Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 5

The following deeds from deed book #5 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. "PoA" refers to "Power of Attorney".

The format for the code is: DD = "deeds"; 02 = volume; 001 = page that the deed begins on; 002 = page that the deed ends on. Please use your browser's 'find' feature to locate names.
Submitted by Bruce Price
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DD05-010-011 7 Isaac Magaha to heirs of Nancy Valentine 03/08/1878
DD05-011-012 8 James R. Magaha to Isaac Valentine 03/26/1881
DD05-012-014 ? Green Valentine to Isaac Valentine 12/08/1882
DD05-017-018 11 Felix Shults & A. J. Byrd to Acton 02/06/1882
DD05-018-019 12 Robert Mantooth to McKinney McMahan 12/09/1880
DD05-025-029 17 Susong to W. A. Susong 08/24/1880
DD05-037-039 22 Penland & Fox to James Morrow 03/23/1882
DD05-039-042 23 Samuel W. Stockton to Andre Cushing 02/../1883
DD05-042-043 24 G. W. Inman executor of R. Inman 01/27/1882
DD05-043-045 25 Bewley to Harrison Wood 02/15/1883
DD05-045-047 26 John Wood et al to Thorton Wood 12/28/1882
DD05-050-052 29 Susana A. Buckner to Wm. H. Campbell 03/07/1883
DD05-054-055 32 Kelley to D. M. Driskill 01/13/1883
DD05-055-056 33 Gorman to C. T. Peterson 05/23/1883
DD05-065-066 40 James McIntush to W. R. Stokely 03/28/1881
DD05-073-073 45 Jacob & Mary Ottinger to John Owens 12/10/1882
DD05-078-079 50 W. R. Swagerty to Mark Lillard 01/04/1882
DD05-081-083 52 Brummit Bryant to William Bryant 08/11/1854
DD05-148-150 929 Thomas L. Evans to Wm. A. Moore 12/21/1850
DD05-150-153 45 D. H. Meek C & M to Wm. A. Moore 06/23/1883
DD05-153-154 57 Brummet Bryant to Alex Sisk 03/24/1883
DD05-154-156 58 C. F. Boyer clerk to Joel A. Brooks 06/01/1883
DD05-159-161 61 Henry Jack to Alvy & David Jack 01/31/1854
DD05-161-163 62 B. A. Holt to John S. Davis 12/06/1881
DD05-170-171 69 Wm. Moore guard to J. M. Overholt 08/10/1882
DD05-172-174 70 Austin Frazier to Anderson Fincham 01/29/1875
DD05-176-177 72 Edward W. Talley to James P. Cobble 09/15/1882
DD05-177-179 75 Burnett & Kenyon to Emma Allen 10/05/1881
DD05-187-188 80 Loyd B. Young to Josaphene C. Young 1/10/1870
DD05-190-191 83 Loyd B. Young to Mary & Sarah Young 11/10/1870
DD05-192-193 83 Dewitt Smith, Bertia Lee & other 08/11/1883
DD05-196-198 86 Sarah Crawford et al to Younge Haney 08/13/1883
DD05-198-199 87 J. T. Jones to Am Stokely 08/12/1882
DD05-210-212 85 W. H. Penland Clerk to Mark Lillard 07/12/1882
DD05-214-215   Wm. Ramsey to W. C. Johnson 03/01/1879
DD05-221-222   Ruben Justus to heirs of John Justus 03/26/1873
DD05-234-236   J. P. Rhoton to L. J. Baily 10/13/1875
DD05-236-239   Partition of Jacob Click lands dec'd ../../1882
DD05-239-240   Rufus Wiley to Amanda Wiley 01/23/1883
DD05-240-241   Rufus Wiley to Newton Torence 01/24/1883
DD05-241-243   T. N. Torence & wife to A. Odell 10/04/1883
DD05-243-244   Amanda Wiley et als to A. Odell 10/04/1883
DD05-246-247   Moses Driskill to Driskell & Dawson 10/11/1883
DD05-248-250   Newton Torence & wife to A. Odell 10/04/1883
DD05-251-251   M. M. Ottinger to Noah Ottinger 02/24/1882
DD05-252-253   Noah Ottinger to Athan Ottinger 02/24/1882
DD05-253-254   Athan Ottinger to Noah Ottinger 10/12/1883
DD05-258-259   Harrison Woods admr to R. P. Thompson 10/08/1883
DD05-259-261   A. N. Killion to Marg. M. Caugren 02/18/1879
DD05-262-263   Harrison Wood admr to D. M. Driskill 10/08/1883
DD05-263-264   Austin Wiley to J. T. Huff 10/03/1883
DD05-265-266   Jeremier Thomas to J. A. Thomas 09/01/1883
DD05-266-267   Mariah Clevinger to W. Wood 10/30/1883
DD05-267-268   A. Jones to John H. Stokely 10/26/1883
DD05-281-282   L. M. Evins to D. M. Driskill 06/05/1883
DD05-283-285   R. A. McNabb to Mattie Crow McNabb 11/15/1883
DD05-287-288   Russel Jones to John T. Jones 11/16/1883
DD05-291-293   Lewis Williams to Thomas Giles 03/24/1882
DD05-294-296   Malony to McKindric Cobble 10/01/1883
DD05-297-298   J. L. McMillian to Mildred A. Moore 11/13/1883
DD05-302-303   Abagail Rains et all 11/22/1883
DD05-315-316   T. S. & Delilah Gorman to Dward Stuart 11/01/1883
DD05-318-319   J. N. Jones to M. L. Lynn 11/16/1883
DD05-319-320   J. C. Morell to Dennis Casey 11/../1883
DD05-322-323   A. J. Thomas to Martha R. Stuart 12/15/1883
DD05-324-325   H. Gray to M. Wilson 12/29/1883
DD05-325-326   Isaac Allen to Sarah & M. Wilson 11/05/1883
DD05-326-327   W. A. Robinson to Thomas Moore 12/28/1883
DD05-329-331   Thomas Moore to James D. Dawson 12/31/1883
DD05-332-333   Joseph Jenkins to John A. Rollins 08/15/1883
DD05-333-334   Isaac Brooks to Joel A. & D. C. Brooks 08/14/1883
DD05-335-336   Franklin & Ten Mooneyham to A. C. Huff 11/11/1882
DD05-336-338   Andrew Brooks to A. C. Huff 01/04/1883
DD05-338-340   Isaac Allen et al to J. C. Morell 11/06/1883
DD05-347-348   Isaac Ottinger to David Cameron 07/29/1882
DD05-354-354   Jehu Stokely to Charles Stokely 01/17/1884
DD05-355-356   G. W. Gragg to J. A. Boyer 02/12/1884
DD05-358-359   Job Bible to Roten Bible 02/14/1884
DD05-361-362   Job Bible to Louvina Bible 02/14/1884
DD05-362-363   Job Bible to John L. Dawson 02/14/1884
DD05-363-364   Job Bible to Thomas Bible 02/14/1884
DD05-368-369   Allen Baker to Martha Calfee 06/17/1873
DD05-373-375   A. Odell to David Boyer 02/05/1884
DD05-375-376   David McKay to David Boyer 02/23/1884
DD05-376-377   McKinney McMahan to Elizabeth McMahan 03/08/1884
DD05-387-387   Anderson Jenkins to John A. Rollins 02/07/1882
DD05-399-401   Benjamin Ford to W. Burton Ford 09/28/1882
DD05-401-401   A. A. Bird to J. W. Bird 03/08/1884
DD05-402-403   W. J. McSween to sisters 10/09/1882
DD05-404-404   Nannie Seehorn et als to John A. Earley 03/31/1884
DD05-405-405   N. E. Seahorn et als to E. S. Earley 03/31/1884
DD05-410-412   W. J. Wall etals to O. M. Kelley 01/23/1884
DD05-414-415   J. J. Allen to H. & J. Wood 03/28/1884
DD05-415-417   W. J. & M. F. Wall to J. A. Bolch 04/07/1884
DD05-418-418   Edward J. Peck to Louis S. Peck 04/15/1884
DD05-420-422   J. C. Vinson admr to T. D. A. Vinson 09/08/1883
DD05-423-426   Smith to Jehu Stokely & G. W. Susong 03/12/1884
DD05-428-431   line between Robinson & Clark 08/03/1874
DD05-433-434   W. E. Webb admr to J. T. Ottinger 10/15/1882
DD05-436-437   Henry Lee to Grant Lee 02/29/1884
DD05-441-442   Anna Easterly et als to John Nease 08/25/1866
DD05-443-444   Anna Easterly et als to John Nease 11/02/1867
DD05-446-447   N. E. Seahorn to Alex Ragan 05/02/1884
DD05-447-448   George M. Allen et als to J. G. Allen 03/31/1883
DD05-449-450   F. H. Lorentz et als to J. G. Allen 05/02/1884
DD05-451-452   J. J. Oneil to Oscar Oneil 05/01/1884
DD05-453-454   T. L. Keyes et als to John Nease 10/28/1870
DD05-456-456   J. W. Bird to Anderson Bird 05/02/1884
DD05-467-469   M. W. Faubion to George Carmicles 09/16/1882
DD05-469-473   John & Stephen Caton to Thomas Caton 01/05/1884
DD05-476-477   S. P. Ayers to Preston Bible ../29/1884
DD05-495-497   Thomas Giles et al to Rhoda Jenkins 01/29/1884
DD05-497-498   Ben Boleypaw to Jonas Tobey 02/20/1871
DD05-499-500   G. S. McGinty to L. R. Evans 06/08/1884
DD05-500-502   G. S. McGinty to W. J. Woody 06/08/1884
DD05-506-506   Rebecca McGaha to G. W. Caton 03/25/1882
DD05-510-511   A. J. Foreman to Jos. Huff 06/../1881
DD05-517-519   Jessee Ramsey to H. McMahan 02/05/1880
DD05-522-523   L. C. Huff to Jos. Huff 04/14/1881
DD05-523-524   W. R. Stokely to Joseph Huff 03/08/1884
DD05-534-535   Jos. Stokely to J. E. Stokely 06/21/1884
DD05-535-536   Joseph D. Mitcalf to John Metcalf 08/16/1879
DD05-537-538   W. A. Robinson to D. S. Robinson 07/10/1884
DD05-538-539   Mary Lee et al to G. P. Wall 04/09/1884
DD05-542-543   David Boyer to David McKay 02/02/1884
DD05-543-544   W. R. Byran to G. A. Askew 06/21/1884
DD05-548-549   J. C. Larue & D. M. Anderson to Dawson 12/../1869
DD05-559-559   Malinda E. Reed to W. W. Night 06/20/1884
DD05-565-566   D. L. Boyd to Crawford heirs 01/29/1879
DD05-567-568   S. J. Worth to R. A. Ottinger 01/30/1879
DD05-571-572   George Carmichale to Alfred Notte 03/03/1883
DD05-573-573   F. M. Smith to John L. Smith et al 09/15/1875
DD05-574-574   J. G. Michaux to wife 08/25/1884
DD05-578-579   Susannah Buckner to Albert Beaver 03/08/1883