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I have seen many references to various Harvey Gibsons in Hancock County, TN, and particularly a mixup in the Harvey Gibson who married Eliza Mizer families, etc. Hopefully, this will clarify the Hancock County Harveys.

Harvey H. Gibson, born April 9, 1902, Hancock County, son of Jarvis and Amanda Hicks Carroll Gibson. Died June 10, 1979 in Sneedville, Hancock County, Tennessee. Buried Campbell Cemetery, Sneedville. Married Dolly Mae Tackett, daughter of Oscar Tackett and Clara? Issue:

Grant Huston Gibson , born November 5, 1948 in Hancock County, Tennessee.

Clara Louise Gibson born May 5, 1951 in Hancock County, Tennessee. Married William Grant Lamb and (2) Darryl C. Mabe.

Mandy Gibson married Lawrence Banks.

Jarvis was the son of Dotson and Mary Gibson Gibson. Amanda was the daughter of William Hicks. She was first married to Richard Carroll.

Sources: Obituary for Harvey Gibson,

Conversation with Harvey Gibson in 1960's

Conversations with my grandmother, Lena Sexton Gibson who was Harvey's sister-in-law

Conversations with Clara Mabe, who is Harvey's daughter.

Tombs of Harvey and his wife Dolly Tackett Gibson in Campbell Cemetery, Sneedville, TN.

1850 Census for Scott Co., VA for Dotson Gibson showing Jarvis to be son.

1910 Census for Hancock Co. TN showing Harvey to be son of Jarvis.

This Harvey was a half-brother to my grandfather.

Harvey Gibson son of Franklin and Mina Mullins Gibson, born 1872 married Eliza Mizer.

Franklin was the son of Dotson Gibson and Mary Gibson Gibson. Jemina (Mina) was the daughter of Hezekiah and Juda Mullins. Franklin was my gr grandfather's brother.

Sources: W. P. Grohse, Reel 4

Conversations with various members of my Gibson families. This Harvey was a first cousin of my grandfather.

1850 Census for Scott County,VA showing Franklin to be son of Dotson.

1850 Census for Hancock Co., TN showing Mina to be daughter of Hezekiah and Juda Mullins

1880 Census for Hancock Co., TN showing Harvey to be son of Franklin and Mina.

1910 Census for Hancock County, TN showing Harve Gibson Family.

DW 117/Fam 117;

Harve Gibson 45 M2 14 years TN TN TN

Elizzie Gibson 55 M2 14 years TN TN TN

Elizzie mother of 6/ 5 living, i.e. Ida 20, Ervin 11, Julie 8, Laura 6, Mollie 2, Ralph 2 1/2


Ida Gibson, born ca 1890 md Fleenor Gibson (May 7, 1865, Hancock County, Tennessee, died May 11, 1937 Kyles Ford, Tennessee), son of Paul Gibson,

Sources: Death record of Fleenor at Harrison Funeral Home, Rogersville, Tennessee. Information furnished by wife, Ida Gibson. Issue:

Arky, born 1915

Harvey Gibson born ca 1917 married Goldie Johnson and was the father of Sheriff Gene Aughtry Gibson.

Source: W. P.Grohse Files, Reel 4 re Gene A. Gibson,

Obituaries for some of these family members.

Stella Gibson born 1919

d. Myrtle Gibson born 1921

Helen Gibson, born 1923

Mehala (Halie) Gibson born 1907 married to, Monroe Collins, son of Rev. Abijah and Lively Collins and lived on Panther Creek. Monroe Roe Collins reported by Grohse to have previously been married to Maggie Miser, sister of Eliza Miser and they had one son, Hiram (Jocko).


W. P. Grohse, Reel #4

1900 Census Hancock Co., TN showing Halie to be daughter of Harvey Gibson and Eliza Mizer.

1910 Census Hancock Co., TN census showing Roe to be married to Maggie Mizer

1920 Census Hancock Co., TN showing Roe to be married to Halie.

Hopefully, this documentation will clarify the different Harveys and their relationships. These Harveys were all in my family lines.

Your Host for Hancock County Tennessee

Mrs. Betty T Miller