Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 8

The following deeds from deed book #8 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. 

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Susan Kyker to Ellen Stinnett 09/29/1886
Susan Kyker to Margaret Williford 09/29/1886
Elizabeth McNabb to Elizabeth Allen 09/29/1886
John M. Lillard & wife to Delilah Campbell 02/23/1886
Joseph Campbell & wife to John R. Shults 07/11/1887
Partition Title to Isabell Inman et al 09/26/1879
A. J. Bird & wife to David T. Templin 08/10/1887
A. J. Bird et al to David T. Templin 08/10/1887
W. C. Anderson admr vs Charles Anderson et al 09/23/1887
John D. Smith C&M to W. C. Anderson 09/23/1887
Elizabeth Yarber to Ervin Taylor 06/04/1886
H. Wood et als to Wm Allen & wife 12/28/1882
W. W. Langhorne Atty to James T. Huff 10/12/1887
W. W. Langhorne Atty in fact to James T. Huff 10/12/1887
Sarah E. Holland, J. P. Easterly to E. H. Holland 10/05/1887
Phillip Rader & wife to John and Charles Smith 10/15/1887
J. D. Smith C&M to Alex Stuart 11/10/1886
William Green to David Cameron 10/02/1884
Wm. McSween to G. I. Thomas ../../1868
Thomas Cureton to Cureton heirs 09/28/1885
Anderson Cureton to W. A. Cureton 10/11/1887
S. A. Burentt et al to Elizabeth Debusk 07/26/1880
McMahan R. H. et al to Albert McMahan 01/31/1881
Aaron Bryant et al to J. J. Denton 06/04/1887
J. A. Redman to Phinety J. Redman 11/21/1887
James Webb & wife to William Webb 11/20/1886
J. T. Jones Clerk to Alex Sisk 08/10/1887
J. T. Jones Clerk to George Sisk 08/10/1887
E. A. Ellis & wife to William Moore 10/25/1887
Morgan Lewis & wife to Layfaett Sisk et al 09/06/1887
Jasper Palmer et al to John Dike 07/13/1880
William McMahan to Albert McMahan 02/15/1883
W. G. Taylor to James H. Burnett 10/20/1887
Narsis Brown to James Brown 01/29/1885
Robert McGaha to Thomas Caton 05/03/1861
J. T. Jones Clerk to Milley Douglas 05/27/1884
Wm. Fox et als to D. C. Brooks 08/26/1887
I. A. Soard to C. N. Riggs et al 09/22/1887
W. T. Layman to W. A. Denton 01/02/1888
John T. Jones to C. F. Boyer 01/02/1887
C. F. Boyer & wife to John Harrison 01/02/1888
James C. LaRue to Malcom McNabb 07/26/1862
Narcisas Brown to William Brown 05/13/1887
Narcisus E. Brown to William Brown 06/24/1884
M. McNabb and wife to Wm. Wood 01/03/1888
Sarah Hicks to Susan Hicks 01/11/1888
John Huff to J. F. Askew et als 10/07/1887
M. McNabb to Berry Denton 01/30/1888
C. A. Lillard et al to Ervin Reams 01/31/1888
Green, William et als to Turner, J. E. 01/25/1886
Deed of Partition - David McNabb to W. G. McNabb 04/../1887
Deed of Partition - Wm. G. McNabb to David McNabb 04/../1887
Moses L. Ellis & wife to Elbert A. Ellis 07/26/1877
J. A. Thomas to A. W. Thomas 11/17/1887
R. J. Jones to J. T. Jones 02/26/1888
G. P. Mims to Cora W. Peck 01/20/1888
William McSween to C. R. Vinson 02/17/1888
Wm. Webb to Isaac Webb 05/31/1884
John T. Jones to Mildred A. Moore 02/08/1888
G. W. Bell to M. Young 02/13/1888
John T. Jones to E. A. Ellis 02/08/1888
Nicholas Parker to W. M. Fish 12/12/1887
J. T. Jones to Eli Carpenter 02/08/1888
J. T. Jones to Susannah Hicks 02/08/1888
Y. E. Brooks to A. D. Brooks 04/12/1887
W. A. Ratcliff to James P. Gilllespie 02/02/1888
T. A. Susong to W. A. Susong 01/01/1888
W. A. Susong to T. A. Susong 01/01/1888
W. A. Susong to T. A. Susong 01/01/1888
James Herrel to Wilson Benson & wife 04/24/1883
Gunters to Henderson McMahan 06/14/1882
Wm. Willett & wife to Lawson White 11/27/1879
W. D. Church et al to Lawson White 02/20/1883
John D. Smith to James Overholt 08/18/1886
C. C. Moore to Thomas Barnett 10/13/1887
Gunters to Andrew J. Gunter 10/10/1884
John R. Shults to Henderson McMahan 03/26/1888
Wilson McMahan to Henderson McMahan 10/19/1882
Mary and Jane Valentine & Nancy Webb to H McMahan 01/04/1882
Fann to Lawson White 02/15/1883
Wm. M. McMahan & wife to Alexander Webb 01/12/1887
B. D. Nolen to Carter B. Talley 10/30/1886
William Click to J. A. Brooks 05/30/1887
Thomas and Caroline Styles to Henderson McMahan 12/19/1882
Henry Shepard & wife to G. A. Barger 03/08/1888
G. W. Gregg to W. A. Ratcliff 12/26/1887
Jacob Click et als to J. A. Brooks 03/14/1887
Andrew Gragg & wife to David Lafolet 10/26/1887
Joseph Gragg et al to Andrew Gragg ../../1883
J. K. Gorrell to A. S. Gorrell et al 04/26/1888
Joseph Gragg et al to Alexander Gragg ../../1883
Joseph Gragg et al to Lewis F. Gragg ../../1883
Joseph Gragg et al to Anna & Jerry Lafollet ../../1883
Lewis F. Gragg and wife to Jerry Lafollet et al 04/18/1884
Nannie E. Davis to T. W. Davis 05/14/1888
Joseph Miller to Jesse F. Miller 04/06/1886
J. A. Susong to T. A. Susong 01/09/1888
J. T. Jones court clerk to Jno. Gragg 05/07/1888
Thomas Caton & wife to Wm. M. Caton 04/01/1886
Dower Deed - W. A. Lotspeich & wife to Susong 07/30/1887
W. A. Lotspiech & wife to T. A. & W. A. Susong 07/30/1887
Abigail Rains et al to L. W. Hooper 01/26/1888
Power of Attorney H. H. Ottinger to Siram Ottinger 02/08/1888
B. B. Hopkins to E. W. Nailon 01/12/1863
Eli S. Carpenter et al to John B. Carty 05/24/1888
J. A. Thomas to J. N. Thomas 07/26/1888
Dan'l Miller & wife to J. A. Thomas 07/08/1887
W. J. Carty to John B. Carty 05/24/1888
William Grindstaff et al to Hannah Grindstaff 02/23/1886
Mary Riley to John F. Jones 12/10/1877
J. C. Vinson admr to J. C. Turner 02/04/1887
Phillip W. Shults et al to John F. Jones 01/22/1883
N. A. McMahan et al to A. W. & T. A. Cowan 05/01/1888
J. C. Holt & wife to Lidia Talley 01/27/1888
M. E. Reed to Ponelopy Reed 08/20/1888
M. E. Reed to Reuben Kesling 08/20/1888
Stephen Huff to Josep Huff 10/27/1877
Right of way - Joseph Dennis to CK&WRR 08/30/1888
William Green & wife to Jno. Allison 11/19/1886
H. D. & J. A. Maloney exec to John Prewitt 02/24/1888
A. W. & T. A. Cowan to A. W. Rhea & J. J. Denton 09/06/1888
R. A. Garrison to Eliza Reece 10/18/1888
R. A. Garrison to James Keller 09/01/1888
Admr deed - Geo. I. Thomas to W. McSween 10/01/1888
Rhoda Netherton to M. F. Netherton 10/02/1888
Sarah Jane Turner to Russell Turner 11/23/1886
Henry Sweet & Lula Sweet to Elbert Bible 11/05/1887
Elbert Bible et al to Preston Bible 03/24/1888
B. D. Jones special com to J. G. Allen 08/29/1888
George W. Susong et al to J. H. & W. A. Susong 11/17/1888
W. R. Bryan and wife to W. C. L. Bryan 08/18/1888
Permelia Mantooth to John F. Stanberry 10/02/1883
J. W. Costner & wife to Samuel McGaha 09/06/1888
H. D. & J. A. Maloney exed to James Keller 06/14/1888
H D. & J. A. Maloney to W. A. Nott 09/18/1888
James Keller et ux to W. A. Nott 09/24/1888
W. B. Robinson & wife to J. A. Barrow 09/01/1888