan Haynes Sunday.

25 Oct 1929:(LUTTS - HAYNES, heading) A marriage of interest to many in this section was that of Mrs. Hattie M. Haynes and Mr. John A. Lutts. Mrs. Lutts is the daughter of Mrs. G. C. Morris of this place and Mr. Lutts is a former citizen  of this county,  but now lives in Memphis.  It is understood  that they will make their home in the Bluff City.
Research report for research done by Tony Hays, citing: NEWSPAPER ARTICLE FROM SAVANNAH COURIER™ (TN), ISSUE JANUARY 28, 1898.

Hatley,  Charity:  From the Pyburn Community,  Savannah Courier, January 28, 1898 - On last Saturday night, at 11 o'clock, death visited this community, and   claimed  for his victim Aunt Charity Hatley.  Mrs.  Hatley had been   a great sufferer,  having been bedfast for a number of years.  (date of death, January 22, 1898, as determined by perpetual calendar).
Shelton Haynes to Manerva Berrier,  bond issued 31 May 1877.  Sol 3 Jun 1877 by Jno. W. Scott, M.G. Bondsmen: Shelton Haynes, C. C. Haynes.

Grantee Grantor
--------- -------
Lamb, J. R. etal Morrow, W. B. Deed 3-25-1891 W 229
Lamb & Reed Williams, J. J. & Bro Deed 2-29-1892 W 463
Lamb, Richard Haynes, A. D. & wife Deed 12-23-1891 W 408
Lamb, T. L. Graham, Ned & Wife Deed 10-6-1893 X 258
Lamb, W. E. Neighbors, H. M. & Wife Deed 2-10-1894 X 364
Lamb, Elbert Turner, J. W. & Wife Deed 3-4-1895 Y 80
Lamb, W. E. Watson, A. A. C. & M. Crt Deed 3-5-1898 Z 585
Lamb, W. E. Hammill, Mary A. Court Deed 3-5-1898 Z 585
Lamb, John Melon, C. Deed 2-7-1900 BB 70


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