Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 19

The following deeds from deed book #19 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. Dates were not submitted with this file.

Submitted by Bruce Price
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W. P. Cate et ux to J W. Nash & wife & heirs L. R. Jones et al to J. A. Jones
Sophia E. Bibee et al to R. H. Jones G. B. Ragan et ux to Richard Trobau
G. M. and Jno. A. Thomas exec to W. G. Parris Saliney Holt to M. L. Scott
Eliza J. Kelly et al to John Maloy John Roberts et al to A. J. Acton
R. M. Hickey & Louvina Hickey to A. J. Acton Isaphina Mantooth, W. R. Burke to M. C. Cathron
C. M. McGhee et ux to J. J. Denton Wm. Wilson et al to Caleb Hicks
G. S. McGinty et al to M. E. Collins A. D. Ottinger to John A. Jones
J. H. Susong & L. S. Smith to J. L. Mason et als M. M. Smith et al to Zebulon Clevinger
Kate Swagerty to Dillon H. Mason W. H. Penland clerk to Thomas Palmer
W. H. Penland to Martha Palmer A. J. Lane et ux to A. J. Kyker
Francis M. Trantham et ux to Joseph Trantham G. W. Allen et al to E. M. Crumb
F. G. Buckner to Hunter Buckner Bruce Quails to D. D. Brooks
Morris Hartsell et al to John Harrison et al D. M. Hampton to School Director 7th district
Union Cemetery to R. L. Talley Harvey Gray to Jasper S. Gray
Lizzie A. and H. B. Moore to Campbell McNabb Ike D. Stephens to S. A. and Katie A. Burnett
Florence Gregg to J. A. Boyer M. C. Atchley & others to H. C. Calfee
B. Calfee & others to H. C. Calfee P. M. Valentine to D. F. Large
G. W. Inman exr to James Overholt T. J. Galispie et ux to J. M. McCracken et al
W. P. Moore et ux to Mary Emily Rathbone J. M. Stuart to George S. Netherton
Mary J. Palmer to Thomas Palmer Oscar O'Neil trustee to W. R. Furr
Amos Mantooth to John Mantooth Amos Mantooth to John Mantooth
J. M. Bible et ux to R. C. Bible Jacob Peters et ux to S. M. Forbion et al
C. M. McSween to Southern Railway Co R. L. Hickey clerk to Nicholas Andrew Ellison
M. H. Bibee clerk to A. J. Ottinger Sophia E. Bibee et al to R. H. Jones
Chas. Brookman et ux to W. H. Jones Union Cemetery to J. A. Susong
Union Cemetery to Charles Brown R. L. Hickey clerk to Jasper Palmer
John D. Smith admr et al to P. H. Balch J. H. Campbell et ux to J. A. Tritt
C. A. Robinson atty in fact to A. J. Kyker Anderson McMillon to Samuel McMillon
Union Cemetery to Mrs. Mary F. Susong et al Horace M. McNabb to Rhoda Clevenger
R. P. Keith, Oscar & Maggie White to Addie White Owen Kropff et ux to Eliza Catharine Kropff
Wesley Murr to A. J. Kyker Harvey Ottinger et al to T. Blazer
Harvey Ottinger to R. Blazer et ux W. J. McSween et al to John Huff
Charles Robeson et ux to W. B. Robinson T. L. McCorkle et ux to James R. Forgey
J. C. Smith et al to Ed Smith W. C. Bryan to W. O. Dellinger
Cindy Easterly et al to Squire Ward James Wilson et ux to Sicha McMahan
Creed Taylor et als to John Taylor Mark Lillard et ux to R. A. Lillard et ux
R. L. Hickey clerk to Joseph Stokely W. H. Penland clerk to Joseph & Mollie Bowers
W. M. & G. B. Caton to I. V. Lindsey J. D. Lillard et al to David Epley
D. A. Mims to Eliza Gorman J. A. Rorex et ux Cora Rorex to D. A. Mims
A. McMillen & wife to E. A. McMillen I. Ottinger & wife to W. I. Mills
R. L. Hickey clerk to George Denton John A. Jones admr to Frank Shetley
D. T. Templin et ux to James Murrell J. H. Ottinger et al to Jacob Flener
C. D. Hall & J. P. Mason to W. T. Balch W. T. Balch et ux to C. J. Ottinger
R. L. Hickey Clerk to Flora Driskill S. H. Inman et ux to James L. Hale et ux
Union Cemetery to J. S. & D. G. Allen J. F. Askew et ux to Joel Blanchard
D. J. McNabb et ux to Wm. Wood et al Wm. Wood et al to D. J. McNabb et ux
B. D. Jones guard et als to J. S. Allen John F. Neas sheriff to Jesse Huff
Thomas Caton to W. M. & G. B. Caton Sarah J. Colwell et al to Lettey J. Cole et al
Union Cemetery to W. W. Bibee Geo. T. Allen et al to David H. Gardner
D. L. Boyd to Kate McNabb et al Thos. & Sam McNabb to Andrew Gregg
D. A. Mims to Howard Gray N. L. McSween & wife Katie to Mary J. Carpenter
T. E. Loyd et ux to Tenn & NC RR Co R. L. Hickey clerk to J. J. Denton
W. H. Penland clerk to Jane Lillard