Cocke County, Tennessee
Sam McGinty's Store Ledger

Sam McGinty married Mary "Polly" Larew. Their daughter Mary Lavegia McGinty (twin of George) married Leonidis Rowley Evans, Dec 11, 1878. Sam's store and boarding house or Inn, as it was called, was located in Wilsonville, Cocke County, which lay along Hwy 25 in District 4. The ledger dates from 1860 to 1869, and contains lists of taxes Sam officially collected, a record of sales and lodging, and even records a birth or two. My grandmother Georgia Evans Pruett (grandaughter of Sam McGinty and Polly Larue) passed the book to my mother back in the 1960s, and she passed it on to me. The inside cover of the book has "Sam McGinty August 10th, 1861". Upside down on the same inside cover is the signature of Mary L. McGinty. The page seems to have been used for figuring.
Contributed by Jacky Witt


Sam and Polly McGinty

Jacky also provides additional background on the McGinty family and their home and store, excerpted from an article written by one of Cocke County's most esteemed historians, Duay O'Neill, for the Newport Plain Talk some years back:
"Samuel McGinty, age thirty-two in the 1850 census, was born in North Carolina. He was a brother of Delilah McGinty, wife of Thomas Sandusky Gorman. Living in the McGinty household were his wife, the former Mary Larue, age twenty-seven, who was born in Tennessee and their son, William H F, age eight months. Also living in this household was Mary Hofland, twenty-two, born in North Carolina, who might have been a McGinty cousin....By 1860, the McGinty family had changed. Samuel, now forty-four, was very prosperous with real estate valued at $4000 and personal property valued at $1971. Mary, now thirty-seven, had given birth to twins George and Mary, age four. Mary Hofland was gone and apparently William H F McGinty had died. Also living in the household was Nimrod Lane, age twenty-seven, laborer....Nimrod Lane was a son of Isaac and Julia (Sneed) Lane. He and his father are both buried in the Newcomb Cemetery in Wilsonville. Nimrod Lane was killed by a Free man after the two had gone hunting and had argued over a dog. Free clubbed Lane with a dogwood limb and left him to die....By the 1870s Samuel McGinty had died. From an article, "Out Wilsonville Way" by Cora Massey Mims, written in the 1940s, we find the following: 'Below that (referring to the McGinty Inn) was a more modern frame house, called the McGinty home. Mrs. McGinty was a widow, a member of the Larue family. Her husband was a brother of Mrs. Delilah Gorman, the only member of the McGinty family who did not go to Missouri. Mrs. McGinty owned a mill and had a miller by the name of Jeff Woody. Her children were twins: George, who later lived in Jefferson County, and Vege, a beautiful girl, who married Rowley Evans and went to North Carolina to live'".
As Jacky further explains, "'Lavegie' told my mother that Leonidas came into her father's store and she ran up the stairs, exposing her ankles. On seeing her ankles, he said that he must marry her...They moved to the Evans homestead in Canton, NC and the store ledger somehow made its way there with Lavegie. Their daughter Georgia Maude Evans married Luther 'Jack' Pruett from Graham Co, Canton and Waynesville, NC. They lived in Swannanoa, NC, east of Asheville in their later years".

Below is a scanned copy of a photograph of the store at the time it was being razed, that accompanied Duay O'Neill's article.

McGinty store

Note: Many thanks to Jacky for sharing this rare family document and tackling the challenges of transcribing it. At 120 pages in length, transcription is ongoing and material will be added as it is completed.  Spelling is in the original version, so keep this in mind if you use your browser's "find" function to locate surnames.

Page 1

Starts with "Sam McGinty, March 12, 1861
Sanak Ioalaway (? Holoway) with a list of provisions, no prices.

page 2

Dated 1861
William beagle Sr (? looks like "Dr") purchased one coat $4
"Met Sam Gorman ___ by work three days"
Tabitha Davis with a list of provisions and prices

page 3

Starts Jany 17 1862
Another handwriting - section x'd out - August 12th 1863
Laserv (?) Gorman to 3 bushels wheat A. Greene
Oct 8 to 2 bushels wheat A Moon
Ysaac (R or B)ains Sr 15
Turn a colt on Rutrefords Pasture Aug 28 1865
March 16 Sam Gorman 14 pounds of bacon
March the ? 1866 Bill Swagerty Dot with a list of provisions

page 4

Smith bill for the year 1866 with a list of tools purchased

page 5

slave and mule seen on pasture
Feb 28 James Larew to Mary McGinty - listing trade of potatoes and oats
April 13 1874 John Servis (? Servss) - list of clothing and prices

page 6

The tax lists have the following headings - Name, Slaves, Value, Mills, Value, Saddlery and Carriages, Value, Money Loans, Polls, Tax (unless otherwise noted everyone had 1 poll tax) No date so far. Pages 6 through _ are two page spread each counted as one.
Allmon, Oliver  none  Tax .50
Anderson, James J.  same
Andrews, Stuart  same
Atchley, Benjamin  same
Atchley, M.C.  same
Atchley, Jessie  same
Bibz, W.W.  same
Barns, Sam  same
Barns, John  same
Brinkley, Cornelus  same
Baer, H.H.  2 slaves  value $1900  Tax $2.98 1/2
Briges, Henderson  none  tax .50
Bailey, George  same
Cunningham, Robert  same
Carter, G.W  3 slaves  value $2200  $2.87 1/2  no poll tax
Carter, William  6 slaves  value $5400  tax $7.55 1/2
Carter, T.C.  none .50
Clark, F.D.  5 slaves  value $4800  tax $6.77 1/4
Clevenger, Archubold  none  tax .50

page 7

Tax list continued
Clark, John G.  7 slaves  value $6000  tax $8.33
Clevenger, Alx  none  tax .50
Clevenger, John  same
Clevenger, Jackson  same
Coleman, William  same
Cody, Jacob  same
Cody, W.R.  same
Case, Henry  same
Collins, Nevenson  same
Clevenger, Archubald  same
Clark, Rebecca  1 slave  value $900  tax 1.17 1/2 no poll tax
Davis, T.W.  none  tax .50
Davis, Zeb  same
Denton, A.J.  same
Evins, George S.  same

Page 8

Tax list continued
Fine, Araham  5 slaves  value $4200  no poll tax  tax $5.48 1/2
Fine, William  none  tax .50
Fine, Alexander  same
Free, Isaac  same
Free, George  same
Free, John Jr  same
Finchum, William S.  same
Free, James B  same
Francis, Joseph  same
Francis, William  same
Fine, John  same
Finchum, Robert  same
Finchum, Alex  same
Gorman, Davin H  one saw and grist mill  value $80  tax .77  no poll tax
Gorman, G S  4 slaves  value $3600  Money Loan "$3.83.00" (?) tax $5.69 1/4
Gray, Harvy  none  tax .50
Gray, William Jr  same
Gray, Harrison  same
Gran, Alba  same

page 9

Tax list continued
Gonch, James A  same
Gorman, Thomas I.  same
Griffin, Leroy  same
Griffin, John (maybe Jr)  overseer of road  no tax  no poll tax
Henry, Patrick  none  tax .50
Henry, Gicero  same
Henry, Lewallen  same
Hance, Samuel J  same
Hunley, Joseph  same
Hill, J.A.  same
Hampton, Ezekiel  same
Hampton, Columbus  same
Hollaway, Henry  overseer of road  no tax  no poll tax
Henry, James  none  tax .50
Hill, Eli Jr  same
Hatley, Aaron (Hatley?)  same
Hitower, Allen  same
Harrison, G.A.  4 slaves value $3600  tax $5.20 1/4

page 10

Tax list continued
Jacke, William  11 slaves  value $10600  one carriage  value $200  tax $14.61
Jones, John  overseer of road  no tax  no poll tax
James, Thomas H  none  tax .50
Larew, James  1 slave  value $1000  one gristmill  value not sure  overseer of road  tax $1.30 3/4 no poll tax
Larew, George W  1 slave  value $900  tax 1.67 1/2
Lain, Isaac  none  tax .50
Lain, Nimrow  same
Lewis, John  same
Lewis, R.H.  same
Lewis, Rufus  same
Lain, Irvin  same
Lain, Plesant  same
Lane, Phinis  same
McCozy, Neal  same
McCozy, Malcomb  same
McGinty, Sam  same
Morgan, Sollomon  same
Mashburn, Aaron  same
Mashburn, Nathan  same

page 11

Tax list continued
Moor, Alexander  none  tax .50
Mosell, Charles  one carriage  value 475  tax .70 1/2
Nicley, Alfrew  one watch  value $50  tax .53 1/4
Ottinger, James  1 slave  value $900  tax $1.67 1/2
Oneal, Joseph Sr  3 slaves  value $2600  tax $3.57 1/2  no poll tax
Oneal, Plesant  none  tax .50
Oneal, Joseph Jr  same
Oneal, William  same
Ogden, Martha  1 slave  value 4700  no poll tax  tax .91 1/2
Ogden, G.L.  none  tax .50
Pruett, G.A.  same
Pennel, Joel  same
Philips, William  same
Poe, Haston  same
Poe, W.C.H.  same
Porter, James  same

page 12

Tax list continued
Rutherford, Joseph  one grist mill  value 00  tax .50
Rains, Joel  none  tax .50
Rains, Isaac  same
Strange, William  same
Sampels, Rubin  same
Sneed, Plesant  same
Sims, Elliott  same
Smith, H.A.  same
Thomason, John  same
Taylor, Henry  same
Teague, William  one watch  value $90  tax .62
Wilson, Albert  none  no poll tax  tax .50
Wilson, Sam (abbreviation symbol)  1 slave  value $700  one buggy value $70  no poll tax .99 1/2
Wilson, Andrew  1 slave  value $1000  Money Loan $200.00  tax $2.06 3/4
Wilson, Sarah Willow  1 slave  value $1000  no poll tax  tax $1.30 1/2
Wilson, Sarah June (maybe)  1 slave  value $900  no poll tax  tax $1.17 3/4

page 13

Tax list continued
Weber, M.A.  none  tax .50
Williams, Nehemier  same
White, William F.  same
Zoder, Marcus  same

This is followed by the tax collector's oath:

State of Tennessee
Cocke County  I do solomnly swear that I have set down in the forgoing assessment all the personal property in my district liable to Taxation according to the best of my knowledge and ability that I have administered to each person an oath and that this book contains a tru statement of the aggregate amount of personal property prescribed by law without favor or affection so help me God
Sworn to & Subscribed before me

page 14

"A list of the personal property & pools in the District No 7 for the year 1860"  This is in a different handwriting than the previous list. Headings are the same except the Poll column is now Pools. Pools lists 1, assuming this is $1 poll tax. Same as previous list, I will only note if not paid.

Atchley, M.C.  none  tax .50
Atchley, Jessie  same
Allen, J.N.  1 slave  value $600  no poll tax  tax .79 1/2
Allen, John Jr  none  tax .50
Bibz, W.W.  one carriage  value $40  tax .55 1/2
Bailey, William  none  tax .50
Brinkley, C  same
Barns, Samuel  same
Barns, John  same
Bi(r, s or n)a, John  same
Brown, James  same
Baer, H.H.  2 slaves  value $1800  no poll tax  tax $2.85 1/4
Caraway, A.C.  none  tax .50
Carter, G.W.  3 slaves  value $2400  no poll tax  tax $3.13 3/4
Case, Henry  none  tax .50
Carter, William  2 slaves  value $1300  tax $2.19 3/4

page 15

Tax list continued
Carter, T.C. (I'm not sure of the T. Could possibly be E, here and on the first list) none  tax .50
Clark, J.C.  10 slaves  value $8400  tax $11.46 1/2
Clark, F.D.  4 slaves  value $3600  one carriage  value 125  tax $5.37
Cody, Jacob  none  tax .50
Cody, W.R.  same
Collins, Nevenson  same
Clevenger, Archubold Jr  same
Clevenger, Isaac  same

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