Cocke County, Tennessee
Chancery Court Minutes
vol. 1 -2,  Feb. 1877 - Aug. 1888

Submitted by Bruce Price

Volume 1

9 02/26/1877   A.B. Denton's heirs: Jas. A. Denton, Sarah Stuart, Abe Denton, Tipton Denton, Elizabeth O'Dell.
W. A. Denton agent for heirs of Tipton Denton.
10        02/25/1877  William C. Swatzell & wife Ruth S. Swatzell vs Jasper Palmer, William N. Palmer, [Eliza] A. Dyke, and Mary Palmer, widow of Jacob Palmer deceased; Bill for partition of land. [Based on censuses, Jasper, William, Eliza, and Ruth were siblings of Jacob Palmer.]
16       02-17-1877  M. A. Roadman died in Cocke County; widow E. W; children Eugene, Flora, and M. A.
53        02/28/1877 John Ramsey vs Samuel McGaha – Samuel McGaha deceased and left no widow; heirs: Isaac McGaha, Robert McGaha, Giles McGaha, Jane Grooms, Elizabeth Ward, and Lea Ward; the children of Rhoda Campbell and Samuel Campbell [should be Joseph Campbell; Samuel was a son], Mima Costner and Jo Costner, Ritta Waycastle and George Waycastle, and Betsy Campbell; and the children of W. McGaha: Allen McGaha, William McGaha, Christin Paris John Paris [should be Price, my great-grandparents], Anna Ball and Royal Ball, Jack McGaha, and Houston McGaha.
132 08/29/1877 E. C. Canup vs Jno Baxter, Joel Dennis & wife, Robert Valentine & wife, Sanders Baxter et al – Sanders Baxter is deceased; he was a minor; any interest he had in the matters descend to his brothers and sisters.
132 08/29/1877 W. R. Smith and E. M. Roadman admrs of M. A. Roadman vs Wm. Robinson, R. D. Roadman, Flora Roadman, Horace Roadman, Lizzie Roadman, Bruce Roadman, Eugene Roadman, M. A. Roadman, J. D. Smith, D. A. Mims, J. S. Hale, D. B. McMahan, J. M. Jones, B. F. Jones, Sam Jones, Alex Stuart, & James P. Freeman
220 03/25/1878 Gipson Wood deceased
229 02/27/1879 H. M. Hawk et al vs David Hawk et al – Mary C. Boyer deceased, leaving only one heir, Henry M. Boyer, a minor; his father I. N. Boyer.
322-3  03/01/1879 William Holder deceased; indicates he was the father of Cynthia Holder, Rhoda Holder, and Ezra Holder
355 08/28/1879 John Ramsey vs Isaac McGaha, Robt. McGaha, Giles McGaha, Jane Grooms, Elizabeth Ward, Lea Ward, Samuel Campbell, Mima Costner, Jas Costner, Betsy Campbell, Allen McGaha, Wm McGaha, Christer Paris [Price], John Paris [Price], Anna Ball, Royal Ball, Retta Waycaster, Geo. Waycaster, Jack McGaha, and Houston McGaha - …the deed made by Elizabeth Miller to Samuel McGaha was proceeded to be made in fraud of the rigth of complt who it further appearing to the court that the deed to Saml McGaha was made on the 14th day of Aug 1865 and proven Aug the 15th 1865 and the deed to John Ramsey was made on the 12 day of Oct 1863 and proven on the 30th day of Aug 1865
466 08/26/1880 Green Rose divorced Harriet
485 Sam’l Denton vs Margaret Denton – Isaac Denton married Margaret Hawkins who had a living husband; [Isaac Denton] prior marriage to ???? Huff
514 03/03/1881 James Davis divorced Margaret
528-9  Sarah Elizabeth Tharp divorced Henry Tharp; restored her maiden name Cureton; custody of Marian Tharp

Volume 2

Page Date  
8 08/24/1881 Royal Lane divorced Ellen
16 08/25/1881 Clarinda McGaha divorced Jackson McGaha; restored her maiden name Johnson
50 03/02/1882 Sam'l Yett divorced Dicia
78 08/31/1882 Lucinda Dorsey divorced James Dorsey; restored her maiden name Lucinda C. Baxter;  custody of child
124 03/01/1883 Alexander Wood divorced Harriett
149 03/31/1883 Jesse Carver divorced Mary
189-90  02/26/1884 Nancy Sharp, sister of G.W. Allen, deceased
193   Children of Margaret Nichols, deceased, sister of G.W. Allen
204 02/28/1884 A. J. Proffitt divorced Elizabeth
205 02/28/1884 Isaac McGaha divorced Rebecca
211 02/29/1884 Julia Moore divorced N. J. Moore;  custody of Maude; restored her maiden name, Johnson
212 02/29/1884 James Brockman (colored) divorced Ellen
213-4 02/29/1884 Clarinda McMahan divorced McKinney McMahan for his adultery with Adeline Smith
214-5     02/29/1884 Racheal Winters, widow of Jos., Florence Neas, Elizabeth Gregg, Margaret Nease, John Winters, Wm. Winters, George Winters, Calvin Winters, Jerome Winters, Jas. H. Winters, Luther Winters, Sarah Winters, Narcis Nease
335 08/26/1885 W. A. Valentine divorced Jane V.
344 08/27/1885 Russell Allen vs Polly Sisk, Elias Sisk, Elizabeth McMahan and A. M. McMahan, Nancy Denton and A. B. Denton; Matilda Lillard and John Lillard, Jas. Allen, John Allen, Rhoda Allen, Wm Allen, Millie McMahan and Eli McMahan, Harriet Weaver and I. Weaver, Russell Allen and Lydia Allen
This __ day of Feb 1869
345-6 08/27/1885 Thomas Johnson divorced Christina; custody of children
345-7 08/27/1885 E. J. West divorced _ J. West due to his adultery with Eva Clark; custody of E. M and Edney
347 08/27/1885 Jackson McGaha filed for divorce from Manerva
348 08/27/1885 Willey Miller divorced Jane
349 08/27/1885 Mary Fine divorced Wm. Fine
498 03/03/1887 Ella Heifner divorced James Heifner; restored her maiden name Campbell
498-9 03/03/1887 Regina Mantooth divorced Lee Mantooth; restored her maiden name Sprouse