This is a listing of cemeteries in Hancock County, Tennessee and their locations. They were taken from http://www.lat-long.com by Carol Turner, and this list is probably not complete. Some cemeteries may go by another name. if you know of a cemetery that has another name or have another cemetery and its location that is not on the list please contact Betty Miller. But please do not email Carol asking me WHY a cemetery isn't listed. The reasons are stated above.

Adams Cemetery Swan Island
Alder Cemetery Sneedville
Antrican Cemetery Swan Island
Baker Cemetery Sneedville
Baker Cemetery Kyles Ford
Barnard Cemetery Swan Island
Belcher Cemetery Kyles Ford
Bloomer Cemetery Swan Island
Bowlin Cemetery Swan Island
Bray Cemetery Swan Island
Breeding Cemetery Coleman Gap
Brooks Cemetery Coleman Gap
Burke Cemetery Swan Island
Campbell Cemetery Sneedville
Carpenter Cemetery Coleman Gap
Clarkson Cemetery Coleman Gap
Collins Cemetery Sneedville
Davis Cemetery Lee Valley
Davis Cemetery Swan Island
Davis Cemetery Sneedville
Davis Cemetery Kyles Ford
DeBord Cemetery Sneedville
Edd Cemetery Coleman Gap
Eden Cemetery Looney's Gap
Fletcher Cemetery Kyles Ford
Frazier Cemetery Swan Island
Goins Cemetery Sneedville
Gollihon Cemetery Sneedville
Green Cemetery Sneedville
Greene Cemetery Swan Island
Greene Cemetery Swan Island
Harkins Cemetery Coleman Gap

Harrison Cemetery Sneedville
Hatfield Cemetery Swan Island
Helton Cemetery Swan Island
Hensley Cemetery Swan Island
Holt Cemetery Swan Island
Horton Cemetery Looney's Gap
Johnson Cemtery Swan Island
Johnson Cemetery Kyles Ford
Kinsler Cemetery Kyles Ford
Lawson Cemetery Swan Island
Lemarr Cemetery Colemam Gap
Lexi Cemetery Back Valley
Livesay Cemetery Swan Island
Livesay Cemetery Kyles Ford
Manning Cemetery Coleman Gap
Martin Cemetery Sneedville
McCoy Cemetery Swan Island
Mills Cemetery Swan Island
Moles Cemetery Swan Island
Monday Cemetery Coleman Gap
Moneyhun Cemetery Looney's Gap
Montgomery Cemetery Coleman Gap
Murrell Cemetery Lee Valley
Neely Cemetery Kyles Ford
Overton Cemetery Coleman Gap
Owen Cemetery Coleman Gap
Parkey Cemetery Coleman Gap
Pridemore Cemetery Kyles Ford
Riley Cemetery Kyles Ford
Robinette Cemetery Looney's Gap
Rogers Cemetery Looney's Gap
Rosenbalm Cemetery Coleman Gap
Scrub Oak Cemetery Stanton
Seal Cemetery Swan Island
Seal Cemetery Sneedville
Snap Cemetery Looney's Gap
Suber Cemetery Coleman Gap
Testerman Cemetery Kyles Ford
Trent Cemetery Sneedville
Vaughn Cemetery Swan Island
Wallen Cemetery Kyles Ford
Weston Cemetery Kyles Ford
Williams Cemetery Swan Island
Willis Cemetery Kyles Ford
Winkler Cemetery Swan Island
Wolfenbarger Cemetery Back Valley

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