Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Abstracts, 1869-84
 TSLA Microfilm #24

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Volume 6

Page 5 - Joseph Webb to Charity Webb, my daughter-in-law, wife of my son Ely Webb - 02/../1869 - 2th district…Grassy Fork of Cosbys Creek
Attest: Jesse Webb, John M. Giles

Page 13 - Isaac and Sarah Green to William Hall Jr. and Martha L. Hall, formerly Martha L. Caldwell - 02/21/1884 - 13th district - waters of Big Creek
Attest: J. S. Green, S. C. Berry

Page 32 - J. M. Lillard to Russell Baker - 05/13/1884 - James Monroe and Nancy Lillard

Page 100 - Morris Hartsell to Anna and Jane Hartsell - my beloved wife Ana Hartsell and Martha Jane Hartsell, my beloved daughter…adjoining John Dennis, Wm. C. Templen, and Mark Dennis…adjoining Elizabeth Waters and the heirs of George Templen, deceased…beginning at a stake in the Cosbys Creek Road…conditional corner to Morris Hartsell, John Dennis and running with a conditional line made by them…04/15/1881
Attest: Isaac Allen, B. A. Proffitt

Page 184 - John M. Giles et al to Thomas Webb - We the undersigned heirs of Joseph Webb deceased to wit John M. Giles and wife Nancy Giles, Jesse Ramsey and wife Sarah Ramsey… 12th district…06/01/1878
Attest: Robert Valentine, Robert McGaha

Page 211 - Anderson Jenkins & wife Malissie Jenkins and Elkanah Jenkins & wife Rhoda Jenkins to James Ridings - land Emiline Jenkins died seized and possessed of…12th district…lying on Caney Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoining lands of said Ridings, James Gilliland and others… 11/10/1883
W. E. Rollins, James A. Sutton

Page 214 - Eliza Ducket to R. A. Justice - 01/03/1885 - Eliza Ducket of the state of NC and County of Madison…1st district on the waters of the dry fork of Big Creek…adjoins the lands of R. A. Justice, M. W. Jones, & J. T. Jones being the same lands of which my father Nelson Downs died seized

Page 215 - Mary Valentine et al to Thos. Webb - 01/29/1883 - We Mary Valentine, Jane Valentine, and Nancy Webb…12th district…being all of our interest in the undivided mountain land of our grandfather Joseph Webb
Attest: William Webb

Page 216 - Isaac Green and wife Sary Green to David Green - on the waters of Big Creek dec #15…near the corner of Isaac Green fence then a straight conditional line with a cross fence to Isaac Green Ball line to a stake then with the Ball line to the Price entry then with the Price line to the beginning…01/22/1885
I. M. Green, C. N. Green

Page 218 - J. P. Rhoten to S. D. Waddell - 10/13/1875…Whereas at the January term 1875 of the Chancery Court at Dandridge Jefferson County, Tenn, in the cause in said Court pending by the style of I. T. Peck et al vs John F. Rhoton et al and J. T. Peck et al vs Beanford E. McKinney et al …J. P. Rhoton, Special Commissioner &c on or about 11/06/1874 sold to S. D. Waddell a tract of land lying in Cocke County, Tenn, on the waters of the Landis fork of Big Creek…Ball’s corner…Rubin Black’s line…interest of J. T. Peck, John H. S. Peck, ?Huston? S. Rhoton, Martha M. Rhoton, Emma Rhoton, Florence N. Peck and Beanford E. McKinney

Page 334 - J. A. Rollins to James Ridings - 05/05/1885 - John A. Rollins and wife Susan Rollins…12th district…known as part of the Emiline Jenkins tract of land…above the Emiline Jenkins orchard going west towards Joseph Campbell’s…to the Jane Sutton corner thence between Sutton and Jas Gilliland…
James M. Sutton, James A. Sutton

Page 353 - James Webb to Thomas Webb - 01/31/1883 - real estate of Joseph Webb, deceased…12th district on the head waters of Greenbriar fork of Cosbys Creek adjoining the lands of William McMahan and others
Jasper Webb and William Webb

Page 354 - Eli Webb et al to Thomas Webb - 01/05/1878 - We the undersigned heirs and grand heirs of Joseph Webb deceased, to wit:  Eli Webb and wife Charity Webb, John Webb and wife Emily Webb, Anna Harrison and Elizabeth Williamson, Jane Webb, George Webb, Manervy Webb…12th district
Robert Valentine, John M. Giles

Page 357 - Thomas Webb to Thomas Smith - 01/20/1885 - Thomas Webb and wife Mary Webb… 12th district…waters of the Greenbryer Fork of Cosbys Creek…to the top of Round Mountain…to the top of Gabes Mountain
Jasper Webb, John Gunter

Page 359 - Thomas Styles and wife Lucinda C. Styles to John S. Gunter…district 12… near the Arnold line a corner to Anna Webb…12/29/1879
Henderson McMahan, William McMahan

Page 361 - Thomas Webb and wife Mary Webb to Augustine Jenkins…12th district…waters of the Greenbriar Fork of Cosbys Creek…south side of the creek on the line of the Joseph Webb thousand acre entry…top of Gabes Mountain…02/12/1884
Robert Valentine, Simpson Whitlock

Page 378 - Joseph Campbell to W. R. McGaha - 05/25/1880…12th district on the waters of Grassy Fork of Cosbys Creek…on Gunter’s still house branch on Arnal line and Jessey Webb beginning corner thence up the meanders of said branch to the fork…supposed to be with the Peck line…corner with the Webb line and corner on the main ridge of the Round Mountain thence down the meanders of said ridge…to James Rollins line…on the west side of Grassy fork of Cosbys Creek all with the said James Rollins line thence down the meanders of said creek to the ?warrant? corner of Arnal track near said creek…with the exception of Robert McGaha track lying inside of the boundary
J. W. Costner, John F. Jones

Page 427 - Joseph & Amanda Hurley [1880 ED62 #132] and David & Susan Morris [1880 ED63 #51] to Daniel Hurley - 11/13/1879 - 5th district

Page 444 - Samuel Webb to Thomas Webb - 05/21/1883 - all my interest in and to a certain tract of undivided mountain land heired to me by my grand father Joseph Webb deceased…12th district
H. McMahan, Wm. McMahan

Page 466 - James I & Elizabeth Waters to John Cole - 02/015/1881 - waters of Indian Camp Fork of Cosby Creek… conditional corner made by Joseph P. Waters and John Ramsey…with meanders of said creek…conditional line between William Ridings and Lewis Williams
Witness Robert Valentine, J. C. Smallwood

Page 468 - 03/24/1880 - John & Laura Huff to John and Nancy Cole - on Indian Camp Fork
Witness: J. C. Smallwood, James Erby

Page 479 - William McMahan to Lemuel Whitlock…waters of the Indian Camp Fork of Cosby Creek…Allen Dennis…to William McMahan old line to Joel Dennis line…with Cornelius Large’s line [undated, but acknowledged in court on 11/29/1871]
E. M. Franklin, Henderson McMahan

Page 480 - Lemuel Whitlock and wife Rapsey to Simpson Whitlock and Susan Whitlock…12th district for the consideration of good care and support during our natural life time…with Dennis line to William McMahan line to Joel Dennis line…with Cornelius Large line…12/22/1879
Asbury Fowler, David C. Hicks

Page 516 - 01/27/1884 - Joseph & Delilah Campbell to Samuel McGaha…waters of Grassy Fork of Cosby Creek…12th district…on top of Round Mountain…crossing Toms Gap…to Johnson line…line of Joseph Costner…crossing John Grooms spring branch with said Johnson's line
Witness:  John F. Jones, Israel Carver

Page 521 - 01/24/1884 - Joseph and Lyla Campbell to Joseph and Mima Costner…[one deed to replace two deeds from 01/28/1882]…lying on the waters of Grassy fork of Cosby Creek in the 12th district…Corner of John Webb…east bank of Crying Creek then down the meanders of said creek and the line of said Webb…corner of G. W. Gunter, deceased…mouth of Panter Branch…corner of Thomas Campbell
Israel Carver, John F. Jones