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This is a portion of Goodspeed's History of Tennessee that I found helpful and entertaining while tracing my family roots.  I thought others might be interested in having access to it.

A.  Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

Goodspeed's History of Tennessee was originally published in 1886. I found a volume of the work in a second-hand store in Franklin, Tenn.,several years ago.  My volume was a reprint published in 1972 by Woodward& Stinson Printing Co. of Columbia, Tenn. 

B.  How This Is Organized

One part is the "History of Robertson County, "pages 827-867.  The other part is from the "BiographicalAppendix for Robertson County," pages 1124-1205.

The "History of Robertson County" is continuous text; that is, thereare no subtitles to indicate the transitions between topics.  The text does divide into topics, but they are identifiable only by reading the paragraphs.

The "Biographical Appendix for County" contains 158 paragraphs. There is one family discussed paragraph.  The paragraphs are arranged in rough alphabetic order by last name of the family.

I have provided two aids to finding family names:

  1. The Table of Contents to the Biographical Appendix lists the name of the head of the household for each family, ordered in the same way as the paragraphs.  Each entry also has a hyperlink to the paragraph to which it refers in the Biographical Appendix.

  3. The List of All Surnames lists 751 names that appear in both the "History of Robertson County" and the "Biographical Appendix for Robertson County."  Since many of the names occur many times, I could not provide hyperlinks to all entries, so I do not provide hyperlinks to any of the entries.  The List of All Surnames is simply an aid, so you can see if any names you are interested in appears anywherein the two sections.  If you find a name you are interested in, you should use your search dialog to find where in the text the How This Was Produced I tried to make this as accurate a representation of the original as possible,including typographical errors and mistakes.  However, words broken at the end of lines were put back together.

    I scanned each page and then used Optical Character (OCR)software, to turn the graphic representation into editable text.  Under the best of conditions, OCR is less than 100% with old,bad printing, the results become worse.

    So it is necessary to compare, by eye, the results of OCR analysis to original.  Under the best of conditions, my eyes are far fromperfect.  Therefore, since there were errors in the original text and the process of producing this version adds additional errors, when you encounter one you cannot tell if it is an error in the original work,or introduced by the OCR, or by my flawed attempt to correct the OCR.

    Nevertheless, I thought this would be useful, since you could find out if a family name is in this history without having to read the whole thing yourself.  For speed, if you decide to look at the information inthe original book, I have embedded page numbers in the text.  They look like this:  [p.1124].  They are always exactly where pages begin, since there are cases where page breaks occur in the middle of words and I did not want to break words just to be exact; but they are within a word of their original location.


    D.  Alternative Format

    I also provided a PDF of the document, if you would prefer to download it that way and it at your leisure.  In the PDF version, the "List of All Surnames" is an "Index of Last Names," complete with links to all pages where the names occur.  Also, once you download the document, you will find that each line in the document's "Table of Contents" and"List of Figures" is a hyperlink to that entry.  Unlike the links above, though, you need a PDF viewer to see the document.  The PDF document was using Adobe Acrobatô version 3.0. It can be viewed with Acrobatô Reader 3.0 or higher. To download the latest version, click here.

    The .pdf document is a little over 1Mb, so it will take a little time to download.

    Download The Historyof Robertson County

    I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable.

    David L. Sanford

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