Cocke County, Tennessee
Deed Abstracts from District 12, 1855-79
 TSLA Microfilm #21

Submitted by Bruce Price
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Item 1

James Baxter to Perry Baxter…Caney Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin Holloway Baxter…05/20/1860…
Attest: John Baxter, James Baxter Jr.

James Baxter Sr. to Sanders Baxter…Caney Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin Geo. Shults; John McMahan; Perry Baxter…08/20/1860
Attest:  John Baxter, James Baxter Jr.

James Baxter Sr. to James Baxter Jr…Grassy Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin Joseph Webb…01/03/1861
Attest:  John Baxter, Holloway Baxter

Joel Dennis to Joseph McMillian…06/08/1858…Groundhog Creek…adjoin Joseph McMillian Jr.
Attest:  Anderson McMillian, Russel Harrison

Jacob W. Shults to Royal Ball [aka James Royal Ball]…Indian Camp Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin Mary Shults, William N. Smith, Cornelius Large, William Ramsey, McSwain, Isaac McGaha, Mary Smith…11/11/1865
Attest:  James Smith, William Smith

Adam C. Peck of Jefferson County to Joseph Campbell…5000 acres on Cosby Creek…originally date 06/07/1830 grant #17186 in name of Isham Talbott Peck and Adam C. Peck 12/29/1831…on state line on Smokey Mountain on 6 mile tree corner to land granted to N. S. Peck and brother… gap between Harrison and Lindsey …land of Willis Williams and John H. L. Peck.
Attest:  Wm. H. Garver, Joseph Gilliland

[second entry on above]

Russell Jenkins to Anderson McMillian…Groundhog Creek…adjoin Augustine Jenkins, Henderson McMillian…09/06/1866
Attest:  Joel Dennis, Robert Dennis

James R. Ball to Nancy Smith…Indian Camp Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin J. Waters, Wm. N. Smith, Cornelius Large, William Ramsey…12/07/1866
Attest:  Wm H. Ramsey, Wm. N. Smith

James K. Ball to Amelia Ramsey…Indian Camp Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin William Ramsey, Joseph Waters, Nancy Smith…12/20/1866  [signature says James B. Ball]
Attest:  William Ramsey, Joseph T. Waters

Robert McGaha to Thomas Caton…Groundhog Creek
Attest:  David Lillard, John R. Shults, J. W. Shults

James McMahan to Phillips Stiles…Groundhog Creek…to Franklin line…08/04/1859
Attest:  Abraham Hopkins, William B. Harrison

Augustine Jenkins to Joel Jenkins…Groundhog Creek…land inherited from my father…03/28/1865
Attest:  Zacoriah Stiles, John Sutton, Wm. Gilliland

[This land could have been in 10th district]
Joseph McMillian estate to Wm. N. Smith…Indian Camp Fork of Cosby Creek…01/01/1866
Elizabeth McMillian (widow)
Anderson McMillian
Jeremiah Jenkins
Emiline Jenkins
Joseph Jenkins
Henderson McMillian
Samuel McMillian
James McMillian
Elizabeth McMillian
N. A. Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison
Jane Harrison
Joseph Harrison
Noah Harrison
Margaret Harrison
Attest:  Anderson McMillian, Morris Hartsell

Louis Williams to William McMahan…Cosby Creek…corner to Elizabeth Miller…03/06/1858

William McMahan to John Ramsey…Greenbriar Fork…to Norton’s line…to Samuel McGaha line…01/25/185_
Attest:  James Valentine, Jesse Baxter

Item 2

James Baxter to Hollaway Baxter…Caney Fork of Cosbys Creek…01/27/1855
Attest:  John Baxter, Jesse Baxter

Isaac McGaha to Jacob W. Shults…12/07/1867…adjoin James Valentine, John K. Shults, J. M. Ragan, D. F. Shults

Samuel McGaha to Mary A. Shults…corner to Jacob W. Shults;  Isaac McGaha line to Joseph Webb line; 05/05/1866

Pleasant Proffitt to Jacob W. Shults…Indian Camp Fork of Cosbys Creek…with Shults Line;  corner to Joseph Webb;  with Webb and Shults Line to Tennessee and North Carolina Turnpike Road, with center of road to mouth of Webbs Mill Creek thence with middle of Cosbys Creek to the mouth of the Indian Camp Fork…09/29/1868
Attest:  John R. Shults, David R. Shults

G. E. Jackson to William Ramsey of Jesse and [to] Sarah Green…Groundhog Creek…adjoin high mountain known as the Hopkins line to turnpike road…04/14/1871
Attest:  James Gates, William Green

John R. Shults to Jesse Baxter…waters of Indian Camp Fork of Cosbys Creek…adjoin Radford ?Adams? line, corner to the branch;  said Baxter’s line;  corner to William Williams…03/06/1873
Attest:  B. Branam, James M. Baxter, Wm. A. Baxter

John Proffitt to Robert and Harriet McGaha…lands of Pleasant Proffitt deceased; known as a part of the John Baxter, Robert Large, Leatherwood, and Madron farm near Cosby Creek conditionally divided until Mary E. Proffitt heir of Pleasant Proffitt deceased comes of age…09/23/1875
Attest:  Henderson McMahan, Thomas Webb

Joseph Webb to Elizabeth Williams…02/10/1874…bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Williams…on waters of Cosbys Creek…west side of the Grassy Fork of Cosbys Creek;  Eli Webb corner
Attest:  H. McMahan, James P. Williams

Ruben Harrison to N. A. Harrison…11/05/1859…south side of Big Pigeon; conditional line of R. Harrison and N. A. Harrison to a stake at William McMahan’s branch; known as Rocky Hollow
Attest:  Anderson McMillian, James Harrison

D. B. and Nancy McMahan to John Sutton…11/23/1875..corner to Elijah Naillon;  the branch Thomas Barnes now lives on
Attest:  W. R. Morris, W. E. McMahan

John and Elizabeth Sutton to Nancy Moore [see above deed]…10/09/1879
Attest:  W. E. Naillon, W. H. Penland

D. B. and Nancy A. McMahan to William Barnes…a bond for title to Thomas Barnes…adjoining Robert Brown on the east, William Ramsey on the west, ?Cabiny? Johnson on the north, Jonas Phillips on the south;  formerly owned by B. P. Hopkins and generally known as the Hopkins farm…10/15/1879