Summerfield Cemetery located between
Monteagle and Tracy City

Info. collected by Charles Sherrill in 1977.
There have been many more burials since then.
Submitted by Janelle Taylor

All words in red are handwritten on the image.

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Annie Renshaw Summers
William Henry Rieder
Martha Lee Rieder
Haskin Rieder
James Rieder
Dewey Rieder
W.O. Campbell Leverton
Vernon Campbell Leverton
Dewey Campbell Leverton
Charles Westley Garner
Martha E. McBee
M.A. Knighton
Eileen W. Trussell
James W. Trussell
Zachery Taylor Stephens
Melvin H. Sanders
Cleveland E. Sanders
Grover C. Sanders
Emma D. Sanders
J.P. Meeks
Arena Meeks
Nellie Trussell
Bessie Partin Trussell
Henry Bonell Truesell
William A. Trussell
Henry B. Trussell
Martha T. Bascom
Seth Clark Bascom
Evelyn Gipson
James W. Shetters
William Layne (Bill)
Nettie Parker Layne
Louisana Hall
Mike Burns
Marvin Patterson
3 Patterson Infants
Jesse W. Thomas
Katie E. Thomas
Alan T. Thomas
Sarah A. Thomas
Margaret Hazel thomas
J.F. Thomas
Jessica F. Thomas
James A. Thomas
Nancy Summers

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G.W. Summers
Aunt Tut Sanders
Andrew "Jack" Garner
Nancy Ann Garner
J.H. Trussel
Martha C. Trussel
Jesse E. McGregor
Martha Belle McGregor
John Meeks
Margaret Louise Turner
Raymon E. Thomas
J.T. Turner
Thomas M. Levan
William Levan, Jr.
Franklin Levan
Grace Lee Levan
Susan Levan
William Levan
Reva Lee Messick
Mary Ann Johnson
John Wesley Johnson
Myrtle R. Layne
Issac H. Layne
Archie E. Thomas
Nora Layne
Laster Smith
David Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Sanders
Marvin Sanders
Hattie Hill
W.T. Hill
Lucille Gipson
Hugh Gipson
Morris R. Hill
Mary Virginia Adams
John G. Adams
Cesster Johnson
Carry L. Fields
Stillborn dau. Yarber
Josie T. Yarber
P.T. Thomas
Mrs. P.T. Thomas
Arthur E. Thomas

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Henry Bailey
Esther Bailey
Sarah E. Pirtle
A.W. Aylor
Rebecca Aylor
Ida Summers
Vina Summers
E.M. Haynes
Henry Hall
Clercy E. Haynes
Sarah E. Hall
J.B. Haynes
Ninnie Olive Haynes
Ausborne Thompson
Katie Thompson
Matt Sanders
Rena Sanders
James S. Sanders
Catherine Sanders
Cathrine King
Sarah E. Johnson
Robert L. Johnson
Henry Lee Johnson
Hannah J. Johnson
S.L. Johnson
Losson Hill Levan
Martha H. Levan
Lawson H. Levan
Howard Layne
Little Alton (Pack?)
Little Ireane Pack
Little Mary Layne
Little Luie Lay(ne?)
Emma Layne
Maggie Layne
A. Jane Hanley
Katherine Joyce Ogelvie
Winnie B. Meeks
James A. Meeks

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N.J. Summers
Mary Jane Blackwell Layne
Lester Layne
Eva Belle Layne King
A.K. Layne
Virginia W. Martin
Ida B. Partin
G. Houston Partin
John Wesley Partin
Zora B. Meeks
Eliza J. Layne
Bea Williams
James David Nunley
Lucy Ann Nunley
Matilda Lee Durham
Charles C. Westerfield
William H. Thomas
Martha E. Thomas
Arch Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
William M. Thomas
Roy Thomas
Elmer Thomas
Marvin H. Johnson
DeWitt Johnson
Mary Alma Johnson
Betty Scott Stephens
Frankie C. Scott
Jim Scott
George E. Brown
Ella A. Brown
Annie L. Layne Gilliam
Dellie Gilliam
Sammie M. McBee
Clyde McBee
Mickel A. McBee
Nellie A. McBee
Henry Dyer
William Dyer
Clarence H. Henley
William H. Harbolt

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Wooten A. Adams
Clara E. Scruggs Adams
Nancy A. Layne Scruggs
Annie May Smith
Stephen J. Smith
Samantha Paralee Smith
Arthur Layne
William D. Cox
Venna C. Cox
Annie L. Cox
M.P. Horton
Parry M. Horton
Zilpha Mae Horton
W.H. Marlowe
Troyce Ann Hill
James Wilson Cox
Susie Etheline Cox
Samuel A. Adams
A. (L.?) Bouldin

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