Cocke County, Tennessee
Burke and Mantooth Cemetery Records

Excerpts from Cocke County Cemetery Records researched by Duay and Nan O'Neil.

NOTES: I copied this out of the Cocke County Cemetery Records, an indexed document of several hundred pages. Please note that this was completed in 1972, so the information as to directions and property owners may have changed. When two people have shared a tombstone, I have omitted the space normally between the next name.

Submitted by Joe Lorenz


Located on the Greenville Highway between Newport and Parrottsville. It is aproximately 2 miles from the Old Town Bridge


Located in the old Fifteenth District. From Del Rio take the Maple Grove-Ebeneezer road. Cemetery is about 5 miles from Del Rio.


Located in the Shady Grove area. From Newport take the Asheville Highway to the Edwina Road. Turn right and proceed to the road to Hall's Top. Turn left. Proceed to the first road to the right. Turn right. Proceed to the main fork and turn right. Go approx. .1 mi. to an old log barn. Behind the barn is an old road. Cross the fence and follow the road as it bears left. It ends in a field, and the cemetery is in the field above the road and slightly to the left. It is/was on property owned by Rev. Ransom C. Hall. NOTE: There is only one marker in this cemetery; there are six other graves marked by field stones. All the following are buried here without markers.


Located in the Shady Grove area. From Newport take the Asheville Highway to the Edwina Road. Turn right and proceed to the Hall's Top Road. Continue on this road past the Shady Grove Church to the first fork and turn right. Stop at the first curve and walk into the woods on the right. Go toward Hall's Top Rd.; it can be seen from the cemetery. It is/was on property owned by Mr. Mack Leibrock.


Located in the Edwina section on property that is/was owned by Homer Fox.


Located on the Bogard Road. It is very near the Sevier County line. From Newport, take Highway 32 toward Cosby. Turn right onto the Upper Bogard Road. Proceed to Jenkins Chapel. Turn Left. Follow this road past Ben McGaha's Store. The cemetery is on the right a short distance from the store.


Located in the Bat Harbor Community.
Note per Patricia Kruger, 5-24-98 - I think William Mantooth's wife was Marilda Hicks, b. 29 Feb 1880. She was the daughter of Anderson HICKS and Margaret HARPER. Anderson was son of John Hicks and Serena Parton.


Located in the Edwina area. From Newport take Highway 25-70 east. Turn right onto the Edwina Road, just past the John Fischer Bridge. Go past the tannery and turn left at the fourth lane. The cemetery is behind the first house on the left. It is/was owned by Creed and Paul Mantooth.
NOTE: W.M. Mantooth's first name was William and he was the father of John, Tom, and Lulu. John was the father of Creed and Paul. The Hargrove children were grandchildren of W.M. and Ava Mantooth (their mother was a Mantooth). Frances Mantooth's maiden name was Frances Lorene McNabb. Ava Mantooth's maiden name was Fox. Betsey Licolnfelter was known to Mr. Mantooth as "Aunt Betsey," and the Lane children were his cousins.
===The following are buried here without markers===


Located on the Edwina Road. Take the Asheville Highway to the Edwina Road and and turn right. Proceed to the Edwina-Bridgeport Road and turn left. Proceed on this road past the Fox Cemetery. It is easily identifiable by the tower in it. The Mantooth Cemetery is located on the left side of the road just a short distance past the above cemetery. It is in a pasture under a tree.
Source: Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Fox, Newport. Mr. Fox was related to Doshia Mantooth.

NOTE: There are no markers in this cemetery. Buried here are the following: two infants of Clayburn and Doshia Mantooth. They were born about 1875.


Located in the Shady Grove area. From Edwina Road, turn left onto Hall's Top Road. Turn right at the second road to the right. Cemetery is off to the right at the first curve.


Located in the Shady Grove area. From Newport take the Asheville Highway to the Edwina Road and turn right. Proceed 4.7 miles and turn left onto the Halls Top Road. Proceed .3 mile and turn right. Proceed .8 mile. On the right there is an old road. Walk past the house and to the well. There is a path which turns to the right and goes up the mountain. Go to the top of the ridge and cross the fence. There is an old chimney, the remains of a cabin. The cemetery is in what was once the front yard. If you face the chimney with your back to the fence, the cemetery is to your right. There is a fence around it.
Source: Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Fox, Newport.
===The following is buried here without a marker===


Located in Oldtown. From Newport take the Greenville Highway north across the Oldtown Bridge. Turn left. The cemetery is on the highest hill behind the second house on the right. It is called Graveyard Hill.


Located in the Edwina area on property owned by Mrs. John E. Lewis. From Newport take the Asheville Highway to the Edwina Road and turn right. Turn right and cross the first bridge over the Pigeon River. Remain on this road, which follows the river, to home of Mrs. Lewis. Turn right at her home and follow the road to the next house. The cemetery is to the left.

NOTES: The family bible of C.H. Mantooth is in the possession of his daughter, Mrs. Lewis, and gives the complete birth and death dates of the family. Chamberlane (copied as it appeared) Mantooth was born Oct. 16, 1862. His wife Pharrie Sisk was born Oct. of 1868. Their children who are buried in this cemetery are: Eura (called Unnie) was born Aug. 10, 1896; Hermerald, born May 12, 1900; Hollis, born Nov. 19, 1903; Leota, born August 29, 1888. C.H., his wife and these children died about the 12th, 13th, and 14th of October in 1906. There were two other children. Mrs. Lewis (Ima Fairy Mantooth) was born Oct. 14, 1906. Pharrie Sisk Mantooth was also a daughter of Toliver, Jr. and Katherine Padgett Sisk.


Located on the Edwina Bridgeport Road. From the Edwina Road turn left onto above road. Cemetery is on hill above second curve. It is on the right side of the road.


Located on Mineral Street and the Morrell Springs Road in Newport.

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