Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 20

The following deeds from deed book #20 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. 

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Harvey Ottinger to A. M. Ottinger03/24/1888
Mollie E. White to J. A. Thomas08/22/1900
Gilbert M. Calif & wife to C. L. Hawk11/06/1900
Howard Fox et ux to J. M. Kyker09/22/1900
W. A. O'Neil et ux to N. L. McSween et ux09/03/1900
Sarah Cameron to L. C. Cash01/01/1900
Patsy Jane Ramsey et al to Sutton & Ramsey09/16/1897
Geo. McGinty & wife to R. E. Gray09/04/1900
Thomas Caton et al to William Denton et al08/03/1894
Robert Climer et ux to Minda Dawson10/24/1900
J. S. Dawson and wife to Robert Climer06/16/1898
J. E. Francis et al to Melinda Francis01/09/1896
L. S. Smith & Co to J. S. & D. G. Allen11/20/1900
John F. Wallin & wife to Stanberry12/03/1900
W. A. Spence et al to R. H. McMahan12/03/1900
Jas. Hicks et al to C. S. Fancher01/19/1898
Sarah Hurley to James Keller12/18/1900
J. R. Metcalf et als to James Keller12/15/1900
J. V. Rollins et ux to S. J. H. Rains06/19/1899
Margaret Hall to Michael Hall12/21/1900
R. L. Hickey clerk &c to Rosa Williams12/24/1900
Harvey Ottinger et al vs A. D. Ottinger03/24/1888
M. V. Spencer et als to A. L. Spencer09/05/1899
D. F. Simmons et ux to Abraham Hartsell10/22/1889
Wm. Hall et als to P. H. & Ella Cowan03/24/1896
R. L. Hickey clerk to C. T. Marshall09/10/1900
N. M. Driskill et ux to R. P. Driskill01/08/1901
W. P. Carson et al to Mary D. Harris et al01/20/1887
R. L. Hickey Clerk &c to N. M. Driskill01/07/1901
R. L. Hickey Clerk &c to Margret White01/14/1901
Thomas Webb to John Webb01/03/1901
Geo. W. Inman exec to Lawson Buckner01/06/1898
D. A. Mims et ux to Ed. C. Burnett05/07/1898
Kathern Ekess et al to Wm. C. Moore09/07/1891
F. E. Maddron et al to Mrs. Nannie E. Allen2/16/1898
Joseph D. Metcalf to James Keller01/17/1901
J. S. & D. G. Allen to Stephen Smith01/26/1901
C. T. Jenkins to W. H. Jones01/30/1901
Joseph Campbell et ux to J. C. Costner04/16/1872
J. W. Shults et ux to H. H. Shults03/29/1898
D. A. Mims et al to J. W. Shults01/02/1901
J. A. Thomas et us to Robert Buckner & heirs01/10/1910
Narcisses E. Brown to Henry M. J. Brown01/29/1885
J. P. Gillispie et ux to James Rogers01/02/1899
Levi Metcalf et ux to Jessie Metcalf08/12/1896
J. C. LaRue et al to Joseph Huff12/17/1900
J. M. Stuart C&M to R. H. Jones03/06/1901
Carey Dennis and wife to D. C. Dennis and wife03/02/1901
Enoch Harrell et ux to Martin S. Grant et ux08/18/1874
July A. Tucker et al to W. H. Penland04/09/1900
A. J. Luster et ux to N. S. Overholt03/30/1901
J. C. LaRue to J. D. Carlisle01/10/1894
J. A. Buckner to M. M. Bucker et al heirs07/10/1890
S. H. Inman to Ruth Davis09/17/1900
Cinthia A. Cowan et al to Joseph J. Burnett02/18/1901
R. L. Hickey Clk to W. D. Jenkins05/06/1901
Joseph Campbell et ux to Jessey A. Giles et ux02/16/1887
Paul Ogle et al to Deborah Andes08/04/1897
W. F. Templin to A. J. Denton03/18/1889
Quit Claim Alfred Ottinger et al to J. M. Ottinger03/../1901
E. M. Vinson et al to Judson Vinson03/25/1901
Mary G. Heiss (a widow) to John T. Williams06/03/1901
Martha Lewis to D. C. Waters05/24/1901
Quit Claim Wm. Wilson et ux to P. T. Loyd07/16/1901
Wils Wilson et ux to Elvira Dennis07/13/1901
PoA Horace Smith et ux et al to John M. Smith06/01/1901
Wm. A. Denton et al to Wm. Gates05/27/1901
J. A. Hill to Alex Smith01/23/1871
C. F. Boyer Sheriff to W. W. Bibee08/02/1901
Deed partition to J. A. Thomas et al02/21/1899
James Burk et al to Isephene Burk03/06/1882
Nancy Moore to Saleen C. Moore03/09/1888
W. O. Mims admr of T. S. Gorman Sr to R. H. Jones08/28/1901
D. D. Naillon to E. R. Naillon & Nancy Naillon10/13/1899
Anderson McMillan to John Evans08/18/1880
H. H. Shults et ux to J. H. Daniel et ux01/09/1900
C. L. Holt et al to J. H. Holt11/30/1895
R. M. Kelley et ux to Robt. Holt02/03/1894
Holt, Taylor, Crumley to C. L. Holt11/30/1895
B. A. Ragan to J. S. Ragan01/02/1897
Jacob Q. Copland et al to John Fine10/18/1871
Alonzo Yarbaugh et ux to D. M. Overholt11/04/1901
Wm. McMahan et ux to P. A. & R. D. Valentine09/16/1899
Isabella Price to Nancy A. Smith09/28/1901
I. T. Peck et als vs William Houston et a02/10/1879
E. J. Peck to G. A. Moody09/04/1901
Jno. R. Shults et ux to Thos Caton et al Trustees07/06/1901
J. D. Sentell et al to J. A. Giles10/16/1895
R. L. Hickey Clerk to M. F. Driskill12/06/1901
Thomas Reese to Shade Reese12/27/1901
Andrew Campbell & wife to Shadrick Reese01/28/1899
J. G. Murray et al to James Wood & sons12/13/1901
J. M. Stuart C&M to Nancy Fox04/20/1899
James F. Robeson et ux to H. J. Robeson10/19/1899
R. C. Bible et al to Martha Toby11/06/1901
John G. Freshour et ux to H. J. Robeson12/28/1898
Joseph McNabb et al to Rhoda Clevinger03/10/1884
W. M. & Hattie Cary to Jacob H. Robeson04/10/1896
E. J. Robeson to H. J. Robeson07/25/1989
J. H. Robeson to H. J. Robeson01/09/1902
Robt. Climer et ux to Thos. Reese12/30/1901
Geo. W. Inman exr Andrew Ramsey to Francis Bible11/09/1889
J. H. Ottinger et al to A. Miles Ottinge12/16/1898
R. L. Hickey clerk to C. P. Tally09/10/1901
J. M. Stuart to L. A. Sutton & M. W. Presnel03/20/1900
John G. Wood et ux to Harrison & W. B. Wood12/02/1896
G. W. Inman exr to J. B. Wood01/14/1902
Kate B. Swagerty to Southern Ry Co08/23/1901
Quit Claim - E. P. Rainwater to G. B. Strange05/20/1901
Dosia D. Naillon et al to Aron M. Naillon10/13/1899
Eliza McGaha to J. K. P. Baxter04/12/1901
F. L. Rhoton to Frank Park Jr03/13/1902
J. M. Stuart to J. A. Toby02/03/1902
Isaac Brooks to Joel A. & D. C. Brooks08/14/1883
J. H. Conway to Wm. Green10/10/1889
Thomas H. Denton et ux to Joseph J. Kyker12/07/1870
Daniel R. Kyker et ux to Joseph J. Kyker02/18/1876
R. C. Bible et als to Rachel Bible04/11/1902
R. C. Bible et als to Minnie Bible04/11/1902
Clerk deed R. L. Hickey to Mary Steel04/22/1902
Rebecca Eisenhour to Calvin Eisenhour et als04/05/1902
R. L. Hickey Clerk to Annie Carson05/06/1902
R. R. Hicks et als to Isaac Butler12/../1883
Samuel Butler to Isaac Butler../../1883
D. M. Simmons et als to Isaac Butler12/../1890
John Hurdt et ux to S. L. Inman07/12/1901
A. L. Mantooth et ux to Wm. McMahan11/21/1899
Elizabeth McMahan to Wm. McMahan05/03/1895
Powell Ottinger et ux to A. C. Peeters06/13/1902
G. W. Inman Exr to Rufus & Franklin Holt05/31/1897
P. C. Moore to D. A. Holt11/01/1897