Various Grundy County TN Cemeteries

(Submitted by Gwen Ledford Rice)

Grave located when land was being cleared for the new Grundy High School:

Transcribed as written on stone:

Henry Geissler
Was born in Germany
Died and Buried Here
Aged about
76 years
An honest man

Near Sweeten Hill Church (Coalmont area), other side of road ditch:

Frank Johnson, SP 5 US Army WWII Jan 1923-Jun 27 1978

Katharine Meeks, born Mar 1861 died Feb 1936

Elijah Meeks born Aug 1843 died Apr 9, 1915 {view headstone photo}

small stone that maybe a marker for a child-uncertain

"At Rest" Captain Brad Roberts no dates {view headstone photo} (note added 01/25/2011 by David Johnson: Caution- this photo no way matches this description, because it has dates and a different rank and name. I do not know what has occurred here.)

Knowledge of these 2 graves were brought to Gwen's attention when in Grundy Co.  They are in the middle of a cow pasture unprotected from the cows. It appears that there may have been other stones but they are no longer there.

Jordan Sanders
PVT 1 Tenn
MTD Vols

Solomon Sanders
Continental Line
Rev War

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