Sickness and Death

The Funeral



       Cemetery Siting in the Bluestone Reservation Area, Summer County, West Virginia: 1750-1997, by Rebecca K. Cottle, This paper is in Adobe Acrobat Format. You will need to download the file, open it in Acrobat, and then you can print it. A few of its internally linked graphics seem to be non-functioning, but even so, it is well worth it to get a free copy of this remarkable paper on an in depth look at southern burials and customs.

       History of Government Furnished Headstones and Markers (Cemetery Records)

       Markers of Change: Gravestones in the Boonslick (Missouri)

       Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans (Louisiana)

       Slot-and-Tab Tombs (Mostly Georgia)

       Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries
            Be sure to scroll down to the list of cemeteries!

       Southern Graveshelters and English Lych-gates (Alabama)

       Triangular Burial Monuments (Tennessee)

       The Association for Gravestone Studies

       The Political Graveyard

       Saving Graves

       USGenWeb Archives, Obituary Project

       USGenWeb Archives, Tombstone Project

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