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Fallen Monument of the Robert Cartmell Family


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By David Donahue

     This fallen monument of the Robert Cartmell family is made from white bronze (zinc). It is located at the Riverside Cemetery in Jackson, Tennessee. This grave marker was toppled by a tornado in May 2003 and the photographs were made in August 2003. It was re-erected in Spring 2004. The Robert Cartmell plaque with a 1915 death date is regular bronze while the Lizzie Cartmell plaque is white bronze (zinc). The monument itself is made of white bronze.

Age 87

Robert H. Cartmell
Born July 27, 1828
Died Sept. 30, 1915

He lived long and served well as a lawyer, solider, farmer, and churchman.

Thou shall cometh to thy grave in full age like as a shock of corn cometh in his season.

Lizzie Cartmell
Daughter of Robert H. & Mary Jane Cartmell
Born in Jackson, Tenn. Sept. 27 1853,
Died Sept. 27 1899,
Aged 46 Years.

Her mother died when she was eleven years old but her counsel and fine example were never effaced. She was educated at Salem, N.C., and was a devoted Presbyterian, her faith never faltered under any trial, and she lived and died with such perfect trust in God that we know that when the earthly house of her tabernacle was dissolved that she found a heavenly one waiting her.

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