Old Baptist Cemetery in Pelham, TN.

Surveyed in 1977 by Charles Sherrill.
Submitted by Janelle Taylor

All words in red are handwritten on the image.

These are the names on page one, please click this link for more info

W.T.W. Cribbs, Jr.
Bevley Eli Bennett Cribbs
William S. Sims
Jason A. Sims
Cora A. Griswold
Irving Green
Mrs. Anna J. Pattie
Alexander Cox
Boy Sweetens
Girl Sweetens
Richard M. James
Richard Meeks
A.H. Sanders
Mary E. Sanders
P.L. Fults
Infant son Echols
Robert R. Echols
Clara Mirtle Echols
Susan A. Countiss
P.H. Countiss
Albert Echols
J.V. Echols
Amelia J. Wilkinson Clark
James A. Clark
Eleanor Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
John Andrew Wilkinson
James Willis Davidson
Margret Davidson
Thomas Davidson
John C. Davidson
Mary Jurettie Davidson

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Martha Louisa Meeks
Mason B. Atnip
T.C. Atnip
H. Ervin Cavender
A.P. LeVan
J.B. LeVan
S.V. Tucker LeVan
M.A. LeVan
Two infant sons LeVan
H.J. LeVan
Sarah LeVan
Jackson Phipps
Sallie Phipps
Martha Phipps
Mary Jane Phipps
Amanda Phipps
Lutishey L. Phipps
Mary Lieutessi Hobbs
Dr. G.D. Cullender
Jenny Tucker

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