Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 18

The following deeds from deed book #18 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. Dates were not submitted with this file.

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Martha Holt to William Moore Margaret Runyan to Thomas Runyan
C. B. Bullington et als to School Directors 13th R. L. Huskey & wife to James A. Denton
Henry & J. A. Johnson to E. A. Huskey P. A. Baxter et ux to Wils McMahan
J. D. Carlisle et ux et al to Lewis Rector John Webb to Joseph Webb
L. J. Frisby and L. E. Frisby to C. Fowler Wm. S. Winniford to J. A. Fox
Polly Justus et al to M. N. Stokely Thomas Smith et ux to Gilbert Rains
Martin Davis et ux to Gilbert Rains Colbert Smith et ux to Gilbert Rains
Silas Green et al to Gilbert Rains J. M. Stuart C&M to Katie Hicks
D. W. Thomas to Elizabeth Hall W. T. Holt to Geo. W. Cline
R. L. Hickey Clerk to Alice Foster Nancey Henry et al to Jefferson Rains
J. M. Stuart C&M to James Fox N. E. Seehorn et al to Kate S. Smith
J. M. Stuart C&M to Margaret Denton John Critselous to Alfred Ottinger
D. C. Waters and M. A. McMahan to H. McMahan John A. Jones Admr to Chas. Haney
J. F. Neas to Adolphus Willis Partition deed John Cline et al
John Holder et al to A. F. McGee Swan L. Burnett to Joe J. & J. H. Burnett
Margaret Dawson to T. N. Worth John F. Neas shff to J. M. Blalock
R. A. Ragan et ux to George B. Ragan John Mason to C. D. Hall and J. P. Mason
M. F. Frasure et ux to Lydia & Nancey Frasure R. L. Hickey Clerk to Willie Driskill
George A. Linebaugh to Siram Ottinger J. M. Stuart C&M to David Stokely
Elizabeth McNabb to John C. Easterly Geo. M. & John A. Thomas to Joseph Haney
Julie & Lee Scott to Robert M. Jones Right of way - P. M. Rader to C. Rader & S. Harned
I. P. Carver et ux to John Campbell J. A. Driskill to Rufus Holt
T. A. Morrison et ux to J. A. Thomas Andrew Ottinger to Chas. H. Smith
W. J. Jenkins to Thomas Smith Perry Hall et al to J. W. Phillips et al
Laura Greenwood et als to J. B. Grigsby J. M. Stuart C&M to Alf Swagerty
Alf Swagerty to L. S. Smith & Co J. M. Stuart C&M to Rufus Fox
T. A. Faubion et ux to J. A. Rorex G. W. Allen et al exr to Harriet & Wm. Wiley
Harriet Gorman to Jones Bros & Co W. H. Penland Clerk to R. A. Brady
R. A. Brady to J. W. Brady et ux Thomas Smith to Martha Webb
William V. Gault & others to H. C. Calfee A. N. Large to D. F. Large
J. M. McCracken Jr to T. M. McCracken Thos. M. McCracken to Jasper & C. M. Gray
Wm. Jenkins et ux to Noah Denton W. H. Penland clk to Solomon Black
J. H. Susong to J. S. Susong et al J. M. Stuart C&M to Sanford & Millard Netherton
W. R. Furr et ux to P. T. Loyd - Quit Claim H. B. Moore et ux to John W. Wood
John W. Wood et ux to J. C. Vinson W. M. Vinson & wife to J. C. Vinson
W. L. Vinson et ux to J. C. Vinson Joseph Stokely et ux to S. P. Duckett
C. O. Vinson et ux to J. C. Vinson Isaac Webb et al to William Webb
Felix Shults & wife to Orpha Bryant Rufus Mantooth to John Mantooth
B. F. Mantooth to John Mantooth Elias Mantooth to John Mantooth
Adam Holt admr to James Holt James Holt et ux to A. C. Holt
Wm. McMahan et al to D. M. Burk N. E. Seehorn et al to Chas. Holland
Samuel E. Keith to John H. Keith & wife Elizabeth Peters et al to Laura Ottinger
G. A. Linebaugh to Martha Fox Jno. F. Neas sheriff to G. W. Gorrell et al
W. B. Robinson et al to J. H. Robinson et al James Hedgcock and wife to David Eisenhour
James James and wife to D. Eisenhour H. J. James to David Eisenhour
T. E. Loyd and wife to Wm. McMahan C. M. Roberts & wife to Rhoda Roberts
B. A. McKinney to Frank Park Jr Mary Turner to James H. and Reuben Turner
Wm. Wood bros to D. John McNabb M. A. Gillespie et ux to T. J. Loveday
John Griffin et ux to R. H. Jones J. G. Murray et al to Southern Railway Co
Thomas Vaughn et ux to Caroline Susong Allie Susong to I. N. Boyer
Wm. T. Bryant et ux to Aron Bryant J. M. Rutherford et al to Flora Kyker - partition
Robert McGaha et ux to Joel F. McGaha T. A. Susong et al to Ned Allen
J. G. Murray et al to Southern Ry Co Thos O'Dell et ux to Southern Ry Co
D. H., S. E., & M. L. Reed to James Kennedy et al J. J. Burnett et ux to M. M. Jones et al
S. E. Hooper exec to R. H. Jones