Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 16

The following deeds from deed book #16 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named.

Submitted by Bruce Price
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W. D. Francis et al to G. M. Francis 01/09/1896
Davidson Sprouse to Parthena Sprouse 03/13/1897
Davidson Sprouse to Millard F. Sprouse 03/15/1897
Davidson Sprouse to Martha E. Tyson et al 03/15/1897
Heirs of D. R. Shults to Jno. R. Shults 03/13/1897
M. A. Roadman C&M to J. H. A. Weaver 03/17/1866
Andrew Ottinger heirs to Jacob D. Ottinger et al 06/29/1893
W. H. Penland to Lucinda Denton 09/01/1891
Lucinda Denton to John D. Denton 09/02/1891
David Gorman heirs to W. R. Smith et al 06/24/1894
R. A. Parriman et ux to J. A. P. Shields 08/15/1896
E. M. Bell admr to J. C. Grigsby 05/03/1897
J. N. Jones executor to Robert Teague 10/09/1894
W. H. Penland Clerk to Alexander Denton 04/26/1897
Alexander Denton et ux to James Sams 04/26/1897
W. H. Penland clerk to L. W. Hooper 05/05/1897
J. H. Moore et al to P. C. & E. J. Moore 03/11/1895
F. P. McCorkle et al to John O. McCorkle 03/28/1896
Jefferson Denton et ux to Thomas H. Denton 10/13/1886
Joshua Calfee & others to H. C. Calfee 10/25/1895
Chas. Stokely et ux to Ellen Henderson 02/17/1892
Wood to J. J. Denton 08/25/1896
P. N. Murr to A. J. Tucker 06/07/1895
H. McMahan et ux to J. A. Giles et ux 06/01/1895
Nancy Ball et al to Thornton Ball 01/23/1893
P. A. Dunn to L. F. Carson 05/29/1897
Lemuel Buckner et ux to Dock Bridges 08/29/1892
Mary J. & James Buckner to Nathaniel Bridges 08/05/1892
W. H. Penland clerk to Katie Stokely 06/21/1897
J. B. Henderson et al to M. N. Stokely 06/22/1897
W. B. Marshall et al to J. W. Marshall 06/04/1897
J. C. Large to J. W. Large 07/27/1897
H. D. Maloney exec to B. F. Dawson 08/03/1897
Jno. R. Shults C&M to R. P. & N. M. Driskill 08/07/1897
G. W. Francis et ux to Howard Gray 08/12/1897
Samuel L. Stanstill & wife to John Gorman 08/08/1849
Gift Deed - L. E. McNabb to Jason McNabb 08/12/1897
Hiram Bolch & wife to H. E. Bolch 06/04/1886
Jno. R. Shults C&M to Lucy O'Neil 08/23/1897
Wm. O'Neil et ux to Sarah M. Francis 08/23/1897
Conway & Clark trustees to L. W. Hooper 08/21/1897
A. Wood to A. & D. Wood 02/10/1894
Ashby Wood Sr to Lucy Wood 01/23/1897
Rhoda Murr to R. L. Huskey 08/24/1897
Mims, Jones & Allen to Trustees of 3 Churches 08/10/1897
R. L. Huskey to A. J. Lain 08/28/1897
John Critselous to J. P. Critselous 02/06/1896
Isaac Stuart et ux to J. M. Stuart 08/31/1897
Stephen Brooks heirs to J. D. Brooks & F. McNabb 08/16/1897
Alexander & Malissa Fine to R. M. Taylor 02/10/1890
A. M. Reece et ux et al to J. A. Jones 09/09/1897
Bettie Fine heirs to Campbell McNabb 08/21/1897
Henry C. Ottinger et ux to Jacob F. Ottinger 05/01/1894
F. B. Campbell & wife to J. T. Huff 09/18/1897
Thomas Campbell & wife to Martha Davis 09/14/1897
Geo. M. & John Thomas to D. S. Robinson 10/09/1897
Russell Turner et ux to William M. Cox 10/22/1897
W. H. Penland Clerk to D. W. Thomas 10/30/1897
D. W. Thomas to Birdie Thomas 10/30/1897
John Spurgeon et ux to W. H. Tritt 10/13/1897
R. M. Carter et al to John Hawk 09/27/1897
J. A. Justice to M. N. Stokely 11/23/1897
Joseph Campbell et ux to Margaret Johnson 08/08/1887
J. R. Smith to Charley Smith 10/15/1897
Thomas Johnson et als to D. F. Mathes 11/20/1896
H. M. Boyer to I. N. Boyer 09/19/1895
L. E. McNabb to S. B. Yoder et ux 12/01/1897
Benjamin Campbell to Andrew Johnson 12/02/1896
J. T. Brooks to C. F. McNabb 11/07/1896
Partition deed between John Lovell et al 09/11/1889
Thomas Giles et ux to Rhoda Jenkins 08/25/1897
Wm. Fine et al to E. M. Parris et al 10/14/1896
W. H. Penland clerk to Emma E. McNabb 12/11/1897
G. I. Netherton et ux to M. N. Stokely 12/15/1897
C. P. Murrell to Thomas H. Denton - Quit Claim 12/17/1897
W. B. Robinson et ux to Austin Brooks 12/20/1897
H. D. Maloney et ux to J. A. Nott 07/24/1897
H. H. Shults et ux to Jno. W. Shults 12/07/1897
D. Frank Ottinger et al to Miles Ottinger 04/06/1897
Gus Lewis et ux et al to P. H. Cowan et ux 01/24/1894
Joel Dennis to John Dennis & brothers 03/16/1895
L. P. Bise & wife to J. A. Brooks 12/16/1897
Jno. F. Neas shff to B. W. D. Gorrell 01/03/1898
Lucy Ritchie et al to M. H. Bibee 10/27/1897
Jno. R. Shults C&M to David Freshour 01/24/1898
Thomas Cameron et ux to W. Q. Frazier 10/26/1897
J. J. Denton & wife to Thos. H. Denton 05/07/1894
John A. Denton to Thomas H. Denton 12/30/1897
A. J. Kyker to T. H. Denton 01/24/1898
W. N. Smith et al to G. W. Ramsey 01/17/1898
Geo. McGinty & wife ot W. J. Jones 01/26/1891
Geo. McGinty & wife to W. J. Jones 01/27/1898
James Smith et al to Joseph Lingo 09/14/1897
John C. Ward & wife to T. M. Clark 11/20/1897
Sarah & Polly Inman to Green Inman 06/11/1897
John Black & wife to I. J. Black 02/04/1898
John Black & wife to John L. Black 09/04/1897
Jno. R. Shults C&M to Samuel Baxter 02/16/1898
Robt. H. Harle et ux to Emma A. Harle 01/24/1898
J. P. Gillespie to Frank J. Gillespie 05/18/1895
Elizabeth Peters et al to Calvin Ottinger 03/05/1897
Elizabeth Peters et al to P. G. Ottinger 03/05/1897
Elizabeth Peters et al to Eliza Bowers 03/05/1897
Harvy Ottinger to Sidney Ottinger 02/24/1898
A. N. Harbin et al to Geo. Smith & wife 12/21/1892
W. H. Penland clerk to Elizabeth Wood 03/07/1898
John Dennis et als to James K. P. Baxter 12/29/1897
John Black & wife to James M. Black 09/10/1897
W. H. Penland clerk to C. B. Mims 03/16/1898
C. B. Mims et ux to Oscar O'Neil 03/16/1898
W. J. McSween et ux to John M. Bible 03/07/1898
Last Will and Testament of Geo. I. Thomas 02/15/1897
James Acton to Robert Dennis 02/21/1898
John Henry et ux to Annie Clark 11/16/1895
John Black & wife to Randolph Black 09/10/1897
John Black & wife to John P. Black 09/04/1897
D. F. Lawson et ux to Daniel Briscoe et al 12/22/1897
Jno. & Amanda Prewitt to M. I. Dawson 11/04/1897
Daniel Briscoe Bro & Co to Kate S. Smith 03/23/1898
Mattie C. and Bessie McNabb to Wm. Wood & Bros 03/08/1898
John P. Burgin et ux to N. Parker 01/15/1896
J. N. Jones & wife to J. A. Jones 12/10/1896
L. J. Bailey et ux to J. A. Jones 12/12/1896
C. R. Roadman admr to W. M. Jones 12/01/1887
Chas. H. Robinson to Cora Robinson 02/14/1898
Apollos Briant et ux to R. G. Brown 09/01/1897
W. H. Penland clerk to Adam Blazer 03/23/1898
Phillip H. Easterly heirs to Easterly & Gregg 03/23/1896
H. McMahan et ux to W. S. Large 04/15/1898
M. C. Harper & wife to Martin Shelton 04/13/1898
J. W. Brooks and Daniel Brooks to Abe Carr 02/02/1896
Charley White et al to Abe Carr 01/09/1891
Oscar O'Neil & wife to C. B. Mims et als 04/25/1898
Hiram Balch & wife to D. M. Balch 06/04/1886
Robt. A. Shults et al to Jacob L. Shults 06/17/1896
Phillips to W. W. Bibee 09/25/1895
W. H. Penland clerk to Addie Cartwright 06/17/1896
J. M. Stuart C&M to Grant Lee 05/23/1898
Ned Allen et ux et al to J. W. Garrett 01/31/1898
W. H. Frazier et ux et al to J. G. Allison 06/07/1898
Benjamin D. Clark to A. J. Kyker 06/10/1898
Isaac Cates sheriff to M&P Bank 02/22/1898
Isaac Cates sheriff to M&P Bank 02/21/1898
David Freshour et ux to J. A. Maloy 01/24/1898
J. M. Phillips et ux to Elbert E. Breeden 11/18/1897
T. B. Brady et ux to E. E. Breeden 01/07/1888
Robert A. Shults et al to Daniel E. James & wife 06/17/1896
Robt. A. Shults et al to Sarah J. Shults 06/17/1896
Isaac Cates sheriff to M. H. Bibee 07/02/1898