Bonney Oaks (cont)

and Coalmont Cemetery pre 1950

This cemetery is much larger than this list would indicate, but it is being used currently.
This compilation was made by Charles Sherrill in 1977 as was the Willis and Winton compilation.
Submitted by Janelle Taylor

These are the names on the page, please click this link for more info

Kinley Godbey
Edward Godbey
Billie Jones
James A. Jones
Josie H. Jones
Baby Jones
Josephine E. O'dear
Clarence W. O'dear, Jr.
E.O. Harrison
Thomas J. Dyer
Betty Lou Sweeton
N.C. Coffelt
Hazel Coffelt
Luelda Coffelt
Phillip Coffelt

Carrie Scott
Speaker Scott
Burg Parmley
Myrtle Parmley
Shirley Mae Meeks
Pauline Warren
Frank Warren
Marshall Burnette
James W. Woodley
Baby Albert Woodlee
Lillard Burnett
James Burnett
Baby Richard Sweeton
Emma P. Nunley
Philip S. Nunley
Clyde W. Cribbs
Inf. son Cribbs
Winnie N. Roberts
Joseph M. Roberts
Wm. Creighton
David Creighton
Thurman Lappin
Thomas B. Fults
Anna Bell Fults
Madge Burrows
James Medley

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