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Spanish-American War Volunteers

Source:  Abstracted from Tennessee State Library and Archives. Index to Service Abstracts in Tennessee Volunteer Units During the Spanish American War (1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th Tennessee Infantry).  Accessed 17 Oct 2010.

Submitted by Russell D. James

Tennessee followed its tradition of volunteerism in the spring and summer of 1898. Over 4000 men served in Tennessee's four Volunteer Infantry units. Of the four, only the First saw combat. The Second and Third were discharged before they saw action, and the Fourth served as occupying forces in Cuba after the war was officially over. The men of the First were sent from Camp Merritt in California to help hold the Philippine Islands after the Filipino insurrection against Spanish colonial rule. Later, when Regular Army units were authorized to replace the volunteer units in the Philippines, a number of Tennesseans reenlisted in the Regular Army.

1st Regiment - Regiment discharged at Presidio, San Francisco, California November 23, 1899
2nd Regiment - Regiment discharged at Camp Fornance, Columbia, South Carolina February 8, 1899
3rd Regiment - Regiment discharged at Camp Shipp, Anniston, Alabama January 31, 1899
4th Regiment - Regiment discharged at Savannah, Georgia,May 6, 1899

Simeon M. Breedan 3rd TN, Co. G
George T. Brown 4th TN, Co. A
John D. Clark 1st TN, Cos. A & F
Fred Crawley 3rd TN, Co. K
Marion L. Cureton 1st TN, Co. D
Henry B. Davis 3rd TN, Co. G
William Davis 1st TN, Co. F
William Denton 1st TN, Co. F
Henry H. Dukes 3rd TN, Co. K
Richard Evans 4th TN, Co. A
John Free 1st TN, Co. F
Albert Freeman 1st TN, Co. F
John Frey 1st TN, Co. D
Isaac Gray 3rd TN, Co. B
Dock Green 1st TN, Co. F
Hunley Gregg 3rd TN, Co. G
Joe Gunter/Jo Gunther 1st TN, Cos. F & H
Warner D. Haxit 2nd TN, Co. M
S. D. Holdway 2nd TN, Co. G
Charles D. Jones 1st TN, Cos. FS & B
Dock F. Large/Lodge 1st TN, Cos. F & L
William Lillard 3rd TN, Co. G
Alfred K. Malay 3rd TN, Co. G
Perry G. McLain 4th TN, Co. A
Robert J. McMahon 3rd TN, Co. G
David Ricker 4th TN, Co. A
William S. Smallwood 1st TN, Co. F
Gus Sumner 1st TN, Co. H

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