Orange Hill Cemetery in Tracy City

Surveyed by Charles Sherrill
Submitted by Janelle Taylor

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Franklin Hanson
Frank C. Lockhart
Alice J. Lockhart
John A. Vanhooser
Gemima R. Vanhooser
Mary Annie Fredrick
I.N. Fredrick
Myrtle Faye Lockhart
Pearlie Kirk
Inf. son of Brian and Edith Parmley
Dorothy Parmley
William Kirk Griffith
Buford S. Orange
Cecil W. Dykes
James E. Dykes
Hester Ross Lockhart
Oscar Jackson
Milton D. Lockhart
Winnie Lockhart
Andrew Jackson Lockhart
Betty Lockhart
Paul Loyd Dykes
Alf Spiegle
Thomas C. Carrick
Callie V. Thompson
William Z. Thompson
Robert Grover
Melinda C. Parmley
H.C. Parmley
Sam Parmley
Thomas N. Parmley
Belle Parmley
Gordon D. Lockhart
Stephen Allen Lockhart
Alta Josephine Lockhart
John Lankford
Frank Kilgore

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Raymond M. Carrick
Charlie W. Dykes
Robert Carrick
Inf. son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dykes
Carmon L. Dykes
A. J. Sanders
William Carroll Parsons
Louisa Dykes Parsons
Paul Rollings
D.B. Dimple Rollings
Isaac Sanders
Estel Arnotd Deykes
A. J. Coldwell
Lula Johnson Beatrice
John B. Dykes
Fannie S. Dykes
C. H. Dykes
Ellen Dykes
Gilbert P. Layne
Abby Gail Sanders
Emma Sanders
Nancey Dykes
Jeney Coldwell
Almosine (?) Coldwell
Eliza J. McElhaney
Jerome McKinley Bouldin
Florence Lockhart Bouldin
L. Shaderic
Elizabeth Shaderic
George W. Dent
Sallie Dent
Parlee Shadrick Higgins
Ernest Shadrick
Doll Dove Shadrick
Johnie Shadrick
Alex Z. Shadrick
Alton Lockhart, Sr.

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Veola O. Lockhart
W. Henry Lockhart
G.W. Rice
Harriet Sanders
Mary A. Baggett
Bertha A. Sanders
Alex H. Sanders
Harvey C. Sanders
John W. Carrick
Sally T. Carrick
Joyce Geary
Nancy J. Orange
John William Orange
Cecil Shadrick
Nannie Orange
Sallie M. Holland
W. M. Holland
Ethel Nolen
Edd Nolen
Molley Nolen
Willie Hobbs
John W. Orange
Inf. dau. Van Hooser
Freddie W. Johnson
Pearl Lillie Johnson
Roger H. Smith
Jacalene P. F. Rogers
Fred G. Orange
Delilah M. Orange
Henry A. Rogers
Laeuna A. Rogers
Vida Lee Caldwell
Sharon Gail Rogers
George A. Hobbs
L. E. "Slick" Caldwell
Ada VanHooser Caldwell
Henry Alvis Rogers
George Franklin VanHooser
Gordon A. Yarworth
Clifford E. Yarworth
Ella Mae VanHooser

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Donald E. Nunley
Alexander Kilgore
Leonard Kilgore
Bertha Kilgore
Bertie Kilgore
Edward Kilgore
Matilda S. Kilgore
Lige Kilgore
A. J. Kilgore
Charles "Ted" Partin
Samuel Bone
Lillie Bone
Mahalia O'Rear Knight
Millie F. Knight
Minnie M. Vohn
Veolia Dove Shupe
Perley Dove Kilgore
B. J. Dove
Verginia Dykes Dove
Edward J. Yarworth
Jane H. Yarworth
Ronald E. Nunley
Earl L. Green
W. Edd Nunley
Lettie J. Nunley
Frank B. Hargis
Nellie Irene Nunley
George Ladue Nunley
Coy Dale Green
Leon Johnson
Linda Faye Johnson
Callie Nunley
B. N.
Estell Meeks
Jiles Hason Kilgore
Nancy E. Kilgore
Francis Kilgore
Brady (Dan) Johnson
Lillie Meeks
Baxter Meeks
Harold Caldwell

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Hilda N. Caldwell
Harbert A.  Caldwell
Martha Ellen Dykes
Betty Sue Johnson
Beulah Sidney Johnson
George Morgan Johnson
Kyle Kenneth Johnson
George Gregory Johnson
Inf. sons Johnson
Larry L. Johnson "Pete"
Loys L. Johnson
Pauline S. Johnson
Minnie D. Brown
Hershel Lee Brown
Gilbert M. Brown
Martha V. Brown
Milburn M. Brown
James R. Carrick
Marsha L. Lawson
Albert Lee Lankford
Matilda Hatfield Lankford
Andrew M. Carrick
Susana Carrick
Hattie Geary
Lee Geary
James David Nunley
Howard Nunley
Pamela Sue Parson
Nina Ruth Lawson
Louis Harlin Lawson
Edd Brown
Isaac W. Brown
Harris L. Brown
Alton Sissom
Louise Sissom
Billy Doyle Sissom
Gordon Ray Dykes
Margie Brown
Dora Mai Brown
Elmer Brown
George W. Brown
Nora M. Brown
Clell Dykes
Francis Dykes

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Francis Fanny Dykes
Myrtle D. Layne
John D. Layne
Thomas E. Smith
Maude B. Smith
Ophelia Mae Smith
Annie Bell Brown
Emiel Dewey Layne
Louise Layne
Almedia A. Layne
Ernest Nelson Layne
Elsie S. Covington
L. D. Seagroves
Robert Earl Nunley
Elizabeth Mae Nunley
Daniel Anthony Nunley
Janie E. Nunley
Phillip D. Nunley
Newt Meeks
Flora Mae Meeks
Fronia N. Fredrick
Jessie I. Fredrick
Joe W. Carrick
M. Hazel Carrick
Howard Davis
Velma Davis

These are names that are buried at the cemetery but are not on the images:

James Hobert Nunley
Mary Magdeline Nunley
James William Nunley
Phillip Allan Lawson

Submitted by: Paula Braden

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