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Lyon/Willis/England/Payne/Begley Info

Compiled by Eula Mae Lyon McNutt Jan 1990

Eula had given this info to Hazel Begley

I, Eula Mae Lyon McNutt, was born in Scott County VA on January 16, 1931. I married in Scott County VA on Sep 17, 1948 to Carson Hubert McNutt (born Jun 26, 1909 – died Apr 18, 1983). My parents are Christmas "Chris" Lyon (born Dec 25, 1882 – died Aug 27, 1964) and Linda Jane Willis (born Mar 26, 1891 – died Nov 25, 1983). They were wed at Horton’s Ford, Hancock County TN by Hiram J. Horton on December 25, 1910.

Chris Lyon was the son of Andrew (Andy) Jackson Lyon (born Dec 12, 1850 in Sullivan County TN – died Apr 20, 1923 in Scott County VA) and Malinda Ann Willis (born Sep 10, 1849 – died Feb 14, 1924). They were wed on Dec 14, 1872 in Scott County VA. Malinda Jane Willis Lyon was the daughter of Rev James Willis and Polly Ann England Willis.

Andy Lyon was the son of Michael Mason Lyon (born Jul 21, 1805 in Carter County TN – died May 30, 1886 in Scott County VA) and Mary Ann Danley (born 1807 – died 1891 in Scott County VA). They wed in Carter County TN. Michael is buried in the Jacob Anderson Cemetery with son William Lyon who was shot on Knobbs near Rock House by Thomas Eidson during the Civil War. William’s three children (who died before William was killed) are also buried there. Mary Ann Danley Lyon is buried on top of Big Ridge in the Willis Cemetery. Michael purchased 100 acres of land in 1851 on the VA & TN state line. He lived about 1 mile west of Big Springs Church up the hollow where the land is yet owned by his descendants.

John England purchased land in England Valley in 1814. This purchase was recorded in Deed Book No 1 in Scott County VA in 1815 when Scott County VA was formed. John’s land joined Michael Lyons’ land on the west side of the Big Ridge, half way down the north side. Some of it still belongs to his descendants. John England was born in Goochland County VA on Apr 1, 1867. He married in Amhurst County VA on Feb 22, 1786 to Mary Parsons (born 1765). Mary was the daughter of John Parsons. She died sometime after 1843 in Scott County VA.

When Mary Parsons England applied for John England’s pension in Hawkins County TN, she stated that John died in Scott County VA on Mar 18, 1840. Both are buried in the England Cemetery in England Valley. John has a government marker obtained and placed on his grave by his 6th generation by me, Eula Mae Lyon McNutt. John was living in Lee County VA when Scott County was formed in 1815.

John England and Mary Parsons England had 10 children. I (Eula) descend from his son Andrew England (born May 19, 1802 – died May 3, 1872) & wife Catherine Fisher of Fisher’s Valley TN (born 1803 – died 1892). They are buried in England Cemetery beside their son Hiram England Sr (born Feb 18, 1839 – died mar 15, 1890) and Malinda Rogers; Mary Ann "Polly" England (born Jan 17, 1869 – died Mar 28, 1898) married James Willis. Both are buried in the Willis Cemetery on Big Ridge. Their daughter Malinda Jane Willis (born Mar 26, 1891 – died Nov 25, 1983) and Chris Lyon (born Dec 25, 1882 – died Aug 27, 1964) are buried in Lyon Cemetery on Big Ridge; Martha England married Williamson Carter and is buried near Natural Tunnel. The famous A. P. Carter family descends from Martha England and Williamson Carter; Sarah "Sally" England married Enoch Payne on August 22, 1818 in Scott County VA. Sarah was born in 1796 in VA. She died between 1850 & 1860 in Hancock County TN. Enoch was born in 1796 in TN. His parents were John Payne and Rachel Parker. They were married in Washington County TN on Aug 6, 1794. The Paynes migrated through Sullivan County into Scott County VA, then into Hancock and Hawkins County, TN. Enoch Payne wrote a will after his son William G. died. I have an old letter Xeroxed stating William G. Payne died of typhoid in the fall of 1860. He lived in the old log house with a breezeway – later called the Jim Fields house – located in the lower part of Vergie & Kemp Begley’s garden. These Paynes are buried in a honeysuckle patch above the road on the VA side – near Preacher Robinette’s place close to the fence. Someone cut cedar tops on top of them. There are several rocks there, but it hasn’t been cleared off enough to see how many (if any) chiseled dates are on them.

Enoch Payne & Sally England Payne had seven children –

Elizabeth Payne – born 1818 – Married Elias Roller and moved to Douglas County Missouri. Two sons remained in Scott County VA – Jacob and Andrew. Elizabeth died in Douglas County, MO on Dec 19, 1882;

Ann Payne – born 1819 – I don’t know when she died, but she lived in the old home place of her father. Married Christian Begley and had two sons – James & William. Ann and Christian divorced. Son James got the house and William built the old log Preacher Robinette house. He sold it to A. Y. Click and ended up in Blackwater, Lee County VA. The old Enoch Payne log house remains standing at the VA/TN line. James Begley added on to the old cabin. Now the Hass family added on the porches. The old rock kitchen chimney is the original log structure I presume Enoch Payne built soon after his marriage in 1818. Enoch owned land from Grit Hill Hollow to the old Isham Edens line out Dry Valley to Rosa Goins Lyon line. He had given land in VA to son Hiram E. Payne where George and Armine Lawson lived. George bought the land from Hiram E. Payne (son of Enoch) who lived in Bristol VA;

Isabell Payne – born 1821 – Married William C. Church. Died in Dec 1859. William married a second wife, Martha Patsy Allen and had another set of children;

Hiram E. Payne – born 1824 – 1st wife Mary Anderson on Feb 9, 1845 in Hawkins County TN. She was the daughter of Wyley & Sarah Lawson Anderson. They went to Missouri with children probably to visit sister Elizabeth Payne Roller. Mary Anderson Payne was sick and died on a boat crossing the river there. Hiram E. Payne returned to Virginia and farmed the children out to different homes. He remarried in Scott County VA to Kisirie Bloomer on Dec 10, 1863. She was the daughter of Nehemiah Bloomer and Mary Bledsoe. Someone stole his horses during the Civil War and went into the Knobbs above his home. Hiram E. Payne, his son, and 1st cousin Hiram England (My (Eula) Great Grandfather England) followed the thieves trying to recover the horses. Hiram E. Payne was shot dead. His son was shot in the knee and crippled for life. The son died in Claiborne County. Hiram England escaped being shot. Kisirie Bloomer Payne was pregnant at the time with Hiram P. Payne, who married Jane McMillion. They had two children, a daughter and son App Payne. App Payne wed Unknown Blaylock. They had a daughter Ruby Payne. App Payne was killed by a Gilliam or Riley near Fairview. Also, his daddy (Hiram P. Payne) was shot near Blackwater by Rev Johnnie Duncan’s father. Hiram P. Payne rented him a tobacco patch when he (Duncan) was about 16 or 17 years old. Duncan had it cut on sticks. Hiram P. came to the field and beat him with his walking stick and told him he would not get a penny. Then Duncan went and got a gun and shot him dead. It was declared an act of self-defense. Kisirie married Martin Gilliam and had four more children. She died near Fairview. Records of Hiram E. Payne’s heirs are in the Scott County books.

William G Payne – born 1823 – died of typhoid in the fall of 1860 at Big Springs. He married in Hawkins County TN on Dec 16, 1847 to Mary Anderson (born Aug 20, 1830 in Hawkins County TN – died July 24, 1915 in Coleman TX). She was the daughter of Abijah Anderson and Jane Mitchell. Jane was the daughter of John Mitchell & Martha "Patsy" Lyons of Hawkins County TN – Eidson area. They had four daughters who were willed their father’s land at Big Springs by their grandfather Enoch Payne. Their Aunt Ann Payne Begley was their guardian until they became of age. Children were – Minerva Payne (born Sep 29, 1849 – died Mar 9, 1891). She is buried in the Begley cemetery. She married George R. Begley on Feb 7, 1866 in Hancock County TN. Their issue – William P Begley – born Dec 22, 1867. Married Willa Ann Matlock on Apr 24, 1887; Isabella Begley – born Jun 29, 1870. Married Hiram Horton on Dec 6, 1885. Both buried in Horton Cemetery, Horton’s Fold; Mary J. Begley (Jennie) – born Jan 9, 1873 – Never married but had children by her brother in law Hiram Horton. Don’t know when or where she died; Ella L Begley – born Aug 11, 1875 – Married James M. Hurd on Apr 3, 1892; Flora Phyllis Begley – born Sep 6, 1878 – Married H. H. (Hansford) Kilgore on Nov 25, 1900. They died in Cercoxie, Missouri; Lula Begley – born Feb 3, 1881 – Married J. N. Derrick on Jun 25, 1903; Newton Begley – born July 30, 1884 – Bible records do not say, but I know he married Elvira (Darda) Rogers Hilton. They stayed one night together and he left her. He later married one of the Palmer girls (Maude Palmer) and lived around Kingsport. I think one child (Barbara Begley) is in the Palmer Cemetery in Robinette Valley; Effie Begley – born Jun 24, 1887 – Married George Gilliam on Nov 15, 1908. Buried in Horton Cemetery; Charlie Sevier Begley – born Jan 13, 1892 – Married Bertha Catron on Dec 11, 1910; Cordelia Begley and C. C. Gilliam were married on Jan 2, 1883. (A story about her to follow later). Martha Payne – born Mar 15, 1853 – Married Cornelius Hurd about 1870 in Hancock County TN. Died in Golston, Clarendon TX on Oct 17, 1930. Buried in Donley County TX Cemetery. Mary Payne – born & died in Hancock County between 1853 & 1857. Sarah Jane Payne – born Jan 23, 1857 in Hancock County TN – Married 1st Slimpfield Vaughn. Divorced. Had Ida Belle Vaughn (Kilgore), Laura Vaughn (Kilgore), Minnie Vaughn (Byrd). Married 2nd James Roller (son of Andrew Roller & Charity Isom). Had Will, Oscar, & Kit Carson Roller. Sarah Jane Payne Vaughn Roller died at the home of her daughter Ida Kilgore on Apr 4, 1926 of heart dropsy. Buried in Begley Cemetery. Grave is unmarked. Isabella Payne – born Oct 24, 1857 – Married Lenoard Cicero Vaughn (brother of Slimpfield) on Mar 7, 1877 in Hancock County TN. She died on Jan 16, 1917. She is buried in the Coleman Cemetery in Coleman County TX. Their mother, Mary Anderson Payne (wife of William G. Payne), married a second time in Hancock County TN on May 7, 1867 to Francis Marion Lyon (born Dec 1, 1845 in Carter County TN to Hezekiah Lyon - who died of wounds in Mexican war in 1847 – and wife Eliza Sams who died when Francis Marion was born). FM (Francis Marion) was raised by his grandparents Michael Mason Lyon and Mary Ann Daniels Lyon who moved to Scott County VA in1850-51. Francis Marion Lyon married a widow in Texas after Mary Anderson Payne Lyon died in Coleman County TX on Jul 24, 1915. Francis Marion Lyon died there of pneumonia at age 82 & 12 days on Dec 13, 1927. He is buried with Mary in the Coleman Cemetery, Coleman TX. She has a stone, but he doesn’t. He married Elizabeth Webster on Sep 17, 1916. My Dad said she was an Indian. Isabell Payne’s grand-daughter Bonnie Jameson visited me (Eula) in 1987. She said Elizabeth Webster was dark colored and very hateful. She broke Francis Marion up and lost everything he and Mary had. I have the wills and all from the Coleman TX courthouse. Final sale of all his property was Jan 6, 1920. The four Payne girls sold their shares of land out – Francis Marion Lyon & Mary bought portions of it at Big Springs. Built the Lloyd Johnson house and he helped raise the four girls. Mary’s sister Susan Anderson had married Andrew J. Bray in Hawkins County TN on Sep 1, 1856. She was born in 1840 and died in 1915. She is buried in Eidson TN in the Lawson Cemetery. Andrew divorced her in 1865 in Rogersville for adultery. He got custody of the children. Mack Bray was born about 1858, Martha Bray about 1860, and Cordelia Bray was born Sep 15, 1863 and died Oct 5, 1905. Here is the little story of Cordelia. Andrew J. Bray found out after he got custody that George R. Begley was Cordelia’s father. He gave her to her Aunt Mary Lyon to raise. George R. Begley had married Mary Anderson Payne Lyon’s oldest daughter Minerva Payne in 1866 when Cordelia was three years old. When Abijah Anderson wrote his will he willed certain amounts to the three Bray children (from his daughter Susan). Susan Anderson Bray got nothing. Andrew J. Bray’s will in Scott County VA willed Cordelia $50.00 if she was alive, but she had been dead 10 years when he wrote his will. My Dad, Chris Lyon, said her 1st husband was buried in a glass casket. The seams were sealed with melted lead or babbit. Dad (Chris Lyon) saw him buried where Cordelia & CC are buried (now bulldozed away). Cordelia, CC, & 2 children’s graves are now fenced in and they are all that’s left. Cordelia married Christopher Columbus Gilliam on Jan 2, 1883. He was born Oct 5, 1856 and died Nov 18, 1915. Children’s graves – Laura Gilliam – born Dec 8, 1884 – died Jan 18, 1885, Elizabeth Gilliam – born/died Dec 22, 1883. After Francis Marion Lyon & Mary Anderson Payne Lyon raised Cordelia and saw her married they sold their land at Big Springs and moved to Texas where both died. Susan Anderson Bray had six more children – Gayle Lawson, Eidson TN was from one Dad. And one married John Templeton the outlaw with Jim Wright (who was killed). I have her and Susan’s picture. Cordelia, CC, & children, Francis Marion Lyon & Mary Anderson Payne Lyon and all four of her Payne girls pictures and grave stones of Isabell & LC. Francis Marion and Mary sold their land to A. H. Habourn Neeley and went to Texas. They had two shares of land (Manerva’s & Martha’s). Sarah Jane and Slimp Vaughn sold her’s to Jim Fields and Elizabeth Roller Fields. They sold to Milow Frazier and he sold to the Begleys. Seviere Kilgore bought LC & Isabell’s land. This made four shares from Woodrow’s to the end of Mattie & Roy’s land out in the valley. I have been told for years by my Dad (Chris Lyon), Crew Lyon, Tom Vanzant, and Jim Hurd that Francis Marion Lyon built the old log building used as a church and school house at Big Springs. Well, he did own the land by his wife when the church was formed on Jun 10, 1876. He had married Mary Anderson Payne on May 7, 1867 – nine years before the church was organized. He had a very good education. I have some of his writings.

Mary Polly Payne – born 1827 – Married Rev Arthur Younts Click (better known as A. Y. Click). Mary died of a stroke in December 1894. I suppose she is in the old overgrown cemetery. A. Y. remarried and moved to Texas.

James Payne – born 1829 – Surely died young about the time his mother died before 1860.

Henry Payne – born 1832 – He had married someone and it was his house where his sister Elizabeth Payne Roller lived when Andrew Roller was born since the will of his father says "Down to Henry Payne’s house, who left this country". We think some of his descendents lived in California. I got this info from the Mormons in Salt Lake City. I wrote the informant who surely was deceased because I received no answer to several letters and none were returned. No way to trace it, but I think Hiram E. Payne’s brother-in-law Epperson G. Anderson bought Ballard Begley’s house and later sold it to Matthew Van Buren Purcell.

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