Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 15

The following deeds from deed book #15 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named.

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Deed book 15 has 3 of the oldest surviving deeds recorded in 1893 and 1894 that I have seen: Isaac Gann to William C. Roadman dated 08/20/1822; Isaac Gann to James Swagerty dated 08/20/1832; and William C. Roadman to James Swagerty dated 12/16/1839.
A. C. Smith et al to Mrs. Laura A. Robinson08/28/1895
James Dillen to Willis Gray03/09/1877
Wm. Sisk et al to Willis Gray03/06/1888
Nancy Boyer to W. J. McSweenno date
T. D. A. Harper et ux to Daniel Helfer02/06/1894
Jno. R. Shults C&M to L. W. Hooper04/18/1895
W. H. Penland clerk to Levi Metcalf02/03/1896
Nancy Rathbone, Mary Harrison et al to Thos. Smith06/11/1887
S. R. Calfee et al to H. C. Calfee12/07/1895
Martha Calfee & others to H. C. Calfee02/03/1896
D. R. Shults to W. S. Large & wife01/17/1896
D. P. Boyer et al to I. N. Boyer12/31/1892
J. P. Dunn et al to G. V. Messer08/24/1887
John Burnett to James Burnett06/18/1849
John Stuart to James M. Burnett06/15/1849
Elizabeth Dawson to John Dawson et al02/20/1896
S. A. & S. L. Burnett exers to Joe J. Burnett etal05/01/1883
S. A. & S. L. Burnett exec to Jas. J. Burnett etal05/01/1883
W. H. Strange et ux to H. C. Calfee12/06/1895
James Fox et ux to D. C. Brooks02/03/1888
McMillan Stringfellow et al to Dan'l C. Brooks02/21/1887
J. A. Brooks et ux to Wm. Davis01/23/1895
D. C. Brooks to Wm. Davis03/31/1892
Hambleton Lewis et ux to Abraham Fine et ux02/18/1867
James W. Parrott et ux to B. F. Bell01/28/1896
Louisa Sisk to B. F. Bell01/22/1896
P. H. Cowan to R. A. Holland02/11/1896
Wm. Davis to Jacob O'Dell03/31/1892
Y. J. McMahan et al to James N. Bryant01/22/1896
D. A. Mims et ux to H. L. Gray03/10/1896
E. T. Evans et als to U. S. McGaha et al09/05/1894
James A. Justice to Stephen R. L. Justice02/22/1896
W. L. Bible et ux to Hattie Smith12/08/1892
David Davis et ux to Thomas Campbell03/23/1896
G. W. Inman exr to Holt & Walton../../1891
D. P. Click Jr to J. J. Denton12/20/1895
J. A. Boyer & wife to D. H. Hawk02/25/1896
PoA E. C. Clark to J. A. Conway04/03/1896
W. H. Gibson & wife to B. L. Calfee01/18/1896
C. D. Jones to L. R. Jones03/30/1896
John R. Shults C&M to E. L. and Wm. Rogers04/03/1896
Millie McGaha et als to F. G. McGaha Jr01/31/1885
I. Clevenger et al to J. F. Case03/24/1896
H. McMahan to A. McMahan04/29/1896
Wm. McMahan et ux to Cornwell & Lail04/14/1896
Ed C. Burnett et ux to Joe J. Burnett 01/01/1892
D. C. Reed et ux to W. S. Kinsland10/13/1894
O. D. Holdway & wife to G. W. Holdway04/01/1896
S. P. Smith & wife to R. B. Hartsell08/14/1895
W. H. Penland clerk to John W. Brady10/03/1895
Daniel Jones to James D. Jones10/31/1891
W. H. Penland clerk to J. W. D. Stokely02/05/1896
J. D. Farr and wife to J. W. D. Stokely05/27/1896
Chas. F. Askew et ux to J. W. D. Stokely09/09/1895
W. H. Treworgy and wife to Benjamin F. Bell05/25/1896
John Dennis to Elvira Dennis06/25/1896
Michael Winter to Levina & Hannah Winter09/17/1894
J. A. Leming et ux to John Tweed05/30/1889
John Lillard et ux to Susan Proffitt01/20/1893
P. M. Murr to W. D. Mason12/07/1894
W. D. Mason and wife to L. W. Hooper02/19/1896
Joseph Talley et al to Moses Driskill02/22/1878
R. B. Hartsell et ux to F. D. Hartsell et al04/22/1884
John Dennis et ux to F. D. Hartsell et al03/24/1883
Esaw Hartsell et ux to F. D. Hartsell et al04/16/1885
J. K. Hartsell et ux to F. D. Hartsell et al04/16/1885
Hannah Hartsell to F. D. Hartsell et al12/01/1885
Martha L. Reams to L. W. Hooper04/25/1896
Laura Robinson to James H. Robinson et al09/26/1896
Anderson Webb to Thomas Smith12/21/1895
Sarah Denton to A. Finchum09/28/1896
Partition - Drury Dawson dec'd land between Dawson10/03/1896
E. M. Paris et ux to Wm. Fine et ux10/14/1896
W. H. Penland Clk to Elvina Dennis11/18/1895
Elvira Dennis to Wils McMahan11/02/1896
George Francis & wife to Mary Anderson11/06/1896
J. R. Bayless to Spurgeon04/05/1875
Ruth S. Swatzel & others to Isaac Easterly04/02/1873
F. M. Easterly to Isaac Easterly03/14/1884
Daniel Allen to Isaac Easterly12/26/1889
H. D. Maloney ex to A. M. Cline11/23/1895
A. M. Cline et ux to N. B. Hawkins04/21/1896
C. A. Robeson et al to H. J. Robeson08/19/1896
John Ford et al to R. T. Ford02/24/1896
Walter Smith et al to James A. Rorex10/25/1896
T. S. Gorman and others to Robert Powell11/16/1896
Mark Sisk et ux to Tilman Sisk09/05/1896
J. C. Burchfield et al to J. B. Shults11/27/1894
J. C. Burchfield et al to J. B. Shults12/04/1894
Mark Lillard & wife & others to J. B. Shults 11/21/1896
E. S. Redwine to M. E. Redwine12/14/1896
N. E. Seahorn to W. M. & G. B. Caton05/06/1895
I. T. Peck et als to Jno. F. Rhoton et als03/12/1896
W. T. Russell to James I. Brooks11/06/1896
A. Fowler and wife to Howard Fowler09/12/1891
John McMahan & wife to William Webb10/28/1895
Dolly Ann & Jerry Thomas to D. M. Neas07/21/1894
Ambrose Neas heirs to J. Frank Neas12/17/1896
Wm. H. Free to Richard Swagerty04/24/1882
Reuben Reece et ux to Abraham Reece et al12/22/1896
A. L. Spencer to Dortha A. Ottinger et als12/28/1896
J. F. Case to James W. Case03/10/1893
W. R. McGaha et ux to U. S. McGaha07/17/1896
W. R. McGaha et ux to J. A. McMahan et ux07/17/1896
R. P. Driskill et al to Walter Thomas01/02/1897
W. J. McSween et al to Harriet Wiley09/28/1896
G. M. Lewis et al to John R. Lewis07/14/1896
C. T. Burnett et als to A. R. Swan11/17/1894
James Gorman et ux to Joe Gorman01/14/1897
John Allen et ux to James & Charles Clift01/14/1897
Martha Helm to Jane Holland12/08/1896
R. P. Thompson and wife to John Wood01/12/1897
Wm. I. Smith et ux et al to Jonas Waymires et ux04/12/1884
G. W. Allen exer & others to Harrison Shults01/06/1897
A. B. Townsend et ux to D. D. Brooks01/21/1897
Elijah Baxter to Samuel Baxter01/../1897
Jacob Rader to P. M. Rader12/22/1892
J. M. Clevenger et ux to W. F. Berry10/30/1895
Allen Brooks & wife to T. E. Loyd02/03/1897
Alexander McMillan clk to Mims, Jones, & Allen03/22/1894
L. J. Sawyer and wife to J. J. Proffitt 07/20/1896
Isaac Proffitt to J. J. Proffitt07/20/1897
W. H. Penland to Fannie Knisley & heirs11/20/1896
William Davis Sr to B. G. Freeman12/03/1889
Jacob Blazer to Susan Blazer02/29/1896
Joseph A. Fleener et al to John H. Keith02/27/1897
Thornton Wood & Harrison Wood admr to Bullington03/23/1896
W. T. Russell Trustee to B. A. McKinney09/07/1896
Mahala Clevenger to P. T. Loyd03/04/1897
George Shults et ux to H. H. Shults01/21/1896
Oscar O'Neil et ux to R. H. Jones02/06/1897
P. T. Loyd & wife to Mahala Clevenger01/10/1890
Jonas and Mary Jane Waymires to F. McCorrell04/14/1884
C. R. Cureton et ux to L. S. Smith et al03/04/1897
D. Templin & wife to C. B. Mims trustee [X'd out]09/24/1896
Isaac Cates to B. L. Cates heirs09/24/1895
Isaac Cates to John L. Cates09/24/1895