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Benjamin Huddleston Lineage:

Benjamin Huddleston born 1760-70 in Halifax county Virginia, died in Wayne county Tennessee 1837-38, buried Palestine Cemetery, Lewis county, Tennessee. Married, Margaret, unknown surname. born 1760-70 in Virginia. died after 1841 in Desoto county Mississippi. Benjamin on the census in 1790 and 1800 in Greenville county, south Carolina. moved to Claiborne county Tennessee in 1809. moved to Maury CO Tennessee , then on to Hickman county Tennessee. on the 1820 census of Hardin county Tennessee, which later turned to Wayne county, Tennessee.on the 1830 census of Wayne county Tennessee. Benjamin and Margaret's children:

1. James, born before 1790. died before 1850 in Tennessee or Mississippi. married n. or m. given name and surname unknown in south Carolina, by 1810.

2.Joseph Slanton, born 1790 in north Carolina. died after 1860 in Dallas county Arkansas. married Elizabeth young by 1810 in south Carolina.

3. Daniel, born 1790s in Greenville county south Carolina.died august 12, 1837 in the Mexican war. married Jane Johnson, November 12 1817 in Maury county Tennessee.

4. Elizabeth born 1790s in Greenville county south Carolina.died about 1846 in Lauderdale county Tennessee. married Alexander s. Barnes mar 25 1817, Maury county Tennessee.

5. Mary Catherine born march 13 1799 Greenville county south Carolina. died January 29 1889 Dallas county Arkansas. married James Barnes, January 22 1816 Maury county Tennessee.

6. Fleming, born 1800 Greenville county south Carolina, died 1839 in Tennessee, married Susan, surname unknown in 1820, Hardin county Tennessee.

7. Charlotte, born October 15, 1802, in Greenville county South Carolina. died may 23 1846 Lauderdale county Alabama. married Elias Farris in Hardin county Tennessee.

8. William g. born 1808 in Greenville county south Carolina. died 1855, Desoto county Mississippi. married Elizabeth Ellis in Hardin county Tennessee.

unknown,1 male born before 1790. 2 males and 1 female born in 1790s. 1 female born 1804-1810. possibly others, born in Greenville county south Carolina. adopted daughter, of Polly Standfield in 1821 Hardin CO, Tennessee. Benjamin settled on big swan creek at that time Hickman county Tennessee. Benjamin is the son of David and Sarah, sally, Easley Huddleston.see Claiborne county Tennessee.

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