Cocke County, Tennessee
Wood, Wood and Old Mims Farm Cemeteries

Wood Cemetery

Completed 2001-2002
Located in Newport, Cocke County, TN just off Edwina Rd. (Highway 73). Turn onto Sweetwater Rd. and take the first road on the left, Arzell Rd. It is on the left, in a curve. There are two chain link fences around the cemetery. Also, unsure of the significance, the ground of this cemetery is very ‘springy’, almost like you sink in.

Benjamin Wood 10-22-1866 to 1-4-1942 m. to Lou Burke (below)
Lou Wood 1866-1957 (The grass has not even grown over this grave site.)
(m. Benjamin and had 12 children, has a brother named John Burke.)
Lina Wood "Sister" 3-16-1904 to 10-13-1973 (Never married according to Wood book, daughter to Benjamin and Lou Wood.)
Harald Wood 2-13-1030 "At Rest"
Ruby Kate Wood 1925-1926  
BALL   (flat stone)
Gracie Ball 5-29-1898 to 10-22-1988 (metal marker only over her grave and next to the Ball stone)
Lizzie James
Billy James
Cora James
Charlie James
  Flat stones on the ground: (Told they were a poor family, so the Wood family
allowed them to be buried here, on the edge of their family cemetery). Note: there is an
Eliza Turner who married a Will James - could this be the family?
Mary Wood Runyan 1-2-1858 to 12-16-1921 (m. Thomas Runyon - Wood book says he is buried here also, but did not find a stone.)
Roy Runyan 5-18-1885 to 11-18-1965 TN SGT Troop E, 7 Cavalry (metal flat stone)
Rosa Lee Wood 3-10-1871 to 3-12-1916  
Thomas Jefferson Wood 6-30-1913  
Gene Woody 7-14-1942 to 1-12-1981 (m. Delores Harrison of El Paso, TX, served US Navy on USS Sierra)
Wood   (large stone without engraving
Paul P. Wood 8-9-1908 (Paul Presnel m Gladys Owenby)
Clay Vinson Wood 11-24-1898 to 9-13-1969 TN CPL HO CO, 120 Infantry WWI, (m. Gussie Sawyer and divorced. He sold real estate.)
Bertha Wood 1898 - 1976  
Carl H. Wood 1891 - 1976  
Iliff Bryant 1907 - 1989  
Georgia Wood 1916  
Bernie Wood 6-26-1897 to 6-14-1972 TN PVT CO A, 118 Infantry WWI
Bernie Washburn Wood 6-26-1897 to 6-14-1972  
Horace N. Wood 9-28-1894 to 9-4-1980 (? Never married.)
Sue Ella Evans 2-25-1910 to 9-29-1979 (Suella Wood, daughter of Maggie and Dot Wood, m. John Hal Evans, had 3 children.)
John Hal Evans 3-29-1910 to 5-6-1975  
Maggie Neely Wood 5-5-1873 to 9-16-1959 (Margaret Neely, married to Dyatt “Dot” on 1-21-1904)
Dot Wood 1870 - 1954 (born 1-2-1870

Wood Cemetery

Completed 4-9-2002
Located at the Smoky Mountain Country Club at approx. the 4th hole, Newport, TN. Underlined items could be incorrect due to illegible stones or broken stones.
W.J. Blackwell 7-15-1858 to 9-20-1916  
Phoebe Wood 7-27-1849 to 11-29-1932 ”She died as she lived trusting in God”
dau. to Gibson Wood and Mary Sisk
James Wood 1841 - 1922 son of Gibson Wood
son of E.B. and E. Cate
born 11-2-1871 E.B. and Elizabeth Wood Cate
of B and M. Wood
died 1-23-1856 Gibson and Mary Sisk Wood
wife of Gipson Wood
died 1-23-1858 37 years 2 months 7 days
wife of E.B. Cate
born 10-5-1847  
Thomas (stone has Thos.)
B. Runyan
6-4-1882 to 4-6-1900  
Nancy Wood
wife of B. Bryant
4-8-1843 to 9-13-1900 aged 57 years 4 months 25 days
dau. of Gibson Wood who m. Mary Sisk
Oscar Runion 9-5-1885 to 7-11-1901 Could Thomas above and Oscar be brothers -
last names were spelled differently?
Fannie Wood born 2-28-1852 Frances Wood on stone -
dau. of Gibson and Mary Sisk Wood
T.G. Cate 7-19-1870 to 9-21-1906 Could possibly be a child of Elizabeth Wood
who m. E.B. Cate.
Mary E. Bewley born 6-22-1860 dau. of Frances Wood (1836), Mary m. C. Bewley.
Frances is the dau of William and Mary Wood (see next ones on list).
She could be a twin; there was a sister born 6-22-1860 died 5-6-1861,
named Elizabeth (says she is buried in the Wood Cemetery also.)
William Wood 9-24-1812 to 2-16-1882 (and on the other side of this tall stone
wife of Wm. Wood
5-19-1821 to 12-5-1895 This is Mary Gillett, wife #2.
His first wife-consort is listed below.
William’s dad is John Wood Jr. (1789-1861)
John Wood   “Born in Shanendoah Valley, VA”,
Stone has ”Born 4-11-1783”;
the Wood book has 1789-1861.
Andrew Wood 4-6-1858 to 5-31-1910 Only Andrew I found is son of Grigsby (1820-1908)
and Rachel Gillette (1826, had 8 ch.) or Mary Allen Gray
died 3-13-1883). Grigsby is the son of John Wood Jr.
The dates in the Wood book have Andrew born 4-17-1858
and he married Emily Morrell.
Lewis Wood died 8-9-1850 age 33 years, “Sacred to the memory of”,
born 1817 according to Wood book; brother to William and
Andrew above, son of John Wood Jr.
Wood book says he m. Elizabeth Sisk ca 1843 (b1823).
Ebineezor Wood   “Sixth son of John Wood who was born
on the 2 day of Jan. 1822 and parted this life on the 28 day of Sept. 1848”.
This is Andrew Ebenezer Wood, son of John Jr. and
brother to William and Lewis above.
wife of Jas. Gray
5-24-1813 to 11-24-1887 Psycha Wood, dau. of Nancy Wood who m. Elias Clevenger
(had 10 children). Nancy is the dau. of the John Wood
who was b. 1758, d. 6-13-1821.
James Gray 12-5-1810 to 6-12-1849 married to Psycha Wood Gray, listed above.
William Gray 3-22-1949 to 11-4-1887 Could he be a son of James and Psycha Wood Gray above?
Nancy A.
wife of D.C. Walden
4-3-1883 to 1-16-1885
Elizabeth Wood   “Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Wood second consort of John Wood who
was born 12-5-1787 and departed this life on the 14 day of April 1847”
This would be Elizabeth Sisk.
Mary Wood   “Sacred to the memory of Mary Wood consort of William Wood
who was born on the 18 day of March 1816 and departed this life on the 10 day of August 1838”
Wife #1 to William Wood, this is Mary Proffitt Wood.
Sallie M.
wife of Thornton Wood
8-7-1851 to 6-25-1893 and on the same stone it has: ”Infant of Thornton and
Sallie Wood”. Thornton is son of William Wood (1812-1882;
not sure if his mother is M. Proffitt or M. Gillette. He is also the brother
of Frances (Fannie) Wood (1836) who m. C. Bewley. In the Wood book
this Thornton Wood mentioned with same dates, is married to a Sarah
Wood (maybe they called her Sallie).
Infant daughter of
T. and Sallie M. Wood
  Thornton and Sallie Wood (Thornton born 1849).
Joseph H. Wood
son of Thornton and Sallie Wood
4-8-1883 to 9-21-1901  
wife of Robert L. Gray
1883 - 1918 Lola Clevenger Gray had 5 children. She was born May 1, 1883
(on her stone but 1884 in Wood book).
Robert Lemuel Gray 11-7-1883 to 7-6-1962 Robert is one of the sons of Nancy Morrell Gray and Willis Gray.
James C.
son of Willis and Nancy Gray
3-4-1874 to 10-30-1895  
Nancy Gray
daughter of Charles and Eliza Morrell
2-24-1847 to 2-26-1910 Only Morrell I found was Emily Morrell who m. Andrew Wood.
Willis Gray
son of James and Sycha Gray
7-20-1844 how it was spelled on the stone; parents listed above
(Several unmarked stones in this cemetery. Either rocks for markers or the cement has fallen off of the fronts.)

Thornton Wood (born 1849) m. (on 10-10-1878) #1 Sarah M. Hickey (born 8-7-1851 died 6-25-1893) #2 Aley Johnson, Sweetwater, TN (had 1 ch.). Children: Ethel May Wood (married Dr. J.F. Stanberry - see following cemetery list), Samuel Wood, Joseph H. Wood, Harry Wood William Paul Wood, 2 infant children.

Nancy Morrell Gray and Willis Gray’s children.: Mary Cora Ellen, Sarah Jayne, James Charlie, Margaret Flora, George Burnett, Rosalie, Robert Lemuel, Bruce Gray, Willis Bradford.

Psycha (1813-1887) m. James Gray (1810-1849) Children: Elias 1832, George 1833, James 1835, Nancy 1838, Margaret 1840, Mary 1842-1844, Willis 1844-1919, Phoebe 1846-1863, William 1849-1887.

Old Mims Farm/Fish Farm Cemetery

Completed 4-8-2002
Located in Newport, TN (Cocke County) on the river road, next to Pigeon River, across from Edwina Rd. (Hwy 73) and the lower end of Pleasant Grove Rd. It is in the middle of a field used to grow tomatoes. Looks like a mound of debris/trees/bushes. Underlined items could be incorrect due to illegible or missing letters. Also some stones were broken. This land is noted as “Fish Farms”.

Lula B. Sisk 6-10-1904 to 6-10-1904  
July Elizabeth
daughter of C. and E. Sisk
1-9-1857 age 1 year 11 months 12 days
Mary J.
daughter of C. and E. Sisk
died 12-12-1857 5 years 3 months 3 days
Lydia J.
daughter of A. and M. Sisk
died 7-25-1859 9 years 11 months 20 days
Alexander Sisk 7-28-1827 to 9-2-1883  
J. Edgar died 4-1-1893  
Euna J. Edgar July died 4-3-1893  

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