Take  1 oz. Paragoric

1 oz. Antimonial Wine

1 oz. Liquorice Ball

1 oz. Gum Arabic

Put the whole into an Eight ounce Phial.  Fill it with water and dissolve it and take a table spoon full night and moring and in the middle of the day and if it vomits a little so mutch the better.  And if it should vomit to mutch take smaller doses.

A prescription old John McKinney gave George Shutlz.


Curious, I looked up the ingredients.   Paragoric is a camphorated tincture of opium used to relieve pain.  Antimonial powder consists of one part oxide of antimony and two parts phosphate of calcium that has been used as a diaphoretic, emetic and cathartic called also James Powder.  Licorice is commonly prepared in the form of a gummy or rubbery paste for masking unpleasant flavors as of drugs or to impart a pleasing flavor in confections.  Gum Arabic is water soluble gum obtained from several acacias used in the manufacturing of adhesives, inks, and confectionary, in textiles and in pharmacy. 

To combine all the above ingredients certainly would ‘cure’ someone of an ailment.  ‘Antimonial Wine’ is a stumper, as I could not find any reference to a ‘wine’ made with Antimony. 

This information was found on a simple sheet of paper, folded many times, and was stuck in the pages of a small ledger belonging to George Washington Mathis.  George Washington Mathis was born in 1865 and died in 1921. 

Submitted by Geneva Mathis Waddell, Long Hollow Road, Parrottsville, TN.  JewellD43@aol.com Word Count: 254. Surnames: MATHIS, MCKINNEY, SHULTZ, WADDELL

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