Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Books Vol. 2 -3
TSLA Microfilm #22

These books are on TSLA microfilm #22 in the Cocke county series. The LDS microfilm number for this roll is 956191. The following deeds from deed books #2 and #3 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. "PoA" refers to "Power of Attorney".
 The format for the code is: DD = "deeds"; 02 = volume; 001 = page that the deed begins on; 002 = page that the deed ends on. 
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Submitted by Bruce Price
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DD02-001-002 1 Wm. Cureton to W. A. Robinson
DD02-002-004 2 Wm. Gilland to Isaac & Mark Gilland
DD02-004-005 5 Delilah Gorman exec. of Thos. to J. H. Fagala
DD02-007-008 5 Sanders McMahan to Anderson Grooms
DD02-009-011 7 Josiah N. Funkhauser to W. H. Strange
DD02-013-015 9 Joseph Paget to W. R. Paget
DD02-018-020 12 PoA J. M. Runyan to A. H. Logan
DD02-020-021 PoA Thos. and Jane Cameron to Caswell McNabb
DD02-042-044 20 D. H. Meek to Daniel Jones
DD02-045-047 21 Dillion family to Claiborne Mantooth
DD02-054-055 26 Judy Mason to Balden Mason
DD02-055-057 27 Lawson F. Hampton to David M. Hampton
DD02-060-061 30 Robert & Harriet McGaha to Smallwood
DD02-061-063 31 John D. Ottinger to Daniel Ottinger
DD02-070-071 36 John Clevenger to C. Mantooth
DD02-071-072 37 Thomas W. Winniford to Thos. S. Roadman
DD02-076-077 41 James Swagerty to William R. Swagerty
DD02-078-079 42 Gray family to Elias Clevenger
DD02-079-081 42 Joseph Manning to James Manning
DD02-084-086 45 Hearrel to Leatherwood
DD02-086-088 46 Hearrel to Herrel
DD02-102-103 56 Alex D. Smith to W. R. Smith
DD02-106-107 58 John Medcalf to Joseph Medcalf
DD02-110-111 60 Jeptha & Jane Wood to W. L. Bible
DD02-111-113 61 Joseph & Mary Hall to David Driskill
DD02-123-124 67 Samuel McMahan to T. W. Grahl
DD02-128-129 70 J. A. Hill to Wm. Hill
DD02-141-142 75 James & Nancy Baxter to Milford Jenkins
DD02-147-148 77 S. D. Wadde to John M. A. Burnett
DD02-149-149 78 William Robinson to Abraham Odell
DD02-150-151 79 William Moore to Jas. Nelson
DD02-154-155  no # Martin Killgore to Christpher C. Blazer
DD02-160-162 85 Amanday Hurley to Lewis Gray
DD02-163-165 86 John Thomas to George Thomas
DD02-165-166 87 Newton Gray to T. S. Gorman
DD02-172-173 92 Joseph Padget to Anderson Padgert
DD02-174-175 93 Joseph Padget to Albert Padget
DD02-181-182 98 William Jones to M. M. Jones
DD02-183-185 99 survey to Mrs. Sarah Holland
DD02-186-187 100 Peck to Burnett
DD02-187-190 101 Hurley to Hurley
DD02-190-194 102 Joseph Paget to Paget
DD02-194-195 103 Wm. Martin to Julian Fox
DD02-198-200 105 Loyd to Samuel H. Stanbery
DD02-202-203 107 Joseph & Wm. Webb to David R. Shults
DD02-206-207 109 to Morris Hartsell
DD02-208-210 110 Rankin/Pulliam to Bowron
DD02-210-213 111 Rankin/Pulliam vs. Roadman
DD02-214-215 113 Joseph Green to Susanna Wood
DD02-217-218 115 Vinet & Eliz. Fine to Anderson Vinson
DD02-220-221 117 Joseph H. Ayres to Preston Bible
DD02-226-228 121 Langhorne/Rhea/Smith to Smith
DD02-228-230 122 D. R. Shults to William McMahan
DD02-230-232 124 John & Emily Webb to William McMahan
DD02-232-234 125 Joseph Webb to John Webb
DD02-239-240 129 Smith et al to J. C. LaRue
DD02-256-257 139 G. B. & Nancy Helm to Alex E. Smith Jr
DD02-261-263 141 Robert Gragg to Anna Sane
DD02-274-275 148 Jacob Peck to W. F. Lee
DD02-278-279 150 R. A. Justice to A. G. Swatzell
DD02-285-286 153 Massey to Jas. M. Hale [mistake]
DD02-287-289 153 John D. Smith to James Davis
DD02-290-292 154 William Shields to Jones heirs
DD02-301-303 159 Jenkins & Baxter to Thomas Giles
DD02-312-312 167 J. G. & M. J. Dearman to T. S. Gorman
DD02-333-335 180 Nelson to William Holdway
DD02-335-337 181 Calvin & Jane Solomon to H. Smith
DD02-342-344 185 James H. Clark to children
DD02-347-347 188 Elizabeth Huff to John Huff
DD02-349-350 189 Elizabeth Huff to John Huff
DD02-352-353 191 Heirs of Stephen Huff to Huff
DD02-354-355 192 Aron & Elizabeth Bryant to Stanbery
DD02-365-366 199 Wm. H. Ellis to Temperanse Ellis
DD02-366-367 200 PoA Wm. Clevenger to Edwine Mantooth
DD02-367-368 201 Wm. Clevenger to Claborn Mantooth
DD02-372-373 203 Wm. Mooneyham to John M. A. Burnett
DD02-379-380 207 Eisenhour to F. M. Smith
DD02-382-384 209 James Swagerty to A. E. Susong
DD02-388-389 212 Wm. & Sarah Worth to Worth
DD02-391-392 214 James LaRue to William Strange
DD02-393-394 215 Mary A. Safley
DD02-396-397 217 W. C. Roadman to Frank Grail
DD02-399-401 219 Harper & Wiley to William McSween
DD02-401-402 220 James Swagerty to Gorrell
DD02-403-404 221 Wood heirs to Joseph Thomas
DD02-407-407 223 W. A. Robinson to Elbert Cureton
DD02-408-409 224 Calvin L. Solomon to Judah Shepherd
DD02-409-411 225 Elijah Gragg to James Cooper
DD02-412-413 227 Alex Smith to Abraham Odell
DD02-414-415 228 James B. Ayres to Elbert Bible
DD02-416-418 230 Julia Huff to W. H. Huff
DD02-420-422 232 Wm. Huff heirs partition
DD02-430-431 227 John A. Denton to James P. Taylor
DD02-432-434 228 McSween & Swan vs. Ezekiel Birdseye
DD02-435-436 229 Filmon & Eliz. Eisenhour to Smith
DD02-441-442 233 Washburn to Thomas S. Gorman
DD02-444-445 235 Armstrong to Alexander Smith
DD02-446-447 236 J. H. & Eliz. Massy to Garrett McNabb
DD02-452-454 240 James & Nancy Swagerty to Swagerty
DD02-456-457 242 PoA Columbus Wood to Grigsby Wood
DD02-458-459 242 John D. Smith to John A. Denton
DD02-464-465 244 Wm. C. McClanahan to Nancy McClanahan
DD02-469-470 468 Mancy Reece to Mary L. Fox
DD02-473-473 470 L. D. Truner to E. D. Turner
DD02-474-475 471 Gibson guardian vs. heirs of Wm. Vinson
DD02-480-480 474 John Buckner to Adam Holt
DD02-484-485 477 Andrew J. Kiker to Joseph J. Kiker
DD02-486-487 478 Manerva Hale to A. J. & Mary Harrison
DD02-490-492 481 T. E. & M. Loyd to Stanbery
DD02-492-494 482 Robt. H. Harle to Wm. H. Moore
DD02-496-497 484 Bryant to Isaac Allen
DD02-497-499 485 B. Bryant admr. to Nancy Stuart
DD02-504-505 488 Peck admr. to Huff
DD02-506-507 489 Stephen Huff to Thos. B. Huff
DD02-509-510 491 I. T. & E. E. Peck to SSCI&L Co
DD02-515-517 495 Jasper Ebbs to John Critselous
DD02-519-520 497 Ebbs Heirs to Jasper W. Ebbs
DD02-521-523 499 D. Sprouse to George Shults
DD02-531-532 503 M. A. Roadman to J. C. Murray
DD02-537-537 PoA Thos. Jones & wife to John B. Dyarle
DD02-538-539 508 John F. Kelley to O. M. Kelley
DD02-540-540 542 W. W. Langhorne to Julia R. Smith
DD02-542-543 511 Rankin & others to I. W. Brooks
DD02-546-546 514 Sarah A. Crawford to W. J. McSween
DD02-548-549 516 A. S. Fine to W. J. McSween
DD02-571-572 520 PoA A. M. & D. F. Ottinger to John F. Nease
DD02-574-575 522 W. C. Hill to J. M. Brown
DD02-575-576 523 Hiram Holt to P. W. Anderson
DD02-576-577 524 S. L. Huff to J. T. Huff
DD02-577-578 525 J. W. Stovall et al to J. T. Huff et al
DD02-579-579 526 James H. Kinser to Jacob Ottinger
DD03-002-004 417 W. H. Penland et al to J. C. LaRue
DD03-004-005 418 C. F. & Carolin Patterson to Randolph
DD03-006-007 419 Lewis Grigsby to Martin Acton
DD03-010-012 422 J. P. Rhoten to Holt, Teague, & Night
DD03-012-013 423 Solomon Rollins to John C. Rollins
DD03-015-016 425 W. Kindrick to W. A. Robinson
DD03-016-017 426 Dillon to Carson Clevenger
DD03-018-020 427 James Wood to Grales
DD03-020-021 427 J. P. Rhoton to Joseph Campbell
DD03-028-031 432 O. C. King to Charley Holland
DD03-033-034 434 O. C. King to Charles Holland
DD03-034-036 435 J. P. Rhoton to Charles Holland
DD03-036-037 436 Henry Renner to Abraham Rader
DD03-037-039 437 Renner & Rader to William G. Keyes
DD03-039-040 438 Jacob Peck to Smith
DD03-040-042 439 John A. Denton to James McMahan
DD03-047-048 443 Chas. T. Peck to Edward J. Peck
DD03-048-050 444 J. C. McNabb to M. F. Netherton
DD03-050-052 445 William Buckner to Leah Buckner
DD03-052-053 446 Rhoda Netherton to M. F. Netherton
DD03-053-056 447 PoA Sarah J. Decker to A. A. Vinson
DD03-056-057 448 Sarah J. Decker to Mark Holder
DD03-058-059 449 M. A. Roadman to D. A. Mims
DD03-061-063 451 E. Vinson to A. A. Vinson
DD03-063-066 452 PoA Mary McMillian to A. A. Vinson
DD03-066-067 453 McMillian to Mark Holder
DD03-067-069 484 G. M. & E. Sharp to Mark Holder
DD03-075-076 458 W. McSween to Elizabeth Huff
DD03-077-079 460 Polly Bolch et al to G. A. Barger
DD03-084-085 464 Hezekiah Ables to Joseph Stokely
DD03-085-086 465 Wiley Ottinger to Jas. H. & W. P. Hale
DD03-087-087 466 Jane Shields to J. J. Shields
DD03-088-089 467 John D. Smith to Rebecca Allen
DD03-093-094 471 John D. Smith to G. W. Caton
DD03-095-096 472 Joel Jenkins
DD03-098-100 474 Jno. C. Thomas to Wm. Williams
DD03-104-106 477 John Wilson to David R. Shults
DD03-106-107 458 Martin Lewis - Wm. F. Williams
DD03-109-111 480 W. H. Penland to D. A. Mims
DD03-114-115 482 Joseph Talley to James D. Jones
DD03-118-120 485 Alexander Eckle to Davison Sprouse
DD03-121-122 486 William Newcom to D. C. Newcom
DD03-122-123 Marriage Contract N. H. Stokely to Elvira Beeman
DD03-128-130 490 J. D. Smith to Isaac Allen
DD03-130-133 491 partition Isaac, J. J., & Elizabeth Allen
DD03-139-140 495 S. J. & E. E. Cureton to Robinson
DD03-142-144 497 Thos. Fry to W. H. Maloney
DD03-144-146 498 Clerk Cir. Ct. to Jacob Sane
DD03-155-156 503 Rebecky & Perry Jiles to John McGaha
DD03-168-169 510 William Rains to William T. Weaver
DD03-169-171 511 Annias Clevinger to C. & J. Clevinger
DD03-171-172 512 Jerome & Belona Clevinger to Clevinger
DD03-190-191 523 John Huff guardian to James T. Huff
DD03-191-193 524 R. & J. H. Bryant to Aaron Bryant
DD03-195-198 526 Allen & Stokely to David Stokely
DD03-198-199 527 David Stokely to Nancy M. Stokely
DD03-199-200 528 Horas Mc. Ayers to Preston Bible
DD03-204-206 531 R. A. Ragan to Jalah E. Basinger
DD03-206-207 532 John Huff to Sam'l. Huff
DD03-210-212 535 John Huff to William Huff
DD03-212-214 536 G. P. H. Tally to C. B. Tally
DD03-216-218 538 George Gragg to W. A. Robinson
DD03-218-219 538 PoA John Burke to William N. Burke
DD03-220-221 540 Allen Baker to John Griffin
DD03-221-222 541 Isaac Clevinger to John Clevinger
DD03-226-227 544 PoA M. B. Sisk to Brumment Bryant
DD03-227-229 545 George Sisk to Maloney Brown Sisk
DD03-232-233 548 Stanbery to J. P. Robinson
DD03-233-235 549 S. H. Stanbery to J. P. Robinson
DD03-236-237 550 J. F. Stanbery to S. H. Stanbery
DD03-240-242 552 Clevenger to J. G. Allen
DD03-244-245 554 D. A. Mims to Jones Bro & Co
DD03-249-250 557 Ashby Wood to Martin Acton
DD03-250-251 558 Daniel Grigsby to Martin Acton
DD03-251-253 559 Elizabeth Clemon to Charles Stokely
DD03-258-259 563 John Dennis to J. J. Bryant
DD03-261-263 565 Rankin & Pulliam to Elizabeth J. Mims
DD03-269-270 570 Thos. Caton to W. R. & John McGaha
DD03-271-272 571 F. G. McGaha to W. R. McGaha
DD03-280-281 577 Agnes Hickey to Abraham Dawson
DD03-281-282 578 Wm. H. Clevinger to Columbus Clevinger
DD03-282-284 579 J. A. & D. C. Brooks to Nancy Brooks
DD03-286-287 581 C. F. Boyer to Daniel Brooks
DD03-291-292 585 W. H. Penland to John D. Smith
DD03-294-296 587 Salina & Simeon Broyles to Ragan
DD03-301-302 592 Joseph Hurley to Lewis H.Gray
DD03-303-304 593 Joseph Webb to John M. Giles
DD03-307-308 596 Toliver Sisk to Alex Sisk
DD03-308-309 597 George Winter to Moses V. Nease
DD03-315-316 602 PoA William Duncan to John B. Denton
DD03-316-317 604 PoA J. P. Duncan to J. H. Bryant
DD03-318-319 605 J. H. Bryant to Jas. M. Kiker
DD03-325-327 609 PoA Robert Duncan to John B. Denton
DD03-327-328 610 Jno. B. Denton to James M. Kiker
DD03-330-331 512 A. J. Thomas to Alex Sisk
DD03-331-332 613 J. N. Thomas to Alexander Sisk
DD03-334-336 615 C. Eisenhour to J. C. LaRue
DD03-337-339 617 D. C. Allen to James C. LaRue
DD03-342-343 620 Morris Hartsell to W. C. Templin
DD03-374-375 646 D. M. Driskill to Bindy Thomas
DD03-376-377 628 William Robinson to Robinson
DD03-384-385 622 Caroline Bell to M. L. Lynn
DD03-388-389 625 James Spencer to J. C. LaRue
DD03-392-393 635 Sam'l. Beal to J. C. LaRue
DD03-398-399 639 Jno. L. & Thos. Smith to J. C. LaRue
DD03-399-401 640 J. F. Boyer to Jas. C. LaRue
DD03-401-402 641 Samuel Parrott to James C. LaRue
DD03-402-404 642 John L. Smith et al to J. C. LaRue
DD03-404-405 643 R. A. Ragan to J. C. LaRue
DD03-406-407 644 Thos. Gragg to Yound Haney
DD03-408-409 645 E. E. Evans to A. L. Mims
DD03-414-416 649 W. R. Pagget to Albert Pagget
DD03-416-418 650 Wm. Tinker to Hill & McCracken
DD03-418-420 651 Wm. Tinker to Hill & McCracken
DD03-420-422 652 Wm. Tinker to Hill & McCracken
DD03-424-426 654 L. D. Penland to M. L. Lynn
DD03-426-428 655 A. Knisely et al to W. F. Morris
DD03-429-430 657 G. W. Inman to Jos. S. Holdway
DD03-438-439 662 James F. Gragg to John A. Maloy
DD03-440-441 663 John Maloy to James F. Gragg
DD03-441-442 664 M. J. E. Hawk to I. N. Boyer et al
DD03-443-444 665 Lawson Sisk to Nancy Sisk et al
DD03-446-447 667 Wm. C. Scruggs to Dempsey Moore
DD03-450-451 669 M. Nease to M. V. Nease
DD03-452-453 670 W. H. Penland to Moses V. Nease
DD03-454-455 671 John M. Smith to Sarah Worth
DD03-455-457 672 Sarah Worth to Wm. Rader
DD03-458-459 674 S. P. McMahan admr to Lewis Howard
DD03-467-468 480 Nancy Fox to Martha Cliborne
DD03-469-471 481 W. H. Penland to J. F. Gragg
DD03-471-472 687 P. W. Anderson to William Moore
DD03-477-478 686 W. H. Fine et al to D. C. Hicks
DD03-480-481 688 D. C. & M. Miller to D. C. Hicks
DD03-482-483 690 S. P. McMahan admr. to Ragan & Knisely
DD03-484-485 691 Mark Holder to A. A. Vinson Jr.
DD03-485-487 652 A. A. Vinson to Mark Holder
DD03-487-488 693 Nancy Reece to Julia M. Freshour
DD03-488-489 694 Nancy Reece to Eliza J. Reece
DD03-491-492 696 Morris Hartsell to W. C. Templin
DD03-501-502 702 Arthur Davis to William Jones
DD03-504-505 704 John Ramsey Sr. to Wm. H. Large
DD03-511-512 708 William Shields to Joseph Huff
DD03-512-515 709 W. H. Penland to Willima Marshall
DD03-516-517 710 James Large to John McGaha
DD03-518-520 711 Thomas Caton to John McGaha
DD03-520-521 712 W. A. Robinson to Elizabeth Hurley
DD03-540-541 523 Joseph Oneal to W. Swagerty
DD03-542-543 525 G. L. Ogden to William Swagerty (col)
DD03-544-545 526 D. L. Boyd to Elias Swagerty
DD03-545-546 527 D. L. Boyd to J. H. Randolph
DD03-551-552 531 Wm. P. Jones to Daniel Jones
DD03-553-554 532 D. H. Meek C&M to Daniel Jones
DD03-555-556 533 Thomas J. Ballard to Daniel Jones Sr.