Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Book Vol. 13

The following deeds from deed book #13 have information of definite genealogical value. The genealogical information may be something as simple as "adjoins the lands of John Smith deceased" or the fact that John Smith lived outside Cocke County. Or the information could be from a deed of partition in which all heirs are named. Dates were not submitted with this file.

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Martha Holt to William Moore Margaret Runyan to Thomas Runyan
Margaret Runyan to Thomas Runyan Peter MacNaughton to John MacNaughton
Levina Winter et al to Geo. A. Moyer J. J. Denton & wife to I. S. Marshall
H. G. Arwood et al to T. M. Clark G. W. Inman to T. M. Clark
J. H. Arrowood et ux to S. H. Stanberry Jno. R. Shults C&M to C. F. Boyer
C. F. Boyer to Pigeon RIver Lumber & Iron Co J. V. Rollins to McSween heirs
W. J. McSween et al to Newport Lodge #234 Geo. W. Inman exec to M. C. Atchley
C. Mantooth & wife to P. T. Loyd John Swagerty et ux to J. H. Susong exec
Wood McSween et al to M. J. Mims et al George W. Ray et ux to Mark M. Rogers
J. C. Rogers et ux to M. M. Rogers J. N. Funkhauser et ux to M. M. Rogers
M. M. Rogers to T. F. & C. N. Starnes B. G. Hensley et ux to David Shelton
Jno. H. Stokely to Anna Walker Jas. P. Griffin et al to Wm. Griffin
C. B. Mims admr et al to T. D. A. Harper A. J. Price to T. D. A. Harper
Joseph Killion et ux to Joseph Huff Wm. Griffin et al to G. B. Rice et ux
Cynthia A. Cowan et al to L. W. Murch Jno. R. Shults C&M to A. R. Swann
Jno. Huff et ux to Joseph Huff Mary Hicks to James E. Carroll
PoA - Jacob Neas et ux to Geo. W. Knisley A. D. Calder to J. L. Dozier
S. D. Holdway et ux to J. D. Holdway J. S. Holdway Jr to J. D. Holdway
D. R. Shults et ux to J. W. Shults Decree to John D. Smith
Margaret Fine to Wm. Fine S. H. Hall to S. H. Stanberry
Matilda & Alice Borden to Sue Whitaker A. C. Vinson et al to J. C. Vinson
G. H. Berry et ux to Wm. & M. D. Jack Wm. Gorman et ux to W. B. Gorman
I. P. Carver et al to Wm. Tygert trustee Lucinda Hall to S. H. Stanberry
John F. Neas Sheriff to S. H. Stanberry A. E. Smith to Burial Ground
Jesse C. Loyd et al to Jasper King Wm. Griffin et al to L. B. Griggin
Nancy Hall to S. H. Stanberry D. R. Shults et ux to D. D. Ragan
D. R. Shults et ux to D. D. Ragan Jno. R. Shults et ux to R. L. Huskey
Sarah & Polly Inman to Isaac Grindstaff Sallie Holloway to Catherine & Sarah Holloway
J. C. Rollins & wife to J. L. Rollins et al T. S. Gorman & wife to Merchant & Planters Bank
Catharine McGaha to Houston McGaha J. M. Turner & wife to S. R. Calfee - road deed
James Denton to Henry Gragg N. E. Brown Admx to Arbie Fish
James Rankin et al to Abraham O'Dell H. & Belle Moore et al to Dempsey Moore
J. M. Walters et ux to A. C. Moore W. H. Templin et al to J. I. Waters
John W. Gregg & wife to J. I. Waters John R. Shults C&M to Elizabeth Waters & heirs
Chas. Brown to Francis Brown et als J. C. LaRue et ux to A. J. Ottinger
D. B. Stokely et ux to J. C. Stokely James R. Ball to Alex Maddron et ux
M. Dunn et al to R. B. Samples J. M. Redwine et al to Barclay Luth
T. F. Starnes et al to R. M. Jones Jacob Starns & wife and others to D. J. McNabb
Joseph Gragg et al to William Gragg L. P. Bias et ux to Nancy L. Crawley et al
W. S. Jones et al to Joseph Huff D. A. Jones et ux to James D. Jones & D. L. Jones
Barclay Leith et ux to James A. Rorex R. M. McMahan & wife to C. T. Peterson
Martha Turner to Charley Turner et al Nancy Webb to Thomas Webb
Partition of lands - heirs of A. J. Bell C. G. & R. L. Bell to T. E. Loyd
McKinney McMahan & wife to T. E. Loyd M. A. Driskill et al to Martha L. Hale
M. A. Roadman C&M to Martha Smith A. H. Easterly et als to Geo. Henry Toby
D. H. Hawk & wife to J. J. Hawk Wm. McMahan et al to J. A. Cornwell
Elizabeth McMahan to J. A. Cornwell Wm. Brooks et als to John Brooks
I. N. Boyer et al to J. M. Sparks et ux Drury Dawson to Joseph Fowler
Barney V. Ottinger to David P. Ottinger Jno. R. Shults C&M to Sarah L. Susong
M. P. Clift to H. O. Clift W. M. Crawford et al to David L. Boyd
J. S. Green et ux et al to W. R. Swagerty W. H. Penland clerk &c to S. H. Stanberry
C. Thos. Burnett to Mrs E. Gorman Rachel Bailey to W. P. Hicks
Agreement between heirs of J. A. Rorex Sr Jas. A. Rorex Sr et al to B. B. Rorex
J. B. Helm by atty in fact to R. A. & Jane Holland William Miller to J. T. Miller
E. A. Murry to R. Keasling Wm. Headrick et al to L. R. Arrington
Elias Swagerty to W. R. Swagerty Rufus Inman et al to W. E. Susong
G. W. Inman exec &c to W. E. Susong J. B. Shults to C. R. Shults
W. J. McSween et al to Joseph Campbell W. L. Benson et ux to James Erby
James I. Waters to D. R. Kyker Agreement B. B. Rorex et al to J. A. Rorex Jr
William C. Roadman to James Swagerty Agreement between B. B. Rorex and J. A. Rorex
W. H. Penland Clerk &c to Morgan Blazer Quit Claim - David Freshour to Lydia Sisk
Quit Claim - Lydia Sisk to David Freshour Alfred Ball to Souther Iron & Timber Company
Heirs of Elliot Sims to Southern Iron & Timber Co Wm. C. Roadman to James Swagerty - Deed #1399
Quit Claim - A. E. Smith heirs to A. W. Rich Wm. McMahan et ux to Elizabeth McMahan
E. W. Kyker et ux to J. A. Kyker Perry Murrell et al to Mary A. Hicks
T. R. Marshall et ux to J. W. Marshall et al Jno. R. Shults C&M to Sarah Gillespie
C. T. & M. B. Peterson to John Griffin E. H. Holdway to J. S. Dawson
J. S. Dawson et ux to E. H. Holdway J. A. Thomas to A. M. Thomas
Mary C. Herrell to James M. Wilson Jane Canupp to Mary C. Herrell
M. J. Inman et ux to M. R. Free