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Selected CW Pension Applications

These were abstracted from TSLA microfilms. They include both Federal and Confederate applications.
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Submitted by Bruce Price

Soldiers Rolls

Geo. A. Askew, date 04/24/1901, lived in Nough, Cocke Co. Served in Co H, 2nd NC Battalion. Born in Buncombe Co, NC, in 1840.

Soldiers Roll #39 file #5422
William Hall dated 08/07/1903. Served in Co B 35th Reg NC Vol Inf. Wife 70, daughter 16. Wife Nancy Waycaster, who was 67 in 10/15/1909. [Difference in her age comes from file]

Soldiers Roll #12 file #1310
Perin Giles dated 07/19/1893. Resided in Bridgeport. Wife and one child lived with him; a boy who was listed as an idiot and age 24; wife 66. James Wood of Edwina was in the POW camp with Perin Giles.

Soldiers Roll #11 file #1226
John Pack dated 03/01/1893. Served in Reg 54 NC Co I. Born Spartanburg Co, SC. 10 children; youngest 2, oldest 23; 4 boys, 6 girls. Lived in Tenn 23 years.

Soldiers Roll #11 file #1182
James A. Green born 1833 Haywood Co, NC; dated 12/16/1897. Lived in Nough, Cocke Co. 27 year resident of Tenn. 7 children ages 37, 35, 32, 29, 26, 22, 20. Rejected.

Widow's Rolls

Lamanda Melsena Shults, widow of James Baxter. Married in Cosby, Cocke Co, on 9/29/1853 by James Baxter. Lamanda was born in Jefferson Co on 3/25/1833, James 12/18/1832 in Cosby. He died 4/7/1902. Served in Co I, 62nd Regiment, along with John J Allen and John T Allen, who witnessed for Lamanda. - added 3/15

Frances Rutherford, widow of William Anderson Denton. He served in Co C, 26th TN Infantry, along with James H Stuart and JW Murr, according to their testimony. Married on 10/17/1869 in Cocke Co by Rev Blair, pastor of Union Church. Mrs. Jayne Layman testified attendance at the wedding. - added 3/15

Martha Miranda Rutherford, widow of Cicero Alexander Henry Married on 3/1/1855 by Joseph Hill JP. He was born 9/11/1833 in Cocke Co, and served in Co H, 1st TN Cavalry, CSA. Died in Indiana 4/24/1880, where they both lived from 1871 to 1882. She was also born in Cocke County, 1837. - added 3/15

Tempy Potter, widow of George Miller. George served in Co K, 8th Reg, TN Infantry and was killed in action near Atlanta GA on 8/6/1864. They were married on 2/18/1849 in Carter Co, and lived in Cocke Co. Children: Alfred Carter b 11/16/1851, Sarah Ann b 11/19/1853, Emily Catherine b 4/23/1855, Rachel Angerona? b 11/17/1857, Hannah Elvira b 7/23/1859, and Andrew Johnson b 5/23/1861. - added 3/15

Nancy Ellenburg, widow of David Basinger. David enrolled 6/11/1863 in Co A, 8th TN Cav and died 3/8/1866 in Cocke County of chronic inflammation of the brain. He was from Greene County, where he married Nancy on 10/18/1857. Children: Martha b 11/13/1858, James b 5/1/1862, and Nancy E b 8/4/1863. Nancy remarried James H Holt in Cocke County on 8/6/1867. Nancy Ellenburg (Nancy's mother) and Thomas Lane Sr of Greene County testified to the facts. [Related information in Chancery Court Loose Papers - A W Rhea and William Jack vs HH Baer et al]. - added 3/15

Anna Gregg/Gragg, widow of Jacob Sane. Jacob served in Co B, 8th TN Infantry, was captured at Atlanta GA and died at Florence SC on 11/16/1864. He and Anna married 12/30/1847 and had children James b 10/31/1848, Daniel b 8/31/1850, Rachel b 10/30/1853, Thomas Jefferson b 10/07/1855, Margaret Jane b 3/4/1857, Julius Franklin b 1/11/1860 and Leanner Elizabeth b 3/31/1864. - added 3/15

Jaley Green
, widow of John Redix/Radix. John served in Co C, 8th Volunteer Infantry USA and died of typhoid fever in Knoxville on 9/30/1863. They were married 2/08/1857 in Cocke County by Charles Kelley JP. Children Andred b 12/4/1857, Martha M b 12/26/1859, and Cornelius J b 10/27/1861. Jaley remarried William A Hazelwood in Parrottsville, TN on 8/12/1869 and moved to Shibley's Point, Adair Co. MO. William died 9/14/1898. He served in the southern army. Jaley died 3/31/1909. Testimony in the pension file came from Alfred Green (likely brother of Jaley) and Lucinda Hazelwood Green (likely sister of William Hazelsood) as to William's death. Chancery court records found on include information regarding a lawsuit brought by the Radix children against Wesley Harrison Green, who was their guardian for the pension money. - added 3/15

Margaret Allen, widow of Thomas Cameron. They married 1/1/1866 in Cocke County by William Duncan, JP. - added 3/15

Roll #34 of Tennessee Confederate Widow's Pensions:
file #6286
Nancy Hall, widow of William Hall dated 03/14/1916. Resided in state 22-23 years. William died 12/02/1915. Children's ages 48, 46, 42, 39, 37, 34; 3 boys 3 girls. Her maiden name Waycaster. Born 04/16/1840 in Yancy Co, NC.

Roll #22 of Tennessee Confederate Widow's Pensions:
Elizabeth Gray, widow of Tillman Gray. Maiden name Fine. Married 08/01/1883. He died 03/../1910 in his home in Cocke County. She was born in Cocke County about 1844 or 1845. He was born about 1840 in Cocke County. They had 3 children but only one, daughter Dannie Gray, was living. There were affidavits from William Bryant, T. D. A. Harper, and Wm. Whitson; all 3 swore they served in same unit with Tillman Gray. In the Gray case, the board stated it could not find an indication of when and how Gray left service. There was an entry on the roll that he was "absent without permission". Tillman Gray filed for a pension before he died. His file # is S7903. Apparently his pension application was denied.

Matilda Baker, widow of William Anderson Russel Baker. Married 10/05/1853. They had 4 children, 2 living: Creed Baker of New Mexico and Kate Rollins [married to Abraham Lincoln Rollins, who was Matilda's nephew]. Named acquaintances D. H. Laws (a notary public), James Hall, and John Green. Witness T. A. Rains of Dallas, Tx, swore he served with Baker in the same unit. J. C. Rollins claimed to have lived with the Bakers as a small boy. [John Calvin Rollins was also a nephew of Matilda.]. The board stated it could not find a record of Baker serving, and apparently denied his application.

Other Survivors in Pension Files

Susannah McMahan, mother of William McMahan. On pension date of 9/19/1865, Susannah was a resident of Sevier County, aged 65, living with neighbors. She was married to George McMahan at E McMahan's in Cocke Co in April 1816, by E McMahan, Esq. She stated the marriage record was destroyed by fire. George died 3/1/1852. Their son William was a private in Co M, 2nd TN Cavalry and died 3/23/1863 at Murfreesboro TN. Susannah testified that William left no widow or minor child under 16. She died in December of 1883. - added 3/15

Rebecca Underwood, mother of Alfred Harper. Alfred was originally from SC and moved to Greene Co. No evidence that he lived in Cocke County but his mother did. Alfred served in Co A, 8th TN Cavalry, enrolled 6/11/1863 and died in general hospital at Danville, VA on 12/30/1863 while a prisoner of war. Rebecca, a resident of the 4th Civil District Cocke Co, age 60, testified that she was abandoned by her husband in 1854, that the soldier was illegitamate. Alfred was captured and shot to death near Rodgersville in the vicinity of ?Fount Zolecoffer? at Hawkins Co TN on or about November 1863. (She appeared in Spartanburg Co, SC in 1850, Green Co TN in 1860, and Civil District 5 Cocke Co in 1870 and 1880, listed as Harper in all - added 3/15

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