Cocke County, Tennessee
Early Settlers of the Old 12th District

The following is a list of early settlers who lived “on the waters of” Cosby and Groundhog Creeks, creeks that are mostly in what was the old 12th district of Cocke County. This list comes from land entries on Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) microfilm #36. The label on the copy of the film I have says the land entries are on the second item on the film; they are on the third item. It also gives dates of April 1874 to June 1898. These may be the years that the original book was copied or families brought the originals to be re-recorded. The actual dates of the land entries are 1824 to about 1831, making them some of the earliest surviving records of Cocke County.

The original land entries were surveys and included drawings as well as descriptions. The drawings were not copied into the new book. The verbal descriptions often included reference to neighbors. And there were always two names at the left bottom of the description. I believe these were witnesses or attestors. I think they were also neighbors.

I have abstracted the page numbers, landowners’ names, dates they made the entries, any reference to neighbors, and the attestors names. Most of the landowners lived “on the waters” of Cosby Creek; I specifically mention those that lived on Groundhog Creek.

Submitted by: Bruce Price

Name Page # Entry Date Comments
Isaac Burlison 37 04/08/1824 Holloway Giles, Green's line
Holloway Giles
Wm. Green
James Baxter 41 04/08/1824 Henry Valentine
Robert McGaha
Holloway Giles 42 04/08/1824 with Burlison's conditional line
James Burlison
William Valentine
Frances Green 42 04/08/1824 with Valentine's line; with Burlison's line
Willliam Green
Henry Valentine
John Giles 77 04/08/1824 with Samuel McGaha
Holloway Giles
Samuel McGaha
Phillip Jenkins 101 08/04/1824 Groundhog Creek
Jesse Jenkins
Joel Jenkins
Phillip Jenkins 102 06/19/1824 Groundhog Creek
Jesse Jenkins
Joel Jenkins
Jonathan Denton 109 07/02/1824 corner to John Allen
Samuel Denton
John Roberts
Abraham Lillard 110 08/24/1824 William Willhight's line
Robert Gilliland
John Wood
Abraham Lillard 128 08/27/1824 William Willhight's line
Thornton Wood
John Wood
John Wood 129 08/16/1824 William Willhight's line
Thornton Wood
Abraham Lillard
Abraham Denton 130 07/05/1824 Joseph Huff's line; corner to John Allen; corner to Lillard
John Lillard
David Hicks
Thornton Wood 139 04/24/1824 transferred to him by William Willhight; corner to John Weaver; corner to Samuel Broyels
A. Lillard
B. Thos. Brint
Wm. Gilliland 139 08/05/1824 corner to Robert Gilliland; corner to John Denton
James Lillard
David Lewis
John Sutton 140 06/30/1824 James Phillips
John Rains
Jonas Phillips 141 07/03/1824 Wm. Smith
Wm. Harper
Martha Denton 153 12/20/1824 James Fuller
Jas. Pagett
James Baxter 178 07/05/1824 corner to Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles
Wm. Valentine
Holloway Giles 217 01/10/1826 Wm. Valentine
Wm. Coleman
James Baxter 218 01/02/1826 J. Green
Jesse Giles
Robert McGaha 282 01/02/1826 to McMahan's turnpike
Francis Green
William Green
John Allen 283 07/05/1824 corner to Joseph Shults; corner to Denton
Abraham Denton
John Allen
Jesse Coleman 300 04/07/1826 near Jonas Phillips line; to J. Runions
Nathaniel Mattox
J. Phillips
Nathaniel Mattox 301 01/02/1826 James Garrett
?Pettis? Pretty
Nathaniel Mattox 302 01/02/1826 Nathaniel Mattox
Jas. Phillips
Joseph Runion 303 11/26/1827 W. Adams old line; William Gilliland conditional line
William Gilliland
George Robinson
Wm. Gilliland 307 01/10/1828 Jos. Runion
Jno. Runnions
Robt. Dennis
Isaac Burlison 311 04/07/1826 corner to Giles
John Runnion
Jas. Phillips
Henry Miller 317 03/26/1828 Groundhog Creek
John Sutton
Augustine Jenkins
Wm. Green 317 06/28/1826 Groundhog Creek
John Sutton
Augustine Jenkins
John & George Runion 325 06/05/1828 Isaac Burlison entry
Joseph Phillips
John Banks
Robert McGaha 328 10/18/1828 Groundhog Creek
Henry Miller
John Sutton
George McNabb 334 02/25/1828 James Garrett
John Runion
John Jenkins 353 07/09/1827 corner to Phillip Jenkins
John Sutton
R. Jenkins
James Baxter 357 02/27/1826 to Gillis corner
Jesse Gills
Geo. Green?
James Baxter 374 1828 John Baxter
Francis Green
Thomas Jenkins 374 07/20/???? (surveyed 12/03/1828) Groundhog Creek
James Garrett 375 08/11/1826 near John Sutton; near Pearey's line
John Runion
Wm. Broyles
Jeremiah Jenkins 406 10/16/1830 Joseph Runion's line
Joseph Runion 409 05/26/1830 Jenkins corner
David McMahan 411 11/06/1830