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Big Springs Church Minutes

Big Springs Church Membership

History of Big Springs Missionary Baptist Church

This information was donated by Jan Carpenter at carpentr@eastman.com

I have just transcribed a notebook handwritten by Eula Mae Lyon McNutt with information about the Big Springs Baptist Church in Hancock County TN.  This document was written in 1990 and given to Hazel Begley (my grandfather's cousin).  Hazel gave me this document a year or so ago and I'm just getting around to transcribing it.  It has a lot of interesting information in it.

Big Springs Church Minutes

Compiled by Eula Mae Lyon McNutt Jan 1990

Info was given to Hazel Begley by Eula Mae McNutt

Jul 14, 1906 – Saturday – Received Bro David Allen as a new member by letter.

Nov 4, 1907 – Saturday – Received Bro Floyd Payne and John Hurd by experience. NOTE: John Hurd s/o William & Easter Edens Hurd. Floyd was married to Laura Willis (d/o David & Lydia Bledsoe Willis). Floyd died in Wise County VA. Buried in Meredith Cemetery, Jasper, Lee County VA.

Apr 3, 1908 – Saturday – Received Bro George Perry by relationship. Brother Charley Dean by experience. NOTE: George was the son of Isaac & Almira Rogers Perry.

May 3, 1908 – Saturday – Bro William Gilliam received by restoration.

Oct 3, 1908 – Saturday – Moved and received that all members of this church meet the 3rd Saturday in November and have their names enrolled on a new list as the old book is give out. G. L. Begley, Clerk

Dec 3, 1908 – Saturday – We grant Bro C. C. Gilliam a letter of dismissal

NOTE: I think he went to Independence – Eula

Feb 12, 1909 – Members received Rosa Willis, Linda Jane Willis, Allie Jane Willis, Laura Johnson, Brillar Gilliam, Martha Gilliam, Ibba Manor, Sinthy Herd, Joseph Bostic, and Worley Fields by experience. T. J. Berry, Moderator. G. L. Begley, Clerk.

NOTE: Allie Jane & Rosa Willis were daughters of John & Lizzie Willis. Linda Jane Willis was the daughter of James & Polly England Willis (who married Chris Lyon). Rosa died young of TB. Jane married William Osborne and died in South Carolina. Martha Gilliam was a Ford. She was the daughter of Mary Polly Edens and a 1st cousin of Easter Edens Hurd. Martha was the mother of Brillar Gilliam. She died between 1909 and 1910. Ibba Manor was Ibbie Fields, the daughter of James Fields and Elizabeth Roller. She married Samuel Maness. She is buried in the Hensley Cemetery in Speers Ferry. Sinthy Hurd – unsure – maybe Hugh Hurd’s sister. Worley Fields was the brother of Ibbie. Joseph Bostic was the son of David Bostic and the 1st husband of Aunt Mary Willis. He married Hester Gilliam, Brillar’s sister. Hester died in Oreton VA. Joseph married 2nd to Susie Gordon and died in Oreton, Lee County, VA. Aunt Mary married 2nd to Shad (Shaddrack) Hilton, twin brother of Squire Hilton. Laura Johnson was the daughter of Mary Francis Vannoy Johnson.

Feb 13, 1909 – Received Leonard Roller and Ethel Vannoy (Gilliam) by experience. James Fields by relationship.

Jul 3, 1909 – Committee selected to build a new church house as follows – Bro William Hurd, W. J. Begley, & A. J. Lyon (my Grandfather – Eula).

Dec 3, 1909 – Last entry in ledgers until Feb 4, 1913. Received by experience Sarah Begley (Dillon).

Jun 3, 1913 – All members of the church to be notified to meet next meeting to reorganize a church.

Jul 2, 1913 – Bro Hugh Hurd received as a member by letter

Feb 5, 1914 – Etta Kilgore by experience

May 4, 1914 – Received members Stella Lyon, Easter Vanzant, and Ludema Gilliam by experience. NOTE: Stella Lyon was the daughter of Alford Lyon & Ibba Wright Lyon. She married Harvie Shepherd. She is buried in East Stone Gap VA. Ludema Gilliam was the daughter of James Gilliam & Martha Ann Ford. Easter Vanzant was the daughter of Thomas & Rosa Lyon Vanzant. She married Dan Fisher and died in Blackwater, Lee County VA.

Feb 1, 1916 – Letter of dismiisal to Laura Roller (daughter of James & Margaret Jesse Begley)

Revival held Jan 15, 1917 – On the 26th received Charley Begley (son of George R. & Manervia Payne Begley), Henry Begley (son of Houston & Eliza Edens Begley. Married Dona Kilgore), John Hickman (son of Claiborne Hickman & Pharbia Edens Dean Hickman), Arthur Hurd (son of William & Easter Edens Hurd. Married Edna Frazier), Dona Kilgore (Begley), Gracie Kilgore (daughter of C. S. & Ida Vaughn Kilgore. Married McKinley Anderson), Julia Begley (daughter of Will & Pamela Roller Begley), James & William Bellamy (sons of Anderson Bellamy and Almira Ford), Marshall Hilton (son of Squire & Catherine Tignor Hilton. Married Elvira Rogers, daughter of Liza Purcell & Moses Rogers), and Brillar Gilliam (daughter of James Gilliam & Martha Ann Ford).

May 4, 1917 – Members received Arthur M. Purcell & Ervin Purcell (sons of Worley and Elizabeth Fuller Purcell) and Pearley Lawson (daughter of George & Almira Bloomer Lawson. Married George Hurd). Granted letters of dismissal to Laura Horton.

Revival Jan 12, 1918 – Received Bro Jeff Rogers (son of Moses & Eliza Purcell Rogers. Married Lena Horton), George Frazier (son of Milow & Sallie Johnson Frazier. Married Flora Scalf), Charlie Roller, Willie Roller (son of Red Dock Roller, I think – Eula), Lucian Bellamy, Nettie Sloon, Bessie Begley (Goins), Alice Robinette (Gilliam), Znonie (?) Sloon, William Robinette, and J. G. (Jay) Begley by experience. Easter Edens Hurd, Lizzie Purcell Rogers, Mollie Church Robinette, & Almira Ford Bellamy by letter.

Jan 4, 1918 – Maude Hurd Davis by experience (w/o William Davis, s/o Hannah Purcell Davis Church and John Davis) and Martha Anderson Tignor by relationship.

Apr 4, 1918 – Bro Charlie Bledsoe by letter, Rebecca Bledsoe (Charlie’s wife), & Verna Lawson (Head) by experience.

Apr 4, 1919 – Granted letter of dismissal to Charlie & Bertha Begley. Received Ada Hurd by experience.

Apr 4, 1920 – Received Eliza Edens Begley (daughter of Curtis Edens & Sarah Caroline Combs Edens. Wife of Houston Begley) & Marie Begley.

Apr 3, 1922 – Baptising set for Sunday, 930am at river near Moses C. Rogers. NOTE: Did not say who was baptized – Eula.

Revival meeting Jan 29, 1922 – Received Virgie Hickman, Edna Frazier, Worley Vanzant, Garland Kerns by experience. James Willis by relationship.

Feb 8, 1922 – Received Ibba & Ida Begley, Ova Williams, William Vanzant, Isaac Vanzant, Trig Willis, Lilly Begley, Lana Rogers by experience.

Feb 9, 1922 – Received Pharse Williams under watch care of the church. Lilburn Blaylock, Sarah (Hall) Bledsoe, Nettie (McGinnis) Vanzant, and Worley Willis by experience.

May 3, 1922 – By baptism, Ibbie & Ida Begley, Ova Williams, Virgie Hickman, Nettie Vanzant, William Vanzant, Isaac Vanzant, & Worley Willis.

Revival Mar 13, 1923 – Received Ida Kilgore, Lillie Kilgore, Laura Lyon, Lucy Henry, Gilmer Begley, Luther Begley, Elmer Begley, Roy Begley, Gale Hurd, Grady Robinette, and George Robinette by experience.

Apr 3, 1923 – moved to exclude Bro Marshall Hilton from the church for heresy.

Jun 3, 1923 – Received Minnie Lyon and Luther Hurd by experience. Received sister Eliza Edens Begley, Mary Begley, Lillie Begley, Gilmer Begley, Luther Begley, Elmer Begley, Roy Begley, Ida Kilgore, Laura Lyon, Minnie Lyon, Alice Robinette, George Robinette, Grady Robinette, Lucie Henry, and Gale Hurd by experience. Ballard A. Smith, Moderator. George L. Begley, Clerk.

Sep 3, 1923 – Brother Pharse Williams name is to be erased.

Big Springs Church Membership

Compiled by Eula Mae Lyon McNutt Jan 1990

Info was given to Hazel Begley by Eula Mae McNutt

Additional Info added by Jan Carpenter

Organized Members – Jun 17, 1876

A. Y. Click – died Jul 23, 1904 in Fannin County TX. Buried in Moors Chapel Church Cemetery near Bonham TX.

Mary Payne Click – died Dec 1894

William H. Herrin – died 1910

Andrew Roller – born 1834 – died Aug 16, 1917

Tilda (Matilda) Andrews Roller – born Sep 3, 1846 – died Sep 11, 1921

D. H. (David) Jessee

Elizabeth Click Jessee – d/o A. Y. & Mary Payne Click – died Jun 8, 1922 in Texas

George R. Begley – born Sep 4, 1844 - died Jan 16, 1919

Minervia Payne Begley – born Sep 27, 1849 - died Mar 9, 1891

James M. Purcell – born 1805 – died 1879. Married Elizabeth Rouse.

William Purcell

Other Members

James Begley – born May 18, 1847 - died Feb 26, 1936

Houston C. Begley – born Feb 20, 1870 - died Apr 4, 1943 (son of James and Margaret Jesse Begley). Married Eliza Edens (d/o Curtis Edens and Sarah Caroline Combs)

Liza Purcell Rogers – born Sep 3 1863 - died Sep 19, 1935 (daughter of Matthew Van Buren Purcell & Elvira Edens Purcell). Married Moses Rogers.

Hattie Purcell Hurd – born Mar 6, 1882 – died Feb 2, 1949 - (daughter of Matthew Van Buren Purcell & Elvira Edens Purcell). Married Houston Hurd.

George L. Begley – born Apr 9, 1879 - died May 31, 1954 – (s/o James & Margaret Jesse Begley). Married Belva Purcell.

Cordeal Herd – dismissed by letter

Palma Roller Begley – born Apr 27, 1876 - died Jan 8, 1960. (d/o Andrew Roller & 2nd wife Matilda Andrews). Married William J. Begley.

Laura Begley (Roller) – dismissed by letter Feb 1st, 1916

Mazie Roller Purcell – born about 1875 - died Dec 8, 1912 (d/o Andrew Roller & 2nd wife Matilda Andrews). Married James Purcell.

Janie Hurd (Horton) – born Dec 19, 1887 - died Mar 13, 1943 (d/o William Hurd and Easter Edens Hurd) – married Noah Horton – divorced.

Laura Hurd (Lyon) – May 10, 1886 - died May 13, 1917 (d/o William Hurd and Easter Edens Hurd) – wife of Daniel Lyon

William Albright – excluded

William J. Begley – born Sep 12, 1872 - died Apr 5, 1936 (s/o James Begley & Margaret Jesse). Married Palma Roller.

L. C. Begley – dismissed by letter on Jan 1, 1927

R. C. Begley – dismissed by letter on May 3, 1925

Cid Lyon (Sidna Maybelle Lyon Lawson) – died Oct 1, 1965

Rosa Lyon (Vanzant)

Rettie Lyon (Bloomer)

Elvira Rogers – born Jul 1884 – died Sep 23, 1954 (d/o Eliza Purcell & Moses Rogers). Married Marshall Hilton

William Herd – born Mar 8, 1862 - died Nov 9, 1943 (s/o John & Eleanor Hurd). Married Easter Edens

Luther Kilgore

John Kilgore – died 1947

Harrison Kilgore – died Oct 1975

William Fields

George Hurd – born Apr 17, 1887 – died 1941 in Idaho (son of William & Easter Edens Hurd). Married Pearl Lawson

John Hurd – born Apr 6, 1894 – died Feb 1969 in Idaho (son of William & Easter Edens Hurd)

James Purcell – born May 15, 1868 - died Jan 7, 1948 (son of Matthew Van Buren Purcell & Elvira Edens). Married Mazie Roller.

Charley Dean – born May 29, 1894 – died Sep 18, 1969 (son of Fielden Dean and Pharbia Edens). Married Martha Ann Hurd (d/o Jesse Hurd & Roscena Bledsoe)

Patrick Arrington – died May 5, 1941

Worley Lawson

Mack Gilliam – born Jun 1888 (son of Martha Ford and James Gilliam)

David Herd – dismissed by letter on Aug 3, 1922

Lula Bell Edens Herd – born Apr 11, 1886 - died in the 1950’s (d/o George Edens & Sarah Jane Brickey). Married Hugh Hurd.

Belva Purcell Begley – born Apr 9, 1879 - died Dec 29, 1954 (d/o Matthew Van Buren Purcell & Elvira Edens). Married George L. Begley

Dolly Bowling Purcell – born Apr 11, 1884 – died Sep 1959 (d/o Dr William Bowling & Sarah Weatherly). Married Orbin Purcell

Ollie Dean (Hurd) – born Apr 21, 1896 (daughter of Fielden Dean and Pharbia Edens). Married Worley Hurd (s/o Jesse Hurd & Roscena Bledsoe)

Betsy Lawson

Mickey Gilliam – excluded – born Mar 1890 (son of Martha Ford and James Gilliam)

Dona Begley – born Jan 23, 1891 - died Mar 2, 1912 (d/o James Begley & Margaret Jesse Begley)

Leonard Roller

Joseph Bostic

Ibba Fields Manis

Laura Johnson – dismissed by letter May 4, 1917

Linda Jane Willis Lyons – died Nov 25, 1983

Allie Jane Willis Osborne – died in South Carolina

Rosa Willis – deceased

James Willis

Sara Begley (Dillon) – born Nov 1896 (d/o Houston Begley & Eliza Edens). Married Parkey Dillon.

Etta Kilgore (Nickols/Spradlin) – dismissed by letter

Bertha Catron Begley – dismissed by letter Apr 4, 1919

Stella Lyon (Shepherd) – died in Wise County VA

Easter Vanzant (Fisher) – died in Blackwater VA

Ludema Gilliam – born Sep 1892 (daughter of Martha Ford and James Gilliam) NOTE: Larkin, her nephew, gave her body for science - Eula

Charlie Begley – dismissed by letter Apr 4, 1919

Henry Begley – dismissed by letter Jun 7, 1947 – born Jun 25, 1898 – died Jan 1984 (son of Houston Begley & Eliza Edens). Married Dona Kilgore

John Hickman – born – Apr 29, 1900 - died Aug 4, 1929 (son of Claiborne Hickman and Pharbia Edens)

Arthur Hurd – born about 1897 (son of William & Easter Edens Hurd).


Ray Hurd – dismissed by letter Mar 1, 1964 – born Mar 31, 1895 – died Apr 22, 1990 (son of William & Easter Edens Hurd). Married Dona Purcell (daughter of James Purcell & Mazie Roller Purcell)

James Bellamy

Willie Bellamy

Marshall Hilton – excluded Apr 3, 1923 – born Nov 6, 1891 – Jun 19, 1961. Married Elvira Rogers.

Worley Hurd – dismissed by letter

Moses C. Rogers – born Nov 2, 1856 - died July 30, 1926 (son of Thurman Rogers & Patience Church). Married Sarah Elizabeth Purcell

Arthur M. Purcell – dismissed by letter Feb 1, 1927 – born Apr 20, 1895 – died Mar 10, 1945 (son of Worley Purcell & Elizabeth Fuller Purcell). Married Mary Elizabeth Horton

Charles Ervin Purcell – born Sep 4, 1896 – died May 21, 1961 (son of Worley Purcell & Elizabeth Fuller Purcell). Married Thelma Holcomb

Socia Hilton – died Nov 15, 1983

Dona Kilgore (Begley) – dismissed by letter Jun 7, 1920. Married Henry Begley (s/o Houston C. & Eliza Edens Begley)

Gracie Kilgore (Anderson)

Julia Begley

Brillar Gilliam – born Mar 1893 – died Jan 1967 (daughter of Martha Ford and James Gilliam)

Easter Edens Hurd – born Sep 8, 1867 - died Feb 19, 1943 (d/o George Edens & Sarah Jane Brickey). Married William Hurd

Charlie Bledsoe – dismissed by letter Aug 3, 1922

Jeff Rogers – born Jun 1891 - (son of Moses Rogers and Liza Purcell Rogers). Married Lena Horton

Jay Begley

Willie Roller

George Frazier – died in Idaho

Hiram Purcell – born Jul 29, 1899 - (son of James Purcell & Mazie Roller Purcell). Married Mary Elizabeth Gilliam

Hannah Purcell (Davis/Church) – born Feb 21, 1866 – died about 1943 (daughter of Matthew Van Buren Purcell & Elvira Edens) – w/o John Davis – divorced – w/o Thomas Church (son of William "Old Billy" Church & Martha Patsy Allen.

Bessie Begley (Goins) – (w/o Zack Goins)

Pearlie Lawson (Hurd) – born Oct 18, 1899 – died 1958 (wife of George Hurd)

Nettie Sloon

Luanie Sloon

Martha Tignor Anderson – died 1957

Ada Hurd – born about 1906 (d/o Hugh Hurd & Lula Edens)

Ibba Begley – born 1875 - died 1954 (d/o James Begley & Margaret Jesse Begley)

Ida Begley – born 1877 - died 1959 (d/o James Begley & Margaret Jesse Begley)

Ova Williams

Virgie Hickman – dismissed by letter – born Feb 15, 1910 – died Aug 7, 1959 (daughter of Claiborne Hickman & Pharbia Edens)

Edna (Frazier) Hurd – died 1958

Worley Vanzant

Nettie (McGinnis) Vanzant – died in California in 1990

William Vanzant – died in Ohio

Isaac Vanzant – died Aug 13, 1950

Worley Willis – dismiised by letter. Died in VA Hospital in Johnson City TN.

Lloyd Johnson – died Aug 23, 1951

James Willis – died Oct 20, 1934

Eliza Edens Begley – born Jan 1871 - died Apr 15, 1951 (d/o Curtis Edens & Sarah Caroline Combs). Married Houston C. Begley.

Mary Begley – born Feb 1900 (daughter of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens)

Lillie Begley (Robinette) – died Nov 1957 (daughter of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens). Married L. C. Robinette

Gilmer Begley – born Jun 3, 1905 – died Jun 1, 1981 (son of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens)

Luther Begley – dismissed by letter – born Dec 4, 1906 – died Dec 1973 (son of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens). Married Lillie Kilgore.

Elmer Begley – born Apr 6, 1910 - died of typhoid fever on Dec 18, 1923 (s/o George L Begley & Belva Purcell)

Roy Begley – (son of William & Palma Roller Begley)

Ida (Vanzant) Kilgore – died Jul 13, 1947

Lillie Kilgore (Begley) – dismissed by letter

Laura Lyon (Kilgore) – died Aug 17, 1941

Minnie Lyon (Winston)

Alice Robinette (Gilliam)

Grady Robinette

George Robinette

Lucie Henry

Gale Hurd – born about 1908 (s/o Hugh Hurd & Lula Edens). Married Bessie Hilton

Luther Hurd – born May 6, 1908 – Jun 18, 1995 (son of William & Easter Edens Hurd)

Hazel Begley – born Feb 21, 1912 – died July 26, 2004 – (daughter of George L. & Belva Purcell Begley)

Janie Hickman – dismissed by letter – born Feb 21, 1912 – died Oct 6, 1992. (daughter of Claiborne Hickman & Pharbia Edens). Married Doyle Hurd.

Gaither Henry

Arthur Henry – died 1957

Rufus Begley – (son of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens). Married D. J. Jones

Newt Hurd – born about 1912 (s/o (Hugh Hurd & Lula Edens). Married Bertha Hubbard

Virgie (Robinette) Begley – born Oct 14, 1896 – died 1985. Married Kemper Begley

Lena (Horton) Rogers – dismissed by letter Mar 1, 1964 – born Jul 14, 1900 – died Jan 18, 1993 (d/o Isaac Horton & Nettie Bloomer). Married Jefferson Rogers.

Minnie Henry – died Nov 16, 1929

Mary Henry – dismissed by letter

Beatrice Anderson – died Oct 14, 1936

Nina Henry

Beulah Lawson (Head) – died Nov 12, 1968

Lydia Lee Lawson

Pearl Roller

Bonnie Begley (Mathis)

Alice Trent

Woodrow Begley – (s/o William J. & Palma Roller Begley)

Charlie Hurd – dismissed by letter – born about 1914 (son of Houston Hurd & Hattie Purcell)

Vertie Scalf – (d/o Don & Bunie Scalf)

Mary Scalf – (d/o Don & Bunie Scalf)

George Horton – dismissed by letter

Ellis Arrington – died in the 1940’s

Harrison Hurd – born Feb 26, 1913 – died May 3, 2000 (s/o Hugh Hurd & Lula Edens). Married Carrie Jones

Hobert Lawson

Maudie (Hall) Arrington (Way)

Elsie Horton – born Apr 23, 1915 - died Mar 30, 1937 (d/o Noah Horton & Jane Hurd)

Laura Lyon (Peters) – died Oct 4, 1982

Pheobe Vanzant (Sizemore/Brotherton)

A. M. Begley – born Aug 11, 1905 – Apr 9, 1986 - (son of George L. & Belva Purcell Begley). Married Ella Mae Palmer.

Ronald Begley – born Nov 3, 1914 – died Sep 1984 (son of George L. & Belva Purcell Begley)

Ballard Begley – born Apr 12, 1915 – died Jun 2, 1994 (son of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens)

Fred Purcell – born Jun 24, 1915 – died Feb 7, 1995 (son of Arthur Marion Purcell & Mary Elizabeth Horton). Married 1st Helen Arnold & 2nd Edna Hensley

Bud Anderson

Dorothy Anderson

Bessie (Hilton) Hurd – born 1913 (daughter of Elvira Rogers & Marshall Hilton). Married Gale Hurd.

Zack Goins – Married Bessie Begley

Walter Still – died in Lusby Maryland

Iona Lyon (Hilton)

Jerlean Lyon (Anderson)

Ballard Lyon – killed in action in US Army

Lizzie Vanzant – died in Oregon or Idaho

Emmit Vanzant

Charlie Horton – dismissed by letter

Ray Hurd – born 1918 (son of Hugh Hurd & Lula Edens). Married Lizzie Hilton

Edna Vanzant (Alvis/Allen) – dismissed by letter

Guy McMillan

Ruth England (Vanzant/Camden)

Mae (Neeley) Johnson – died Nov 24, 1956

Socia Gilliam – born 1917 - died in 1990’s (daughter of Harmon & Flora Gilliam)

Ray Lawson

Myrtle Hurd (Wallen) – dismissed by letter – born 1922 (daughter of Houston Hurd & Hattie Purcell). Married Bascum Wallen.

Jimmy Kilgore

Madge Horton – dismissed by letter

Carl Horton – born Sep 26, 1919 – died Aug 13, 1994 (s/o Noah Horton & Jane Hurd). Married Melvina Casteel

Ray Begley

Leona Hurd Wilder

Lizzie Rogers (Watts) – dismissed by letter – born 1924 (daughter of Jefferson Rogers & Lena Horton). Married Arthur Watts

Robert Horton – dismissed by letter

Annie Hurd Hurd Perry

Lurana Lyons Robinette

M. C. Rogers – dismissed by letter – born 1926 (son of Jefferson Rogers & Lena Horton). Married Evaline Price

A. J. Lyon – dismissed by letter May 8, 1948

James Begley – dismissed by letter Mar 1, 1964 – born Dec 17, 1901 – died Nov 10, 1973 (son of Houston C. Begley & Eliza Edens)

Claude Hurd – born about 1926 (s/o Arthur Hurd & Edna Frazier)

Rev L. D. Robinette – died Nov 1957

Mary (Green) Robinette – died Mar 2, 1952

Georgia (Williams) Begley – born Oct 20, 1920 – died Oct 28, 2001 – (daughter of Worley Williams & Mary Head). Married Ballard Begley.

Mattie (Williams) Begley

Junior Begley – born Jul 1, 1932 (son of A. M. Begley & Ella Mae Palmer)

Lowell Begley – dismissed by letter Mar 1, 1964 – born Aug 24, 1933 (son of A. M. Begley & Ella Mae Palmer)

Annabel Begley – born Jan 29, 1935 - (daughter of A. M. Begley & Ella Mae Palmer)

Alma Hurd (Head) – (d/o Arthur Hurd & Edna Frazier)

Eugene Hurd – (s/o Arthur Hurd & Edna Frazier)

Kyle Hurd

Eula Mae Lyon (McNutt)

Laura Madeline Hurd (Begley) – born about 1930 – died Mar 31, 2001 (d/o Arthur Hurd & Edna Frazier). Married James Begley

Clarence Begley – born Feb 28, 1936 (son of A. M. Begley & Ella Mae Palmer)

Fred Begley – born Dec 25, 1937 (son of A. M. Begley & Ella Mae Palmer)

Jim Hurd – died May 8, 1949

Frank Hurd

D. H. Hurd

Betty Sue Anderson Smith

Hugh H. Hurd – born Nov 1885 (son of Jeremiah & Orlean Hurd)

Harold Begley

Edd Hurd

Lula Maude Begley – died Jan 17, 1998 (daughter of Ballard & George Williams Begley) Married John Elmer Edens

Kate Hurd

Gaadys Rhea Hurd

Betty Hurd

Ida Lou Anderson Black

Kermit Perry

Connie Begley

Ricky Begley

Patsy Hurd

History of Big Springs Missionary Baptist Church

Researched and Compiled by Eula Mae Lyon McNutt

(from old church Ledgers and other known/proven facts)

January 1990

This info was given to Hazel Begley by Eula Mae Lyon McNutt

My Dad went to school one day in his life in the old log school house. The stovepipe went up and then elbowed out the side of the house. Paper of some sort was pasted on the logs. Remember, Dad (Chris Lyon) was born on Dec 25, 1882. The stove pipe had a split in it near the wall. The blaze would lick out the crack now and then. Dad watched that most of the day and it finally caught the paper on fire on the wall. Dad hollered "House on Fire". The teacher grabbed the water bucket and dashed it on the wall and the fire went out – then grabbed a willow switch and striped my Dad from head to heels for disturbing class. Grand Dad (Andy Lyon) told him to stay at home. He could print C. Lyon is all he knew, but he had plenty of common mind. He could figure to a dot and was a good carpenter. He could get the inches to a degree and a perfect fit. The old log school house was so badly in a dilapidated condition, leaning toward the branch; it was propped up with poles. There were strong odds of it falling and killing the children. No one wanted to lend a nickel or a hand to build a new one. It came a hard storm one night. Andy Lyon and boys Chris, Crew, & Alf, Tom Vanzant, Bill Hurd, and some more pulled it down to make people think the wind tore it down. Someone figured it was torn down to keep Napoleon Williams from teaching school, but it was unsafe was the reason so they could build a new one. The Williams’ I think maybe tried to sue some of them. Anyway, Andy Lyon was on the building committee I see by the church ledgers.

July 3rd, 1909 – Saturday – T. J. Berry met Saturday evening and appointed a committee to build a church house. William Herd, W. J. Begley, & A. J. Lyons was selected.

There wasn’t any meetings reported from Nov 3, 1909 until Feb 4, 1913, so I presume this was the period the church and the school was being built. A saw mill was setup below our spring on A. J. Lyon’s place and he gave timber and had it sawed and hauled from Scott County VA to Tennessee to build both buildings. Between Francis Marion Lyon and his Uncle Andy Lyon far as I can find out were the creators of land and the first and third buildings for Big Springs church & school. No deeds were ever found for the land. It was supposed to serve people in the community (VA & TN) and the surrounding area. It was for the good of all people, then and later.

When I went to school on several occasions I was told by the Dry Valley Hurds’ I had no business coming from VA to TN to school. I was told I needed to stay at home because their people paid the taxes for the school and mine didn’t. I would go home mad and crying and say that I’m not going to school, I’m not legal, my parents don’t pay taxes. Dad would say "You go to school and if you are jumped on and have to leave, tear the place apart. Throw the seats out the window and roll them down to the church house. Nothing will be done about it. It’s more yours than it is theirs" was all he would say. So, I went back. I had been jumped on one day about school. I went up to Lloyd’s store to see if there was any mail. Lloyd asked me why I’d been crying. I said I’m not coming back to school and I told him why. He said "You go to school and the day they make you quit, I’ll lock the door. Then we’ll see who goes to school". I never knew the background until Jim Hurd brought it up 7 or 8 years ago. He said his Daddy told him how it was built then I started my detective work. They never jumped Dan Lyon’s children because their Kilgore’s lived in Tennessee and paid taxes. They ran my sister Laura and all Tom Vanzant’s kids and all of John Willis’ off out of Tennessee. I was the only one who finished school (except Dan Lyon’s kids). I had many fights on the way home from school over that problem. I never got whipped in a fight. I busted noses and eyes with my fist or dinner pail or book satchel. I never did run from a fight nor start one. If I had done either one (run or start one) my Dad said he would whip the hell out of me. So I had no choice but to take my part. Christmas day, 1989, Cecil Begley’s wife called me from Mattie’s asking for Begley information. I wrote for about 4 days and mailed her all I had. She said Woodrow (Begley) had given her a deed to the church house that W. J. Begley had kept for years. She said Bessie & Zack’s (Goins) Naomi had it in a chest keeping it for her. I asked her to please make me a Xerox copy as no one had ever saw a deed and records that survived the fire Deed Books 1930 at Sneedville had none recorded for either the church or the school. It’s been over a year and she never even let me know she got the huge package – and still no deed. Silence………… Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I was just curious to see if there was one after all the abuse I had to contend with. I never told any teacher of the troubles or we would all have gotten willow switches for fighting even if I did not choose to do so in self-defense. So, I took what they dished out, but they usually got worse than I did! The boys were mostly the ones I fought. Hubert Hurd was the worst one. He finally got afraid. He never did whip me. I have to tell this one on T. J. Rogers. I don’t even remember it, but he told everyone in Dry Valley about this one. T. J. said once Hubert picked a fight out of me. I knocked him down and had straddled him, beating the heck out of him. T. J. said he felt sorry for Hubert and jumped on my back to get me off of him. I flipped my shoulder and T. J. fell off on his back. He said he had knuckle knots on his head for several days. T. J. told this the last two years at the music festival out at Hurd’s in the valley and everybody laughed about it.

I have copies of a few old deeds Sarah Jane Roller took to the Kilgore’s when she moved there to die. When all moved to Texas to live they gave to her as only one left behind in Tennessee and who might need them for some purpose. I also have some other deeds. All fits in land on Tennessee and rest on Virginia is recorded in Gate City VA. I could write more, but I think I have covered all the main details of the area. Andy Lyon had a sister Lavicia Ellen that married Daniel Edens (Rev George Edens brother) and moved to Barry County, MO. George Edens mother I was told was a Martha Begley who married Isham Edens. Brillar Gilliam’s grandmother Mary Polly Edens was a sister to George Edens.

I will go over my cemetery records and compare them with the list of church members and see how much I can add to the list of names. I have many clippings in boxes. I will not try to look over them – it would probably take a year! I may have some in scrap books. I have four Scott County VA cemetery books & four Hawkins County TN cemetery books, plus copies of Vol 5 Scott County VA in the process of being published.

Before I forget, I believe when Marion Lyon sold out he may have left the church records with A. H. Neeley near the church. Their daughter Mattie J Neely (born May 12, 1889 – died Nov 13, 1918) could have been the clerk. I remember the letters over the stage on the wall at Big Springs. I was told Mattie made those letters out of green cedar and dried bachelor buttons. Mattie probably had the old books when they got full in 1905 and kept them. Joe and Coy probably destroyed a fortune in old papers she hoarded and they trashed it all. There were about five locked trunks on the back porch and two on the porch between the kitchen door and the corner of the front towards the store. Mae was born in 1902 and died Nov 24, 1956. I don’t know who else could have them, unless W. J. Begley had them. If so, and Cecil’s wife got them, we can kiss the years 1872-1905 goodbye.

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